Nothing is ever black or white....   To reach out to a suicidal person,  you must begin to see what he is seeing , feeling,  thinking - which is bringing him to the decision to end his existence

Pure suicidal desire (that is to say, absolute desire to end ones' life, not to be confused with the violent or vengeful act of someone so filled with hate, anger or need to control, that they threaten or make designed-to-fail attempts to inflict pain and/or guilt upon others)

Suicide is.......
(From the viewpoint of a despairing, overwhelmed heart)

The desperate desire to end a life of suffering.

Despair, (naked, unacceptable, unendurable....) which no longer finds clothing to hide or costume to disguise itself.

Hopes' flickering , dwindling light.... a wick gone dry and consuming itself.

Pain in control of its' host.

An answer when there are no others discernable.

The internal reservoir of pain overflowing its limitations and filling a long empty channel whose name was hope.... where the dry banks of ~will~ (to live) have long since been eroded by the winds of adversity and further diminished by the trampling of feet which carried off the dwindling substance of it little by little as they passed hurriedly through - not even noticing that the river no longer flows there....

Peace, dressed alluringly and standing just outside the raging tempest......

A nurse dressed in white against the velvet black of utter despair wherein a soul sees and begs for the lethal-syringe filled with ~peace~ in her hand.....

Loneliness and abandonment grown deaf , dumb, and blind.

A railing accusation against an uncaring, cruel world and society.

The warmth of peace in a hostile and frigid environment.

Hopefully - a lift to the top of a mountain you just can't seem to climb... or descent into a valley where you no longer have to try.

A crying out of the spirit and soul, "Surely You, Lord, who knows my heart...... understand that I have reached the end of myself and I want to, I need to now come home to You? Stop me if You must, my Lord, or allow it as I beg....."

A place where you belong when it seems there is no other.

If you cannot listen without judging..... don't  then ~

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