From: "Brenda brown" <>
Subject: wanted to visit
Hi Gypsy, I was thinking about you an your family tonight, i came back to Erics page, i took a lot joy in  spending time with you again, Congratulations, on your new great-grandbaby, almost two, that is a great age , i know you are having a wonderful time with him, and the rest of your big wonderful family, i see Brandi in her younger pictures an then now , it always amazes me how fast they grow up , my sweetys are doing great angel . chad and misty, i just called angel and told her you updated , i shared your site with my children last year, i felt so much love from you for your children , life, and oh of coarse those fur children,  i just want you to know , i was thinking of you, and yours ,    ill be back to visit , thanks for having me ,    hope this letter finds you happy and healthy ,         love Bunny

Dear Brenda, (*aka, Bunny)  Not sure that my response got through to you,  for I haven't received the confirmation!  Nice to hear from you again.  Thank you for your thoughts of us and the encouraging words as well.    Didn't you have a site?   I thought I remembered visiting you?  Thank you for sharing us with others.  It is nice to know that Erics' "hope" is continuing to be fulfilled in having readers of his works.  *rvbs*  Yes,  our children grow up quickly and time moves ever faster and faster as we approach our reunion with loved ones gone on ahead!
Love, hugs and prayer always,  Yours because I'm His, Your  gypsy,  (Nina)

 hi gypsy, ive had my phone off for a few days , im at my daughters reading my emails ,  i was so happy that you wrote ,    yes you an yours touched my heart , an little things will refresh my mind  ,  i really like that you call your animals fur children, cause they are deffinatly our children,  eric was very special and still is , im sure hes your guardian angel, my heart is warm  writing this and it made my day that you wrote me a personal note , i will have my phone back on next week, and then be able to get back on line , thank you for  writing im sending hugs an love your way   bunny

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From: "gray_dc1" <>
Subject: re your web page
Hi, I passed though your site and did not really take it all in as I was searching for something else, I felt you loss,  My heart could feel you sadness, I live in New Zealand, but after visiting your web site I did not feel far from you,  Thank you  ~  Regards Colleen Gray

Dear Colleen,  Hello again....  Thank you, Colleen, for taking time to acknowledge your visit. Each communication is precious to me...  Thank you for TWO of them!  *s*   I feel the closeness also,   when a visitor is touched by Eric and by me...   Sharing the joy and the pain is a bond and strength to draw from...   Thank you, Colleen, for taking time to acknowledge your visit.  I Hope that you found what you were looking for as well.   With love and appreciation,  Yours because I'm His,  Your  Gypsy,  (Nina) 

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Subject: Cyber-visiting
Dear Swaroop,   ~  Enjoyed my visit and all the beautiful photographs and shared experiences you've set out for us to see!   Not trusting the mail,  I'm sending this from both your email link and from my own mail program.   *S*   So if you get two copies,  that is why!    ~   I signed your guestbook about two weeks ago,  but the message never did show up in the book,  so I'm writing to tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated your site.   You have a wonderful family and friends.  I hope that you will be ever more happy and fulfilled together.    ~   
I signed your guestbook two weeks ago,  but it never did show up there,  so I'm
writing from my mail to be sure you get the message this time.   ~   I feel honored to be a part of your site (display of one of my quotations).   Thank you for including the credit for my writing,  it led me to find you and enjoy your experiences with you.   ~   
Love and friendship,  Yours because I'm His, Your  Gypsy,  (Nina)

From: "Swaroop Rai" <>
Subject: Re: Enjoyed my visit
Thanks Nina ! I was overwhelmed reading your mail... I appreciate your beautiful thoughts and good wishes.  ~  I have added your thoughts to my guestbook. Must admit that this has been the most appreciative mail that has come my way.   I would like to read your literary work and am sure I would enjoy reading them....  Do mail me your website link as well.... Stay in touch...   ~   Swaroop.

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"Brenda Decker" <
Dear Gypsy: I have spent hours today reading Erics' story and feel as if I know you.   I hope your grief is less now that so much time has passed but I know it always seems like yesterday when your children were little.   This is Sept 14, 2001.    I have been watching tv for days now about all the terror in New York and around the world.   Every story brings pain in my heart for everyone is effected.    I can't imagine all the sorrow.    Your story is so beautiful,  it made me very happy and sad at the same time.  I am thankful that I have my girls and now a new son-in-law.   I  know our loved ones don't ever really leave us.   I lost 2 children years ago before they were even born.    I think of them all the time.   I've always felt I knew them and one day we all will be together forever.    I lucked up on your site because my youngest daughters' name is Misty-Lee,   so I decided to look under their names and there you were.   God bless you,  and one day your pain will be all over when you're standing on top of that mountain holding Erics' hand, smiling.   I hope that all the people in so much pain can find someone as caring as you to talk to.   I will not forget,   and I'll be back to visit you.   I'm very happy that you let me into your life.   Love,  Brenda <cfindfitovisit> . 

