From: S-Jamie Peters 
Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2006 12:30 PM
Subject: Thank You
Dear Mrs. Baker,  Dr. Lana Whited of Ferrum College sent me your web site so that I could contact you. I am the 2006 recipient of the Eric Lee Baker Award. And I wanted to thank you for having such a wonderful son.
I never knew Eric, but I looked through the pages on your web site and felt such sorrow for the loss of your son. He must have been an amazing person and a role model to many. I am grateful for the award named in your son's honor, but it saddens me that this award was created when he passed away. Dr. Whited told me that Eric was a terrific student and an excellent writer (as I could see from the passages on your web site). I am glad that this award also represents his beautiful, insightful writing.
There is no doubt in my mind that Eric was a blessing to everyone he came in contact with during his short time here. It's comforting to know that he will continue to bless us through his writing, his music, and your tribute to him, as well.    ~   Thank you again.   Sincerely, Jamie Peters

Re: Thank You
Dear Jamie;Thank you so very much for writing to me and sharing.~   I'm glad that you visited the website and got to know Eric through his memorials,  tributesand his own writings. The site is so large that I'm sending along the main page with all of his currently published (therein) writings. The movie reviews werethose published in the Iron Blade.~   I'm still planning to publish more of his writings - so I hope that you will return and check to see if more are up. You'd think that I'd have everything I wanted to share up there already, it's beenten years! But time has a way of going faster and faster each year! After the site was up it sort of evolved into a grief-support kind of thing too and that is quite  time-consuming!  It is also somewhat emotionally depleting and that prevents my getting more of his work up - there isonly so much one can do in a day!~   You are one of the bright spots in my life, woven into the tapestry of my own through my dear son, Eric,and I know thathe would be well-pleased that you received the award and also that you contacted me.   ~     I look forward to hearing about the recipients - though it isn't always directly from the students themselves. Those who do contact me are like aspecial communication from Eric - a touch of his life on my own which continues without him.A special reminder of how we are all connected and death doesn't end the connection. It is so good to know that he is touching others yet.... that was the dearest desire of his heart!  ~   I would be interested to know more about you and especially to know what direction you are planning to take with your life as you step out of one phase and into the next. Do you have a dream? Are you going on to post-grad? If and when you have some time, I would like to keep in touch if you would like that.   ~   Thank you again, Jamie, for your kind and warm words.        ~   
Sorry, Jamie, I forgot to put the Eric "frontpage" in the e-mail back to you - here it is:  Eric From there you can even access Lanas' poem, CROCUS, written for Erics' death -it is wonderful and says so much in that "less is more" way that is good.   Bye for now... 
Yours because I'm His, <>< <><ttt><> ><> with love, hugs and prayer, Nina

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