From: "laurel j intrieri" 
Subject: just a small thank you among the many you must get daily...
Hi there.   just wanted to let you know that your verses lifted my spirits....   I have just lost a very dear relative.... and I am not dealing with it very well,   some of your verses hit home....   The music and verses were so soothing....   ~   Just wanted you to know I appreciate you sharing your talent with those of us who do not have any,   and need something to cling to,  to get us back on the emotional road to recovery and back to our daily routines....     Thank you again for sharing, and giving us a few moments of comfort in our hour of grief....  ~     LJI

Dear Laurel; It is wonderful to know that you found comfort and  uplifting on our site. Blessings are like that, the more you share them, the more they come back and bless you again. Your message blessed me today.  ~   I hope that you will return. In case you didn't find  the prayer section yet (our site is SO large and varied),  you may like to keep this prayer I wrote in 1993, so print it out and keep it where you can read it in those  low-times that catch us unawares sometimes.    The first year (of firsts....) it happens with all the holidays and anniversaries of things you've shared in the past.    It  seems to be ever near that first year - and a lot in the second.    Where Are You Lord     ~   Three years have passed without Eric now, and a few fourth-time experiences of yearly events without him...  and it is still pretty painful and at times I struggle or  am caught unawares by a small reminder which brings me  right back to that first few hours and days..... Please  return to visit and write if you feel like it. I care.  It is often difficult for others to deal with our grief  unless they have experienced the depth of personal grief   themselves. Those of us who share the experience, know how wonderful it is to find solace in the listening of a  friend who cares and allows us to grieve rather than  telling us to "get over it" or "let go" or "move on!  " I embrace you with love and caring,
Yours because I'm His,    your Gypsy, (Nina)

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From:  ~ Subject: SignedGuestbook
Gypsy, what touching words you left me!! Oh you made made my day!! You have a wonderful heart, and thank you for the encouragement!!  God bless you, Now I'm off to your page.....can't wait!!   Hugs, Suny

Words I wish I  knew the words,...  How I feel right now .. compassion,  yes... touched, very much... uplifted because of your strength. Saddened because of your loss.   Hopeful because of your hope. Seeking because you moved me to want more.    .Wishing I knew you better because you draw me to you. Praying, because I want you to be happy. Hurting because I feel your pain. Peaceful  because you are.  Thankful, because you shared. May God continue to use you, for the Love He has planted in you, is His, What a wonderful thing to see . You have blessed me with your site.   ~   Thank you,   Suny

My dear friend, Suny;   ~  "You wish you knew the words?" I thought your words were absolutely soulful and moved me deeply with gratitude that you would speak them of me and mean them so warmly that I could actually feel your heart touching mine.  Thank you for those special words which will always mean very much to me.   Please feel free to write here, or if you would like to  be added to my "pass-it-on" mailing list... Let me know  and I will add you to my private mail at  In fact, I will be going to send something out to my friends from that mailbox as soon as I send this to you - so if you  would like to be added, click on the message and save the  address and then let me know to add you?  Love and hugs, 
Yours because I'm His,    your Gypsy, (Nina)

Subject: Add me....
Yes please add me to your pass it on list!! I will be looking forward
to hearing from you!!   ~  May I add you to mine?? I usually send out a smile or something inspirational each day to my friends... If your mail is  already overflowing, which I bet it is,  I will understand. You are a  very special Lady and I'm so glad I got to meet you!!  And yes the words were from my heart, because you touched it so. Blessings to you and hugs   ~   .......... Suny    :)

Dear Suny;  You are most welcome. Thank you for being you. !*S*    ~ I will be returning to visit again. I hope that you  keep enjoying it and growing in creativity and pleasure.     ~   Love and a hug,    ~  
Yours because I'm His,    your Gypsy, (Nina)

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From:  (Gary Nicholson Sr.)
Subject: A Glimpse Of Hell  
Do you know were you are going????