Subject: Finding Eric and a blessing
Dear Brenda;  Thank you so very much for your message and appreciation of our website. It blesses me to know that. Especially in the present circumstances unfolding around us, you really brightened my day and lifted my spirits.  It is always so precious to me to see good come of Erics' life which increases its' meaning with every new visitor and with every good that comes of it....   ~   I thought it was interesting and unique to learn how you came upon us (though we both know that it was our Father and The Spirit which brought us together.   ~   I always feel closer to Eric when I'm working onsite. *S*   There are times when I need that and it is wonderful to just lose myself in creating new facets, pages, topics or whatever. (so I suppose that my grief is reflected in the size and scope of topics which have grown to be a part of the site). I haven't even finished  putting all of his writings, or even my own, which I'm intending to share.   ~   Having a young child to love and nurture (especially in these days and ages...),  takes up a lot of my day. In summer months, evenings and nights also! *s*   Brandi was the seventh of my eight grandchildren (I also have a great-grandchild now too!)... and I've been so blessed to have been given the gift of raising her.    ~   These are terrible times of anguish and grief <9/11/2001>.    I'm enclosing something you may like to have... It was sent to me and it inspired me to revise it (since it had no given author that we could find) and share it with my private "mailing list family".   I hope that you will feel free and inspired to share with yours as well.   ~   Thank you again, dear one, for visiting and for writing to me.  Love and hugs,
Yours because I'm His,    ~  Your Gypsy, (Nina) 

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Manuel Illi <
Subject: poetry
Hi Nina!  I just found your poem "twas the night jesus came" in the web - and i 
thought maybe you can send an e-mail. actually I'm aboy from Germany so sorry if my english is not so good. I just want to write how I found that. I just finished sending some e-mails to some friends of mine, and than I just thought hey let'S look for "blue, night, Jesus" in google - just like that and i found it and the site with the background of the stars was just as i imagined it in my mind so I think that is really interesting. So thanks for the poem so much .- I hope you are fine!  My best wishes and God's blessing   ~   Yours Manuel

Dear Manuel, 
Thank you for taking time to write. I especially like hearing of the 
different ways people come to find my website. I tried typing those three words into Google - but came up with nothing. Then I realized that perhaps it was different in German<?>. So it is even MORE  unusual a ~find! *S* Glad that you came by whatever route!   ~   I enjoy comunicating with friends from other cultures/countries. It must be wonderful to be multi-lingual... like having whole other dimensions to explore! When I worked at The World Bank in Washington D.C.,   they were teaching me Spanish, but I wasn't there long enough to become 
fluent.   Beautiful to know that you belong to "Him"... so we are "Family" *S*
Hope you will visit more of my site and write again.  
Yours because I'm His, Your Gypsy, (Nina) 

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Subject: from rodney martin
Hello. i was also looking up kerataconis and came upon your site. I also have the disease and presently am out of work because of it. I have developed what is
called hydrops, and it is really making my life rough. i have become very sensitive to the light of day and cant even look toward a shaded window. my doc says it will ultimately improve my kerataconis, once it is repaired. In three months , hopefully.   But i didnt write to cry on your shoulder, but i was glad to come across your site. I , having not found much info on the condition, was begining to feel alone. im sorry, very sorry, for Eric in one way. but im glad for him, in that he had someone that cared so much for him. 

Dear Rodney, 
Thank you for writing to me. I appreciate knowing about visitors, how they find the site, who they are and whatever they wish to share. *S*  It's interesting how many people have found me in connection with Keratoconus - primarily because they spell it "Kerataconis". There are only SEVEN links reported under that spelling, <keratoconus reported 11,900 links to follow!>. I have also seen articles (with misspelling) written in magazines and medical literature... using the same spelling as we naturally tend to use. When I discovered this, and found that there are SO many listed by the correct spelling, (keratoconus) I decided to leave the inaccurate spelling on my site in case others don't realize that they  are spelling it wrong - and I re-direct them to what information they are actually looking for. I suppose that is because it is a quite uncommon condition (Not really a disease, they claim it is a genetic defect. We 
never did hear of it, though, in our family on either side, so don't know how accurate that theory is.) You didn't mention your age. Often, people don't even realize they have it until they reach late teens to early adult-hood. Guess that
depends upon how severe a case it is. Don't know where you live, but if it is in the area or within your ability to travel there, the WILMER EYE CLINIC at Johns Hopkins is about the best chance you would have for dealing with Keratoconus... they are top-research-specialists and have the latest and best treatments. Not
sure if Dr. Stark is still there, but he is incredible. We'd made rounds of other surgeons and were given nothing except dire observations and conclusions that Erics' case was the worst ever seen and that they could offer nothing to help. We were also told that no surgeon would even think of transplantation. Dr Stark was so upbeat and matter-of-fact in his judgment and assurance that they would help and, when the time came,  would also do the transplantations. If I lived in Africa and had this condition, I would still choose Johns Hopkins!   ~   Since you are old enough to be "Out of work because of it", I'm hoping that you have insurance and means to at least go for a consultation there.   I saw people from all over the world at that clinic on our many visits!  I'd never heard of Hydrops,  so I made a quick-search to see what it was. NOT an easy trail to follow! <13,300 links> I gather that it has to do with fluid and effects the hearing also? I would like to know more about your condition. It sounds to me, then, that it may reduce 
the ocular pressure and lessen the effects of the keratoconus? Do you live alone? or at home with family? It must be very difficult to deal with even with support. 
Brandi, (my seventh grandchild whom I have the privilege of raising), has very strong genetic predisposition to Retinitus Pigmentosa, and sensitivity to light is strong indication that she may indeed have this to deal with in her future. Her paternal grandmother and her father as well as an uncle,  are blind. I am praying that there will be a preventive treatment by the time she may manifest its' presence. You may have visited her pages on my site   
Brandi has been photosensitive all of her life. Is it difficult or painful for you to use the computer? If so, I guess that a search is quite taxing. When I typed the word in Google, there were 11,900 links to follow on keratoconus. Quite a trail to hike through!  ~  Thank you, dear Rodney, for your words of kindness and comfort, (like warm hugs). Everyone who is touched and especially those who are benefited by my site founded as a memorial to my beloved Eric, comforts me anew and reminds me that his life was and still is, such a blessing to all.  Please write again and tell me how things are going for you. I care. I prayed for you this day and will again when you come to my mind.
Love, hugs and prayer, Yours because I'm His,  Your Gypsy, (Nina) 