Subject: Re: A Glimpse Of Hell 
To: "Gary Nicholson Sr." 
Yes!. Absolutely!          
Yours because I'm His, 
Your GYPSY, (Nina) 

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From: "Larry Wade" 
Subject: Hi
Hi Nina.    This is Larry Wade or better know as "El-dubba-u" in the Pine Ridge Christian Crusader Newsletter from Dallas, Georgia. After our computer crashed, I couldn't remember where your web site was and I've been searching until now.   ~   I pray that all is well with you and your family.   ~  I need to ask is if we still have permission to use your poems and stories in our newsletter. I have to have an okay on file and when the old computer crashed I lost all of our granted permission emails.   ~   Looking forward to hearing from you and may God ever give you the strength to stay faithful to His cause and to His Son, Jesus Christ.   ~   In His Service,
~ ~ 

Dear Larry;   Yes, of course you may. I would, however, ask the favor of letting me know (e-mail is fine), where, when and what is used,  and would also appreciate your linking to either my main page,  or Erics' table ~ I tried to access the URL,  
but it wouldn't come up in MIE.... IS it only available on Netscape? I hope not. Is there another access URL for your publications/ministry? Please send to me if so.  I don't remember any notification from The Crusaders - of any particular work of either Erics' or mine. Would you let me know? I would simply like to know which work may have been chosen as an offering. I do not limit or seek any reward other than the joy of knowing what was chosen and used.  This has been a very nice year (in spite of a second-year of severe drought in our area) for us. I don't believe that a mothers' loss of her child ever really heals.... We live out our remaining days with anticipation of a reunion and the  grace from our Lord to love others and find fulfillment in  serving Him.   ~ God bless and use you, Larry, Yours because I'm His,  your Gypsy, (Nina)

Hi Nina.     ~  Thanks for getting back so fast. We have not opened a web site yet. No one in our church seems to have time. We mail out a newsletter to just over 500 homes in Georgia and over the country. When we print your poem or story we always include the email address and the web address where the site can be found underneath the author's name. On occasion, we send to our email list an illustrated poem or story using the ARCAMax program and that I can send to you. Sometimes I take a page from your site (like a "A Mother's Story") and email it to a select group and tell them a little about you and then ask them to visit your site or to email you and discuss their own losses and victories in life.  Maybe the Lord will open up the time (and the brains) to put our church on the Net in the near future.    ~   Thanks for all the comfort you have given me through your Web Site. I enjoy visiting it, tremendously. I always leave with a word of praise to our Lord for the words of wisdom and strength He shares with us from you.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!
In our Lord's Service,  El-dubba-u   ~ (Larry Wade)

And AMEN to that, dear brother!

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From:  (Lou)
Subject: A Loss
 Dear Nina,  ~  I know this may be odd me writing you since I am a man.   But my mother just recently passed away.   I was looking for something on the loss of a mother and came upon your site.   My brother was killed at the age of 16 and reading your letter as I gazed upon my mothers' picture broke my heart,  yet opened it up to possibly understand what my mother went through.   I can only thank you for allowing me to fell a part of my mother otherwise I would have never known, even though it is a painful part.   For it has helped me to understand her better, and love her even more.   ~   Thank You and God Bless You,   ~  Lou ~ May Your Spirit Brighten the Darkened Corners of Your Life

Dear Lou;  ~  Thank you very much for taking time to write to me and share how you were blessed in visiting.    I would like to hear from you again and maybe you would like  to tell me more about your beloved mother?   I don't know if you discovered the guestbooks. (We are on #17 now) I archive them at a certain size to prevent heavy loading for slower computers.    I'm mentioning this because I was thinking that  you may want to check them out for other visitors who have  lost their parent<s>.     ~   I have asked myself, many times, over the last three and a  half years, why it is that we seek others with as nearly  similar losses as our own, to share with.   After all this  time, I still feel that my initial idea of the why of it is probably the correct conclusion.  When we are in such pain  and we wonder how life itself can go on, how the mornings  can go on with a sunrise, how evening can bring the moon  and how we can go on in this life without that loved one....  We all feel like the world has changed too drastically to want to go on after such a loss.    ~  And at that time, when we don't see how we can go on... hearing from another who has endured/survived the same loss... is strengthening and somewhat  comforting. So I guess it's just that we identify and see from  their sharing, that we can go on and sometimes, the things  they share, help us as only another who has experienced the  same loss, can do. Sometimes, the things they share, amaze  and touch the innermost parts of us when we learn that they also went through some of the exact same grieving and healing  processes as we may think we are pretty weird to be feeling or doing.  Like, keeping something near which has their unique smell  still with it - using their deodorant because it touched their underarms too, drinking from their favorite glass or cup...   keeping the pillow where they laid their head - or hairs from a  brush. It all might seem rather bizarre to an outsider who has  never had to deal with your grief, and you might even suspect that you are acting weird or losing your mind.   To know that  others do those same things, I believe helps us to know that we  can and will survive. Most importantly, it sort of gives us 
the recognition that NOTHING at all is crazy about any little bit of them which we might feel a need or desire to cling to for a time... IS OKAY!   ~  More of those who grieve need to share privately and I understand that.   It is why I set the guestbook up as I have, to be private if they indicate such choice. But - every guest who has shared publicly, has left a gift to comfort and strengthen others who come the same way along the path. If you return to the main page and click on guestbook, it will take you to the current book, but at the bottom will be archive numbers which link you to each one of them. You may find someone in particular whom you might want to contact. Most of Those dear hearts have all consented to participate in our family/experience of mourning. I say "most" because the web I originally published to memorialize Eric and his writings, has grown to cover many subjects in three years, and not all sharing is about grief. ~  Eric wrote such a touching poem not long before he dies, and it was chosen by those who worked with him on the college paper and  the literary magazine, to be used in the chapel candlelight/memorial service which we attended there the next week.... It is chillingly prophetic and always touches my pain in the deepest way, for it seems that he is speaking to all of us who lost him... You will find it here, ThisDay. It seemed written specifically for me as it described the "foreverness" of life and love shared with a loved one lost. ~  I hope that you will write if I may be of any help in listening and just sharing the grief or loneliness which you may feel.   ~ Yours because I'm His,  your Gypsy, (Nina)

Dear Lou;  
Re: I was looking for something on the loss of a mother  ^
I remembered just as I was about to go out, a dear friend who has a very nice page and he shares there  about losing his parents in very beautiful words and poems which he wrote. Please visit there and see if you feel comforted in him...  His page is here... 
Pauls' Tribute to mothers page.
Love and comforting *hug*, From your Gypsy, (Nina)

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Subject: well done 
Hi Nina...  I didn't know when a good friend passed this website on to me that I would be writing you to Thank You for being the special person that you are! Your words are the sweetest things next to heaven.....I admire you for what you have endured...God Bless You Nina...I have a Buffy too that I got from the pound so I understand....I have eight loving (unwanted) pets here... Thank you so much..May God richly Bless you.. In Christ... Sandra   ~   AND....... "JESUS LOVES YOU"........

Hello Sandra  ~ Thank you for writing to me. I am blessed to know that you enjoyed your visit. Thank you for the `strokes' also,  about my writing. *s* ~ Pets and children, they are such blessings to our lives.   I am sure that you know that well enough with your "pet family".  I once had three dogs and found that I just couldn't keep up with that many in a small home, so we are down to one now, having adopted the other two (larger dogs) to good homes and are now committed to him 24/7 ! If we happen upon a needy SMALL dog - we will adopt it so that he will have a playmate  of his own-kind.
Yours because I'm His,  your GYPSY, (Nina)

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From: "Ravi Bhat"  
Subject: Hi
This is a wonderful sight. I appreciate it very much.   ~ ravi

Dear Ravi; ~  It is always nice to hear that you are appreciated!   Thank you.  I appreciate your taking time and letting me know your feelings. *s*  ~  Yours because I'm His,    your GYPSY, (Nina)