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From: "srele" <
Subject: Thank you
Thank you for wonderful website!!... Sreleus Djovani Bari, Italia 

Thank you,  Sreleus,  for your expression of appreciation after visiting
Eric Of The Misty Blue Mountains.
Yours because I'm His,   Your Gypsy, (Nina) 

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From: "Priscilla" <
Subject: Your website
Dear Nina,   I have spent ages on your site and I was so pleased to find it a Christian site. My son died suddenly when he was 16, and a relative gave us the verse you mentioned in Isaiah 57 v 1. 'merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come. He shall
enter into peace.' I love this novel guestbook. It is so much more personal, and your poem on this page is absolutely beautiful. If you have time I would love you to visit my site at  which was set up originally so that my son's autobiography could go 'online' and be read by people all over the world. Everywhere I can on the internet I type in ' The Lord Jesus.' The best Name. The best Person. The only One we can turn to Who is able to write our name in the Lamb's book of life.  'Neither is there salvation in any other, for there is none other Name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.' Acts 4 v 12.  Thank you, Nina, for letting me share this with you. May God richly bless you and your family in all you seek to do for Him.  ~  Love,  Cilla.

Dear Priscilla,   Hello and thank you for writing to me after your visit.   I visited your site also, and those of your sons (though many of the links were not yet created with content and a few wouldn't work at all).  I will return to see how they are coming along by next month. Their work sounded so interesting. I love gardening and creative landscaping.  Daisies are my favorite flower... so I particularly enjoyed your  cottage-garden! *rvbs!*   ~   I read Andrews' autobiography. What a wonderful and deep faith he came to know in his short time here! And what a blessing to his family to read and know and a beautiful shining light of testimony to all who find his words and experiences! If you don't mind my asking, how did his life come to such a short end? All of your sons look so healthy and strong... was it an accident?    I apologize for the time which it took me to respond to your message...  Fall is a busy time preparing and preserving foods and getting back into the school-days (school-daze! sometimes!) Brandi stays two or three days a week for an hour of practice or extra help... which means that the school-taxi (me) is enroute again also.*S* The days seem so much shorter in Winter - Monday through Friday - but really short on Saturday and Sunday!   Hope to hear from you again, Priscilla. In any case, I will be in 
prayer for you now that we have "met".  
Love, hugs and prayer,  Yours because I'm His, Your Gypsy, (Nina) 

Dear Nina, I think everyone loves a surprise e-mail; I certainly did when you wrote to me; so here's one for you after such a long time. Thank you so much for visiting our website, and for reading Andrew's testimony. To answer your question he suddenly collapsed at School because of a heart defect. Resulting tests showed that my husband and eldest son (the builder) have the same complaint, but nothing can be done about it. I take sole comfort in the fact that the Lord calls us to Himself in His perfect time. We certainly found that to be true with Andy. As you can imagine the shock in the School was devastating, and we had countless opportunities to witness of our faith in the Lord, and how Andy is safe for all eternity because he trusted the Saviour. His English teacher remembered his essay, and went in to the School the following weekend and found it. I lost count of how many copies circulated in the School and neighborhood, and then to places all over the world. We then put it on the Internet and that was the start of our website and then our church website. It is wonderful to look back and see how much work we have been able to do for the Lord, and we do pray so hard that much blessing will come out of much sadness. I know you can fully relate to this too. We found a broken link on the church website, so thank you for pointing it out, and my husband has at last opened Daniel's site in a new window. Something I have been asking him to do for months! I wish I could do web design! My son, Stephen, started the site up for him but as Daniel never found time to send down some photos he came to a full stop. Daniel married Kerry in September and the site was the basis of many jokes in the speeches; but better still, the basis of the wedding service itself. The man who conducted the ceremony is a very close friend, and he began his message by saying how he wanted to talk about "Palfreyman's Homes of Distinction." We wondered whatever was coming but he beautifully brought out how the only way to have a home of distinction is not only to invite the Lord into our heart and home but to give Him the pre-eminent place. He then went on to talk about several homes of distinction in the Bible, such as the little home in Bethany, which was such a sanctuary to the Lord. Perhaps from the outside it was only a very humble dwelling, but because the Lord was so welcomed and honored there it was a spiritual home of  distinction. I do hope you and yours are well, Nina, and that your site is continuing to prove a blessing to many. I have been so wanting to do a work for the Lord on the Internet. I have looked through guestbooks there and found plenty of people who are hurting to email, and share with them the wonderful news of the gospel. At times it is rewarding when people reply, but it is so easy to get discouraged too. I suppose we want to see results, and precious souls being saved, but we can only present the saving Grace of the Lord, and maybe it is just a small link in a chain, and we will only know the results when we get to Heaven. If you ever hear of an evangelical email work would you please let me know? Take care then, and it would be lovely to have another email from you come up on my screen one day! 
Yours because I'm His, (I think that's a lovely ending of yours!)   Cilla.