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From:  (diana dahart)
Subject: good morning!   ~  What a beautiful 30 minutes this has been reading all the messages!    I was searching for info on foot surgery for the mother of a dear friend of mine..and curiosity got the best of me.  The music is lovely and each message so inspiring and touching. you have suffered much in this life but through His grace you have overcome, and now you give to others!   I'm not even sure what date the last message was, but  I  hope you are over the last surgery and on the road to recovery. ~  In the last year I have had more losses than once I thought I could handle. A year ago my beloved Misha had to be put to sleep at 18 years of age.   She was my first kitty and her eyes were like deep pools... When she gazed at you it was as if she could see into your soul. for weeks we gave her daily fluid IV's, but eventually, she could not leave the bedroom.... could not eat, or make it to the litter box (the room was covered in plastic and papers!).   At   night I could only doze, and constantly stroked her.    Finally, she was just suffering too much and I  was with her, holding her tiny body and telling her how much I loved her, as the vet inserted the needle in her paw. so fast.... A split second...  and my little friend was gone.  This year, my Mom, who was 85,  fell and had a compression fracture in her lower spine. She lived in Victoria, BC and i'm in Michigan. for 3 long months.   Ii went out there for about 10-14 days each month and agonized seeing her suffer each day in the hospital. her final 40 days were spent in a little cubicle (no windows...   little air circulation... nothing on the walls until we took in pictures from Arizona Hwys and a calendar) at a transitional care unit, ill-equipped to work with the dying.   With each visit,  I could see her wonderfully witty and sharp mind being altered by the oh-so necessary morphine.   A couple of times in the car I would scream at God for allowing this pain, but still tried to stay faithful, and realize that I do not have the Big Picture.    I am Catholic, and I tried every day to offer up Mom's pain,  and even my inner pain, for whatever God needed.    The last time I saw Mom I was sitting on the edge of her bed, and leaned down to place my head on her shoulder.    Very slowly I felt her arms come around me and start to stroke my hair, as she did when I was a child.    The tears flowed, but I think we both knew this would be the last time we would be together on this earth.    Many years ago in a northern Arizona valley, Mom and I stood together (no one around for 20 miles) on a moonless night. we held hands, and were speechless in front of the awe of God's glory.. the stars were so many that the sky was white! she died alone one night last June, but now she is truly in God's glory, and there is no more pain!   Two weeks before Mom's death, the lady who was my "second Mom" died.   And now, less then 2 weeks ago I lost one of my best girlfriends to cancer.    We had known each other 27 years.   I have bad days...  and I have "Mom moments". Those are the times when you want to share something with her, or, when those 3 long months evaporate, and you remember how much fun you had at Christmas, and think, "how could all this have happened so fast?". and my girlfriend,  Annie.   I went to her funeral in Las Vegas, and it was my first time at her home. Her husband was so lost, but I felt she was only out of town.  she should have been there.   God is with me though! He has given me incredible graces throughout this year, and led me to others who either touch my life, or perhaps I can be there for them.    I will explore more on your pages, and will share this with my friends mother.    I have never had children, but was married once and my stepson committed suicide at 14 and I know how wrenching that loss was.   ~   Bless you for all you do!   ~  Diana 

Dear Diana;    What a beautiful, heart warming, (as well as heart-rending), message from you. I feel that we have shared many similarities in our losses. 
       Even now, I still comb through the realities I face each day and each occasion without Eric. Though it is well into the fourth year now..... sometimes it seems like it just happened and I feel stunned and unbelieving that it could be true, while at other times, I think of all the mercies and good aspects of the swift, painless ending of his life right at the pinnacle of  success in everything he loved to do and did so well and so outstandingly that he was recognized as the best of the entire graduating class of 1996 (and awarded as such) in both of his majors at Ferrum college. When I think of the blessings in how it all happened, I cannot get lost in depression or despair, and my heart can even feel a surge of such gratitude for the mercy... 
----> what a beautiful 30 minutes this has been reading all 
    ^Either you are a VERY fast reader, or you didn't
get to see the other guestbooks? They are archived (16) and I will be finishing my updating and archiving #17 and #18 by Monday evening.  I do hope that you will return for another look around, for there is much to see!
----> you have suffered much in this life but through His grace you have overcome, and now you give to others! 
       ^Oh, and THEY give to ME! (especially kindred  spirits (such as yourself) and fellow mourners of loved ones we've lost. 
---> not even sure what date the last message was, but I hope you are over the last surgery and on the road to recovery.
       ^The foot surgery was in the Fall of 1997. I did VERY well with the three different surgeries on both feet (6 altogether) and was feeling just great!   Then, unfortunately, (and foolishly!) - was in a lawn-tractor accident which tore the meniscus in both knees, which
required two surgeries, one month apart, (to remove the meniscus and repair the damage to whatever-all was frayed and damaged) in the Fall of 1998.   Now, I'm holding out until January 4, 2,000, for double knee  replacement surgery.  My surgeon wanted to schedule them three months apart, but I have had 6 straight years of surgeries, and I need a break!    The feet were to be the end of a 5 year program of restoration and  rebuilding of long neglected (and undiagnosed) medical condition which  is now under control (but the damage was done before it was discovered and treatment begun).    I hate talking about medical problems, but I also feel very blessed to have such a wonderful doctor who feels like a brother to me now! *S*   He has literally operated on me and redesigned me from head to toes - quite-literally! *giggle*   He is a great micro-surgeon and for all I've had done, he leaves little scarring or disfigurement!   

----> a year ago my beloved Misha had to be put to sleep at 18 years

       ^I don't know if you read about my precious Buffy, but she was also 18! And I too, held her as she took her last breath and was at peace.    I remember that last night, like yours with your Misha (a lovely sounding name!).... 

----> my Mom who <snip> agonized seeing her suffer each day 

       ^Oh, I cannot know how utterly devastating that must have been for you to endure!    That was the very first question I  asked of the state trooper, "Did he suffer?"

----> I could see her wonderfully witty and sharp mind being altered by the oh-so necessary morphine. 

       ^I wish that I could hug you and tell you that I really care and am so sorry that your paths were so difficult to her end. The only thing I can say is that sometimes that painful way of coming to the end of a relationship/parting - helps you to let go of the loved one and see that death is not just an ugly specter, but also a merciful blessing.     Particularly when you know where she is now and that she is perfectly healed and restored to Gods' original plan for us all for eternity! 
----> very slowly ,  I felt her arms come around me and start to stroke my hair, as she did when I was a child. 

       ^Oh - how precious! I cannot count the times I have longed almost unbearably, to feel just one more hug and see his dear face, stroke the softness of his beard.... but that was not to be in our journey.... or parting.   Yet, We did hug and kiss goodbye having no idea that it would be our last touch and goodbye forever,)  when we last saw each other, and I stood at the door all the while as he started the car up and got his music playing and buckled up and slowly, with a backward glance as he pulled out and I waved from the door.... he went back to campus after an unexpected, "Just-Because" - surprise visit home for the weekend a few weeks before... It hurts either way... you know? Your path and mine, to the same destination, filled with good and bad aspects.... her we are, without them. But, incredibly, look how God managed to bring us together to share.... 

----> we held hands, and were speechless in front of the awe of God's  glory... the stars were so many that the sky was white! 

       ^You have a beautiful way of sharing your experiences & I feel so blessed that you shared them with me.    I hope we will continue  to be in touch... writers just never seem to stop writing. It is plain that you have a gift for writing too.    I read your letter twice today. I went to bed about 12:30, but I kept thinking about your experiences and about mine, and I came out  to read it again and then it just seemed I couldn't go to bed until I wrote to you myself... So here I am and it's past 3:00 (a.m.) and I am  quite sleepy-eyed.   I shed some tears with/for you, but I also praised God  too.... for He was so good to bring us together.....

----> she died alone one night last June, 

       ^Oh, my dear, dear One..... this is not at all true.
Remember Christ saying, Lo, I am with you always! Even unto the end!    I will never leave you nor forsake you! No, no..... and we all have angels - guardian angels set to watch over us and minister to us.... And she was not alone at all..... not at all! And you, dear Diana, YOU were also with her in her heart.... just as she is still with YOU now...

----> two weeks before Mom's death, the lady who was my "second Mom"