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From: "Granny Bee" <
Subject: Just a quick note to compliment you
Gypsy,  When I first got on the internet I did much a matter of fact I still do. This is my out with the world. I am 74yrs old and am housebound. Not suppose to drive, live on a farm about 11 miles from town. So you see this is a great "out" for me.   ~  Was looking for some items to create a Halloween page and I came upon your tombstone quotations you had placed in your site.  I love genealogy and at the time I though OK these just might work sometime so I copied them. Today, is the first time I've been back since April of 2000.    ~  The loss of a loved one is very traumatic and especially that of such a knowledgeable
young man. God evidently felt he had filled his mission here on earth though we sometimes question "why?" Your tribute to his memory is beautiful and you will be in my prayers. Here on the net I have found there are many who also carry burdens and it is nice when you can share. Somehow it just seems to make things come out in a different perspective.   ~   Keep the faith and think good thoughts. God be with you and bless you.    Continue working on your web site. It is very inspiring.   Till another time, you take care.   Should you find time, I would love to hear from you.   With regards,   ~ 

Dear One, The following was submitted by me to your e-mail guestbook this 
morning, but I'm also sending you an award to include on your site, so thought I would insure that you do get the message by including it here with the award. (Misty Blue Mountain Award)  ~ 
Thank you for writing to me when you visited. I came today to visit your site and enjoyed it so very much! What a lot of caring and sharing for you to do. I agree that the cyber highway is a wondrous means of ~travel, and also do a lot of it. 
Time just seems to get disconnected for me and I have to exercise discipline on myself or would get lost therein! You have put so much care and artistic expression of the beautiful spirit that you are, here in your website. Thank you. "    

Love, hugs and prayer,  Yours because I'm His, Your Gypsy, (Nina) 

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From: "robt andrews" <
Subject: reading your story
makes one see our problems are small your message is well taken 
God bless you Bob

Dear Bob,   Thank you for taking time to validate the purpose of our site.  It was thoughtful of you and I appreciate it.  
Yours because I'm His,  Your Gypsy, (Nina) 

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Return-Path: <
subject:  your page
I really love your page and I too have lost a son in his beginning life with 2 children behind, Satan stole him by suicide this will forever be on my mind and in my heart.I thank God for all he is and what he is to me for with out him my life would be a mess.I believe all things work together for good,and there is a always a flower to bloom and a song in the wind for us all.that no matter what life deals us Jesus will see us through and he will lead us through the dark and unsure days to a day of joy in the not to distant future for someday soon He will return.  Your   page is a wonderful blessing to me and I too write poetry and loved yours.
forever in Jesus's service Jerri

Dear Jerri,   Thank you so very much for sharing with me. Of all the circumstances to lose a loved one to, yours is certainly the most difficult of all. Life can be utterly unbearable at times, and in those times, we are vulnerable to the allure of suicide as a way out... I am sorry that you lost your son to such a choice. I hope that you are not tormented by all the "what if" thoughts and continue to see the reality and promise of our Lord that He will use ALL things for good!  I have experienced being compulsively suicidal and having to be hospitalized for it. Often, it is a quickly passing impulse brought on by despair. It most certainly is a demonic temptation and no one would choose it if they were not pain-vulnerable. Who would choose such a legacy to bequeath to their loved ones? Yet, your son has left you with it and Satan will forever taunt you with self-doubt and blame. I hope that you will remember that God loved your son with an even greater love that a mother can feel, and He was with him all the while.   None of us can think to assume what went on in those last moments, but his guardian angels were near also and I feel certain that their influence was greater than Satans' in those last moments.  Thank you for writing to me. I would truly enjoy your sharing of poetry if you feel like it. "Soul-talk" is so special! Poetry, prose and writing are songs we sing even when we can't carry a note or express vocally what is in our hearts.  Sharing through our spiritual bond as one body in Christ, is what He called on us to do to comfort, strengthen, support and exhort each other in these terrible end days. I hope that you will write again.  Love, hugs and prayer, Yours because I'm His,    ~ Nina   

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prophetic epitath
are you familiar with the tombstone from somewhere in england, kirby maybe? which tells of boats swimming under the sea and men flying,etc. and at this time will be the end of time? if so where could i find the exact quote, if not-thanks for your time anyway. enjoyed the site

Greetings, That is a saying which I remember hearing several times in my lifetime, and eachreference occasion indicated that it was a Biblical-prophecy. I have done searches for the key words and found nothing anywhere. Actually, it sounds more like a Nostradamous-type of prophecy. Have you checked with a librarian? Perhaps theyhave resources and may have had the inquiry before?  Glad that you enjoyed the site. Thank you for sharing your appreciation.   
Yours because I'm His,      your gypsy, (Nina)

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Peter  Crow pcrow@FERRUM.EDU 
Nina,   Recently the Division of Language, Literature, Philosophy, and Religion at Ferrum bestowed the Eric Lee Baker Award (outstanding English student) on a very fine writer and person, Laurie Borslien.  You may have already heard.  I hope you are doing well.  Your site in memory of Eric is an evocative tribute.   Eric was in a class I taught in small-group communication.  It was a great class but a horrible semester.  Another student in the class, Theresa Anglin, 
sensitive and smart like Eric, committed suicide that spring. There are mysteries of life it is not given to us to understand.    ~    God bless you,    Peter Crow

Hello Peter
,  Thank you so much for writing to me and sharing your concern and
compassionate appreciation for the web-site created in his tribute.   Eric was a rare combination of Solomon and Dennis-the-menace!  *G*   He was the joy of my life even before he was born,  and every moment thereafter!!    The price of a good relationship and deep love,  is that one or the other of the two people will suffer unending sorrow when death takes just one of them.  I would never forego the loving to avoid the hurting... the beauty and warmth last forever.  I also appreciated knowing who received The Ferrum Eric Lee Baker English award.   I visit the Ferrum  website periodically and have read various items of news,  including the awards given each year.  I've always hoped that the recipient may know a bit about Eric and possibly even write to me.    One day,  I plan to have the online "award" given by our site,  "Eric Of The Misty Blue Mountains" - printed and framed to be given away each year to the recipient of the English Award in his name.        It is always a warm-fuzzy experience when I hear from anyone who
knew Eric.... particularly,  those from Ferrum where he spent such a good and enriching 4 years of his life.   It hardly seems that 7 years have passed - often it seems like only one year....  Thank you again,  Peter.    It would be nice to hear from you again.  It was nice of you on this Memorial day,  to remember Eric and myself and to be in touch.  I meant to send along the link to the award we created:  Pegasus 
I wrote twice to see if anyone could give me information about initiating and providing this award along with the presentation of the English award.   I haven't found out "who" I should be speaking with - but I will follow through.  Thank you again.
Yours because I'm His,  with love, hugs and prayer from your gypsy,  (Nina)