       ^I am so sorry.... how tragic to be so closely spaced in time for you to adjust to two such losses!
----> less then 2 weeks ago I lost one of my best girlfriends <snip> we had known each other 27 years.
       ^This is a beautiful blessing also, to have had a true friend for so long a time.... staying in touch all the while. In todays' world, people do not often stay in touch or maintain close friendships for such a long time. You have been richly blessed. The cost of loving
and `having' - is, for one or the other, usually, to lose and to grieve the loss of the other who goes first. But look at you.... you are such  a loving soul... and that is truly, Christ in you. He suffered and I feel certain, He suffers yet at the sight of this world.... but - Oh, how greatly He loves and gives us courage, strength and abundant grace for the journey we are set upon.....
----> I have bad days...and I have "Mom moments". 
       ^I know exactly what you mean. I too. I used to think it would get easier.... in fact, everyone seems to say that it will - but I don't think that it does. It stays, but we change. And as you are finding out, the poignant memories and melancholy, bring with them,
the gentle joy and warmth of love felt and moments experienced and we then come to rejoice at them and forget the acute pain of loss, for we come to know that they will be with us as long as we wish for them to be and cherish the memories so precious and beautiful.
----> Annie <snip> but i felt she was only out of town.
       ^She was there with you, and she is with you now. 
----> others who either touch my life, or perhaps I can be there for them.
^this is very true... for you have certainly touched my 
life this day and forever, Diana. Thank you for that. I thank God also.
----> I will explore more on your pages, and will share this 
       ^I am in the process of intensively working on the site now... redoing it to be easier to navigate.... I just kept growing and it became so big that few people even comprehend the magnitude or scope of
the territory it covers - *s*. So please check back even when you  think you are through with it! *grinning* By next weekend, every page should be accessible from the "Front Door" (the address below my name here - in case you didn't make it to the Front Door- 
---> married once and my stepson committed suicide at 14 
       ^This also, is very tragic. I have been so close to that weakness myself, and the thing which caused me to fight it - was  the thought of what others would feel if I did..... what a terrible and selfish (unloving) legacy to leave to loved ones.... Sometimes, though, pain can be so overwhelming that thoughts and other feelings and (reasoning) can be drowned out in it.... Surely... all who chose to end their own lives.... hurt even more than we could imagine.... I understand, and I would surely hope to never, ever have a friend or family make such a choice without sharing the pain with me or someone else who may be able  to help, comfort, support and build them up....
----> bless you for all you do! 
       ^Thank you, Diana. And you certainly have been an instrument or His compassion, strengthening and comfort. Today I feel He has made us friends for a lifetime and then eternity..... *S*  

  Love and embrace, (It is now 3:40 A.M.!) 
Yours because I'm His, your GYPSY, (Nina)

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From: sheehan <>
Subject: Guestbook not working   
I am Starlitfire.... I tried to sign your guestbook but it wouldn't let me
so I figured I would just email my comments.    I spent hours at your site... It is very emotional, and very touching... I cried many times... I also write poetry, and Eric's poems are absolutely great..... Am very sorry for the loss of such talent...  Please visit my site.....would love to hear your opinions about my poetry, and also have 2 special is on spousal abuse the other is for my son on child abuse...
Love and Light always,  Starlitfire

Dear Starlitfire;    Hello. I am just now beginning to try and catch up the
guestbook as it is time to archive the current one and  start another. I had over 700 emails in my que before I  finally got the FrontPage upgrading done and my site all back up. I hope that you were able to return to see it since then.     ~ I cannot find a reply from me to you when you wrote to me.   I thought I had written to let you know the problem was my  fault there - but I don't see a copy of one and fear that I may have done something wrong and sent your e-mail response  to another?   Or thought I responded and somehow missed you?   Otherwise, this e-mail would not be here and I am so sorry  if that is the case. If so - please forgive me and accept my apology. I had a terrible time with the website being  so huge and the new software upgrade just made an awful mess  (and my whole life!) of it for weeks!   ~  Let me know either way - okay? I am slowly but surely  working my through catching up now that the site is okay.  Also - I have your site on my visitation list for tonight. I surf for an hour or two with my laptop after Brandi is tucked in for the night. Looking forward to visiting with you then. Thank you for your kindness and compassion over my loss  and letting me know that you liked our writings.   I  always feel so pleased when people read his work, for I know that it was his hearts' desire and that it is being  fulfilled for him. We can't always give people what they  want most - but in this case, it sure has been happening that his desire is fulfilled on and on....  As to the guestbook - it is a personal choice I made to  allow people to write privately and just publish their messages if they don't mind and will share with others.    So very many people who are hurting and/or alienated from others, God, even their life... need that safety of a  private communication... for they already get enough condemnation from others without going public for even more.   So the guestbook link leads directly to this special  Website mailbox. I have a private one as well, for  personal mail. So write whenever you like - and do go and visit the guestbooks with messages and exchanges you may like to share... Thank you again for writing to me and for your caring.   I love your name.... it is a handle?   Or your actual name.      ~    Yours because I'm His,   your Gypsy, (Nina)

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From:  (343 353)
Subject: pages
Hello,  I liked your home page and thought the writing of everything in
here was beautifully written and I'm sorry for your loss,  that does break
my heart as well, and I i know if you pray every day it will help in coping with every thing too as,  I  have been doing for so long because I
lost a lot of my loved ones too,  so keep praying and keep all your loved
ones in your heart and you'll be ok,    and again I'm sorry and hope all
of your family is ok too.   bye God Bless!!!