Dear Nina, The award we have been giving is a framed certificate along with a book.  If you want to replace the standard certificate we use with one of your design, such as the one on the site with the Pegasus background, I think that would
be well received by our department.  It would make the award even more
special.   The inscription might need to be changed slightly to include the name of the college and the name of the award which is "The Eric Lee Baker Award for the
Outstanding Student of English," the date and a place for the Chairman of the Division of Language, Literature, Philosophy, and Religion" to sign it.  Here's what to do.  Right now, we are at the beginning of summer break, the divisional secretary who handles the awards will not be back until late summer, and it is not a good time to get things done.  The Divisional Chair next year is John Bruton, who will begin the position also in early fall.  I suggest you write to him then if you want to pursue this idea, and I hope you will.         ~         Peace,   Pete  

Dear Peter,
   Thank you for the information.   I will follow through on it this Fall.  
I was curious when you mentioned that a book was given with the Eric Lee Baker English award.   Is it the same book each year?   I was curious and wondered if you would know the title of the book?    We have a wall in our family room,  filled with Erics' "great achievements awards".    Instead of a certificate for the English award he was to receive at graduation,  they sent me a beautiful plaque which hangs there by the  C.P. Minnick framed award for 1996.    It is a beautiful presentation....    Thank you again,  Peter.
Yours because I'm His,  with love, hugs and prayer from your gypsy,  (Nina)

Dear Nina,  It's a different book each year, depending on the interests of the recipient.   This year it was a signed book of poetry by Marilou Awiakta, a Cherokee poet.     ~       Peace,   Pete

Subject: The Daily Bread you have your site really gave me hope
I'm a college freshman who's trying to get over a nervous breakdown. It hasn't been easy, but I think, I hope, and I pray that I'll get out of it. At first I was angry at God, asking Him why was He allowing these things to happen to me?
But then I realized that I have to believe in Him, in someone higher than me. I really appreciate that you want to help other people who are going through dark times. Keep up your good work, and God Bless.

Dear visitor, (no name given),
Thank you for writing to let me know that you were blessed by finding Erics' memorial website.   I sent a response to you months ago but it was "returned" several times, so I gave up trying.  I hope that you may find your way back again or here to the guest book where you will find this reply. I am thankful that you found help/hope within the site and hope that you are doing well and ready for a beautiful Spring and new beginnings. I think of you and pray for you. Hope all is well. *hugs*   Yours because I'm His, with love, hugs and prayer from your gypsy, (Nina)

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From: Grace Sanchez 
Subject: Thank You
Thank You .Your writting is so wonderfull ,you but into words what I feel . We lost our son Nik, last Nov 22,01 and i miss him so much , i know he is with our Lord , but still my heart aches to hold him near to me, to smell, and kiss him.      Thank You.   Nik's mom Grace    

Dear Grace;  Having switched to a new mail program in December, funny things happened to my mail and I've just now finished going through the three mailboxes and all the individual folders and I found this mail from you but no response from me. If I did respond, that is good... perhaps I just never got the cc.  If not, please forgive the time which has gone by since you wrote to me.     I appreciate hearing from visitors and especially from those who are sharing their feelings as you did.... I want to thank you for that sharing and also want to say that I am here if you just want to "talk"..... after a while, friends and family begin to feel uneasy when we discuss or mention our beloved departed. I understand that so well, for it has been almost 7 years now, and I still think of Eric every day and night - and love to reminisce and/or mention an observation now and then when I see a movie, hear music or whatever.... how I know Eric would have loved it..... I'm sure that you know what I mean.... Thank you again, dear Grace,
Love, hugs and prayer,  From your Gypsy, (Nina) 

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Nina that was a wonderful letter. I just lost a child due to a miscarriage. And everyone telling me how to feel, no one feels the hurt that I have the emptiness inside. I miss my baby and the future that I planned for my baby. My time was cut to short with my child I feel in love with my baby the day I found out I was pregnant. Now it over I cannot just forget my child. I never will. Thank again for the letter you wrote Augusta

Dear one,  Thank you for sharing your mother-love for your little one so shortly with you in this life. I am sorry that you have suffered, but filled with a warmth at the depth of love which you feel for that child. Love is precious. Our capacity to love is matched by the same capacity to grieve. I hope that you will visit and will write again if you like.  
Love, hugs and prayer, From your Gypsy, (Nina)

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 Subject: Hello!!!   
Thanks, so much for all your tender messages to everyone.  As you must know I also spelled ' kerataconis' incorrectly in order to have found your site.  I do not feel as thought this was a mistake thought.  I feel Jesus lead me here.  I was very heavy in my heart this Sunday morning as I was changing my mind repeatedly about what to wear to church and decide to look up a little information that might would bring some hope AND IT DID! I am grandmother to Joshua 14 yrs old who has just lost his left eyesite to this mutation, and just this week found out he has it also in the right eye.  In just six months he lost all vision in the left eye and I'm terrified that he may be blind in just a few short months.  He also has a very severe case and has thus far been unable to be fitted with a lens. But I did find solace in knowing that his Dr. in Lubbock, texas where he lives did his training at John Hopkin's.  I do know where I will be spending my time on the webb now. I was going to look up the National site but "HE" lead me here instead. Well I must get ready for church now and again thanks so much for your " hand in Christ". JOSH"S NANNY

Hello "Joshs' Nanny",    Thank you for sharing how you came to visit and that our site was of help and encouragement to you for Josh.  Eric had cornea transplants through the Wilmer Eye Clinic at John Hopkins. Hasn't anyone suggested that for Josh? People come from all over the globe to that wonderful hospital and Wilmer. I'm not sure if Dr Stark is still there, but I DO know that only the BEST work/study/practice there! I hope that it will be an option for Josh. A transplant would restore his vision. He is young to have actually lost his sight altogether in an eye... usually, it doesn't reach that point until their early twenties.  Erics' tranplants came early also. I will be praying that all will go well for all of you. I would also like to hear how it goes for him. I care. 
Yours because I'm His, with love, hugs and prayer from your gypsy, (Nina)

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Jack and Glyndon 
Subject: The Piddling Pup
I had a friend, who, many years ago, memorized this fine limerick, among with the "Farter From Sparta". Many evenings we were on the "road" and we always stopped by the bar to have a few wee nips. The bartenders were always pleased to see us come in because my friend, Bill John, would provide a nights entertainment for all their patrons. Bill's friend's, and their were many, depended on Bill for their limericks.  Bill died in this.   November past and I, for one , thought this piddling pup limerick had been lost.   Thank you so much for making it available.  Jack D. Shirley-Albertville,Al.

Dear friend,  Jack,   Thank you for sharing your appreciation of our website.  It is always nice to hear that it has touched lives in positive ways.... that adds meaning to Erics' life and legacy, fulfilling what he wanted most to do - "touch the lives of others and make a difference". It is my desire as well. 
Best to you and yours, From your GYPSY, (Nina) 

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From:  (Eileen Choate)
Subject: hello
Hello Nina....I just came upon your website this morning. i am very new to the website "mom is a survivor" I just happened upon it late last night. How I found this I do not know but here I am and I am so thankful, my husband says it must be "a god thing" to direct me here. I lost my only child a son in 1993 from a terrible accident he was murdered by a woman whom he knew. Like you said our lives have changed forever. I am a nurse and have death with death for over 30 years but nothing and I mean nothing could ever prepare me for this. On Dec. 7 there was a terrible storm here and all during that day I felt so uncomfortable with such an uneasy feeling. I had gone to bed still with the uneasy feeling that something was wrong. My husband had slept in another room because I was feeling bad and at around 4:30 am he came to my room and said there was two men from the police department here to talk with me about my son Bobby. I knew then what was wrong but I was praying while walking down stairs that he was just hurt but in my heart I knew, I guess a mother always knows when something is terribly wrong with her child. They gave us the devastating news and in a few seconds my life was changed forever. He was only 25 and the light of my life. The next several months were nothing but a blur and even today there are times when I try to look back upon that time and still can't remember what happened. There is only one thing that has really stuck in my mind and it is this. My very dearest and best friend said to me just weeks after the funeral, "when is the funeral going to end" I was so shocked, I know she was trying to help but my goodness what a terrible thing to say to a person. I have never forgotten this but have found a way to forgive her but our relationship has changed in a way now, but I guess time heals doesn't it?  or so they say. Time will NEVER heal my pain from losing my son and I know you can surely relate to this. Nina I am so sorry to lay all this on you but when I read your letter to Eric I was so taken by it and it will forever be in my heart as well. Thank you for listening. I shall keep you in my prayers and somehow I feel as though I have met a new friend, you. Please take care of yourself. If you would like to email back please feel free to do so. May God continue to bless you and hold you so near to him and keep you safe. In God's love, Eileen P.s. My husbands family is from Roanoke and we are planning to move back there sometime next year. Is your town close to Roanoke?

Dear Eileen,    Sorry for the delay in responding to your e-mail, we are having quite a snow and time-off from school means time for fun and games, extra cooking and baking and such. *S*  ~  I believe that your husband is right about the "God-thing" leading you here. It amazes me that so many interesting paths have brought others here to meet and share with me. Sometimes it's through the pain of grief, sometimes other things - like my "Froggi" pages. *s*   Murdered? -  Oh, what a terrible thing to face having a child killed and dealing with the subsequent aftermath - regardless of the outcome of law and legal retribution upon the one guilty of taking that precious life - you have had to deal with the burden of forgiveness and acceptance of that as well....  ~   lives have changed forever  ~  This is what so many people just don't see or understand. They expect life to return to some "norm" which just doesn't exist anymore. They expect our grieving to end, when there is no way it can, for the loss remains. We remain. Nothing will nor could ever be, the same again.  It becomes a part of who we are and will always be.   Even reading your words, my stomach contracts with the memory of that terrible experience so like yours. Every parents nightmare... to us, came true.... I remember the numbing coldness which spread through my veins the moment I heard the words and went to the dining room where they awaited me. Everything in my head, heart and soul screaming in silence.... "No, no, no.... please, dear God, NO!"  ~   when is the funeral going to end" ~ ^I know about that also.... and how even our family wants us to "let go and get on with life and living"  Grieving is certainly getting on with life and living, but others seem to see it as not letting go.  How can we not let go of something we no longer have?  We can't let go, it has been taken from us.... and the suddenness of such a death takes a long time to adjust to and forever (never) to stop hurting.    Time distances us from the rawness of a catastrophic event, but loving a beloved part of our life, our heart and spirit..... how could that heal?  We become acclimated to that hole torn in the fabric of our life, but nothing mends or fills in that place... At least, I know that it never has in my life. I am richly blessed with loving relationships of many kinds, but there was only one son and one relationship such as ours in my life.  My perspective has changed, though. I now find myself thinking and thankful for the 23 years I had and all the precious experiences and memories which remain with me.... I am who and what I am because Eric lived and died. It is all a part of what my life is. Period.  ~  Nina I am so sorry to lay all this on you but when I read your letter to Eric I was so taken by it  ~  Thank you for sharing your appreciation and the comfort and strength you may have derived from it even as I did and still do! I rejoice that out of the tragedy and what seemed such a senseless loss of someone so wonderful and filled with giftedness and potential... became a source of solace, hope, faith and help to others. If that had not happened.... I would not have reached out to a world carrying Eric to share and remain through his writings and my love of him.... Every life our website touches, is touched by Eric. This is a small part of the good that comes of all things if we allow it to.   Please, my dear,  Eileen,  do not feel sorry about sharing with me.... I care and am blessed to be able to be here for you in this way.   I extend my hand and my heart to you and welcome you as new friend. I am blessed that you are sharing yourself with me.   "..Roanoke?..."  is a few hours from here. When Eric was killed, he was taken to Roanoke hospital.  Ferrum college is not far from there.   Perhaps we will meet then.... ?  That would be nice. It is beautiful here in the valley and you would be welcome to come and visit. *s*  Thank you, again, for writing to me.  Write again.
Love, hugs and prayer, I am yours because I'm His, Nina

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Subject: A beautiful site
Your website is wonderful.  My father, Dan Gribbin, was truly shaken by your son's death.    I know that he enjoyed every day he was able to teach such a gifted and special young man.     Looking at all of the people your website has touched, I am amazed at your strength. I hope that your message of love will continue to be heard for years and years to come.  
~ Eric Gribbin

Hello Eric, (my favorite name!)   How wonderful it was to hear from you! Thank you so much for contacting me.  Whenever anyone from Erics' college days contacts me - I feel such a deep and warm feeling knowing that the one thing that my Erics' life accomplished and would have pleased him most and best of all, was his permanence in the lives and hearts of those who knew him and remember,   still..... how special he was and how lastingly memorable a spirit he is..... I have a copy on cassette tape, of his spoken words from his last WFFC broadcast the night before he was killed.... he talked of remembering each other as their time together was ending. Thank you for remembering him also!  You have touched my soul today.  Thank you.  ~  Each year, I write a poem and take it to Freesoul on the April first anniversary of what I call Erics' Eternal life birthday. Here is this years': 
Eric Lee Baker
Eric, 2003

Death leaves a heartache
nothing can heal
Love leaves memories
no one can steal

Whether near or far from home
One may go or be
Our destiny will find us
Mortality sets us free

"Nothing gold can stay"
That's what John said that day
But after seven years
And all the many tears....

I know that isn't true
For inside,
And all around me.....
There is You

Nina R. Baker - ~Mom~
I would be interested in hearing more about you, Eric. I know that your father, Dan, was one of Erics' favorite people too. I don't know if you or your Dad saw the online copies from pages of Erics' Freshman year at Ferrum, but this one (1 of 4) has your Dad on it...   Hope to hear from you again if you have time to write and share. My best to you and to your family.
Yours because I'm His,   with love, hugs and prayer from your gypsy, (Nina)

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From: M Filbruk 
Subject: tombstones
I am trying to find information on a tombstone that you have listed on your web page.   The name on the tombstone is Elisha Philbrook.   I have tried inquiring about the tombstone in Hancock County, Maine which is where Sargentville is located and haven't found anyone who knows anything about this tombstone. Any further information you could e-mail me about the location of this tombstone would be helpful.   ~   Thank you!  Michael Philbrook

Dear Michael, Before I'd even finished using the book to put information on my site, I loaned it out to someone who was going to bring it right back - but never did. *sad*.... Although I keep saying that I'm not going to loan books anymore unless people sign for them in a little notebook - somehow, it keeps happening. It's been years now! The page is still unfinished, but I'm not giving up hope. I will keep your letter on file here and contact you if I can help you in your search. I hadn't even gotten the title online before then, though I'd planned to put that there also....    Sorry that I'm not able to be more helpful at this time. I won't forget. Sincerely,     Yours because I'm His, Nina

Hello again,  Michael,   Your inquiry motivated me to seek my beloved little book and I did track it down, f-i-n-a-l-l-y. *RVBG!* Now I will try and finish up that webpage - at last! *S* So here is the information on the source publisher and author: 
Sterling Publishing Company inc. Two Park Avenue, New York New York 10016 ISBN 0-8069-6950-4 
The book was excerpted from *The Last Word* (copyright by Sterling in 1979) 
I hope that this information will be of some usefulness in your search. 
Yours because I'm His, Best regards, Nina

Nina, Thank you very much. I was having trouble locating information and I think that your info will help me. I'm a lot closer that I was before!!! Michael Philbrook

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From: "Bonnie Shaw"
Subject: He spoke to me!
What a beautiful tribute to a living spirit. I have only touched on several parts of the sight and my eyes are moist with the emotion his words were meant to rekindle. Thank you so much. You have no idea what service you "both" have accomplished.  I have marked the site.  I will be privileged to return when time allows. Thank You.

Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing your appreciation and benefit after visiting `Eric Of The Misty Blue Mountains'. It means so much to me, every single time<!>, to hear when Erics' deepest desire (to be heard is fulfilled. It is like a mother/son embrace which transcends mortal and finite limitations of this world and the path I still travel here....    ~   Love, hugs and prayer, from your gypsy, (Nina)

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Wed 4/16/2003 4:57 AM 
Re: Amys' last days 
Dearest sweet gentle Nina...    I just read you thoughts and hope and fears dealing with you beloved Amy...  What a tribute you have made and I really admire you for writing all your thoughts.  It has come to me for a very special reason, on March 28th my precious dog of 13 y/o passed away also. I know that heartache you have had.  My Gizmo was a wonderful sheltie, she has a twin sister named Missy.  We had their mom and dad to. Our dogs are our "kids" and anyone with animals who love them know what I mean.  Especially after losing our son they became even more embedded in our lives.   Gizmo became ill so much like your Amy on a Friday afternoon and we took him to the vet that afternoon and they out him on steroids and pain meds to help, by saturday he looked better but the vomiting continued but he was hungry to. He started having problems standing up and just laid around. He and his sister have a wonderful place to sleep with a satin comforter and it is so cozy.   By sunday we knew he just wasn't going to make it. I laid with him on his satin comforter and just held his head and stroked his body and talked about not being afraid and if he needed to go it was ok. He kept looking at me with his beautiful precious eyes and I saw how much pain he was in and was telling me good bye. I felt all the love that he had given to me for 13 years and I knew that he was telling me thank you for loving him and giving him a good life but now it was time for him to go. I stayed with him for hours and finally he took his last breath and he faded away. My heart is so broken and there is an empty place in my heart but I know he is up there with my son and my grandma and he is strutting around and having a delightful time. I thank you Nina for giving me the courage to talk like this for this is the first time I have been able to express my feeling. Life is so complexed but there is always something out there to help us through each day and I am so grateful for that and for people like you.   Every night I say thank you to my holy spirit Jesus Christ and tell him thank you for sending such nice people into my life especially when my heart is aching. I feel like you are a god send Nina and you are touching so many lives mine included.   I will continue to pray for strength for you and to bless and keep you safe each day and night. My thoughts are there with you my friend.    ~   Friends forever, Eileen 

Dear Eileen,   Thank you for the e-mail sharing and caring about our loss. I'm still kind of disbelieving that it all happened - and so quickly! It takes time.... I certainly know all about that. Ever our little ChiCho is sad and subdued- though there is no way we could explain to him the why and what of it all - he seems to know that Amy isn't coming back.    ~   Going to my parents for dinner. Hope that you have a nice Easter....    ~   So very sorry to hear about your loss of Gizmo. Was that this year? I'm not sure if you may have found this page within my site? Rainbow-Bridge  Since you mentioned that you are rather new to surfing, you may not have found this more easily laid-out master index either - so I'm including it today too. 
 Yours because I'm His, with love, hugs and prayer from your gypsy, (Nina) 

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Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 23:43:55 -0600
From: John Degel
My Condolences
Santa Claus, like many other traditions -- such as Uncle Sam, Robin Hood, William Tell, etc. -- aren't to be taken literally. Rather they serve as literary illustrations to help us understand many of the concepts of life that are rapidly disappearing from our society. Those concepts include: lovingkindness for our brothers and sisters, sharing, helping those in need and learning the consequences of being bad or good. I'm only sorry you find it necessary to put a satanic emphasis on a figure based on a religious personage.   ~   Have YOU hugged Santa today?
My response
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 07:27:35 -0500
Subject: Re: My Condolences
To: John Degel <  
Since my site is primarily one which addresses loss and grief over death of loved ones, your title, though intended as a mockery or insult, is however, appropriate applied to the loss of my 22 year old son, Eric. I will view it that way and say thank you. ~   Re: <snip>
--->"....traditions -- such as Uncle Sam, Robin Hood, William Tell, etc. -- aren't to be taken literally. Rather they serve as literary illustrations "  ~ ^Uncle Sam is a title or nick-name for government which I find is neither a tradition nor a literary illustration. None of these three are taught or upheld by parents to their children, as being "real". I suppose that we could go on from here to Peter Rabbit, Puff the Magic Dragon and Charlie Brown....just to begin to touch upon literary illustrations or analogies... the list would be endless. As to Santa mythology, call it what you will. I did not address the issue of pagan practices in the manner which you used upon me, (judgmental or critically), I simply stated my own view/opinion and the facts in relation to the practice. (Mark 8:33 But when He had turned about and looked on His disciples, He rebuked Peter, saying, Get thee behind me, Satan: for thou savorest not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men). I did not make fun of your (apparent) beliefs or choice to hold an idol up as a character example or tool for building character-traits which are, you are right, disappearing from our world today. I do believe that we need to exemplify those characteristics which Christ gave us to be conformed by and follow after, and primarily, that is love and kindness. However, when it comes to teaching a myth as a reality and contriving to deceive with lies and misrepresentation to our children who look to us with innocence and trust and hold dearly that their parents are the most trustworthy persons that they know..... THAT is unconscionable.  Called by any name, it is deception and leads to more of the same. Trust is a sacred thing and not to be forfeited in any name or purpose, whatsoever! As to Santa Claus being based on a religious personage? I can only say that there are many religions and accompanying them, are many religious people and practices which are not based on the simplicity of Christ or on the truth of "One Way". Personally, I am a Christian, but I am not, nor will I ever be, a religious person. I always clarify that point when I find myself so addressed (as a religious person). I am more than that. I belong to Christ, and to Him alone. As to hugging "my" <? NOT!> Santa Claus? I have not hugged Santa Claus today, nor the Tooth Fairy, nor the Easter Bunny either!
Yours because I'm His, Nina Roberta Baker

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Hi ~ Your web site is beautiful. As I sit here with tears rolling down my cheeks, thinking and thanking God there are people in the world like you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.       My God bless you always!

And thank you for taking the time to  care and to write to me, I appreciate it.
 Yours because I'm His, with love, hugs and prayer from your gypsy,  (Nina)

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Hi my name is Liz. I just wanted to let you know your website is beautiful. Thank you 

Thank you so much for sharing your appreciation.
 Yours because I'm His,
 with love, hugs and prayer from your gypsy,  (Nina)

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