Dear Wolfie;    
Thank you for brightening my day with your presence and appreciation of our site.   I think of it as Erics' earthly home where we have a cyber-castle with many, many rooms!   *S*. Although I am well into the fourth year now, I  still find great joy when those of you who write and share your appreciation of his work, for, that is what founded the site - his simple desire to be read and to  give something lasting to the world and people....   So when you write, I know that our little lights are still shining brightly in the darkest of places and experiences (particularly for those who grieve).    The site is in transition right now, and I hope that you will return to check out more of it (particularly if you found that any pages didn't come up for you - for  that is my fault in taking so long to re-do it all! When I upgraded to FrontPage 2000, I made quite a mess of it!  It was only yesterday that I finally got it all straight in my head and am now "redecorating". I have been pleased with the new features and faster loading of pages! *RVBS!*     Bye for now,   Thank you, and God has blessed both of us with our meeting.
Yours because I'm His,    your GYPSY, (Nina)

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I get more than a few of these brief ones... and sometimes I have been asked why I didn't include them - so now and then I will randomly pick one and put it in.   If you sent one  as brief and wondered why it wasn't up - if you will mention that you would like your name here with the short message such as the one below - I will assuredly post it - just let me know - okay?  It is not ungratitude on my part - but simply that I get such a lot of those and until I get a secretary *giggle* - I won't be posting them - but each of you do know that I ALWAYS respond privately and let you know that I appreciate your visit and even a two word message - for it is thoughtful of anyone to write and I DO appreciate every word.

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Subject: (no subject)    ~   Hi, I enjoyed your site. Roni

Thank you, Roni; Yours because I'm His,  your GYPSY, (Nina)

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Subject: What guest book?
every time i clicked on your guest book to sign it brought me to write
a message. so where is your gest book? you have a very lovely site.

Hello: And thank you.   I have most of my site off line right now - for I
upgraded my software to FrontPage 2000, which led  to my having to rework it entirely in order for  faster loading for guests and friends and adequate  navigation which became a problem - with thousands  (literally) of pages - I had to really work on the challenge of presenting it in better cohesiveness.    Please return on Tuesday/Wednesday and you will be amazed at what you didn't even discover! *GFETE!*    Perhaps you clicked on the guestbook link at the bottom  of a page you were viewing. That took you directly to  CURRENT one which explains the how and why of my choosing e-mail for entries and submissions. I am greatly blessed at the kindness and love exchanged there - we are on #18 right now (which is in the CURRENT form and not yet archived as #18.   By the time you get this e-mail - the site will be inactive until tomorrow afternoon. PLEASE return - and then I hope that you will send your thoughts/feelings by clicking on the guestbook which will then bring you to e-mail to send it.    Thank you for writing to me and I hope to hear from you again.  Yours because I'm His,   your Gypsy, (Nina)

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From: "Brenda Holman" <>
Subject: What am I doing wrong? Or perhaps you are under construction?
Every time I try to enter a new link I get the Not Found page on my screen.   I was looking forwards to entering your world, looks very pleasing.  Thank you,  Brenda Holman

Dear Brenda;   I am finally getting my mail all caught up. I am so  sorry that your visit was during the terrible time  after I installed the upgrade for my software FrontPage 2000,  and the site was not working. It took a month of very intense working night and day to get it all back up. It is finished now and all working.   Please forgive the length of time before I responded  to your mail - I was just too overwhelmed to do anything more at the computer except emergencies (grief-support) - even my  closest friends were wondering if I was ever going to return  to e-mailing regularly again!    ~   Thank you for visiting. I hope you will return and check it all out now. the guestbook is directly connected here to this  "page mailbox" - if you get to it now you will find explanation as to why I chose to set it up that way and do the posting of messages personally.   Hope to hear from you again. Yours because I'm His,  your GYPSY, (Nina)

"Brenda Holman"
Subject: Re: welcome back  ~  Dear Nina,  I am so pleased to hear from you and will visit often. Your site is so wonderful and full of warmth, love, compassion to be shared with many as I have done.   My husband has been in the hospital since Oct. 10th. with Pancreas problems  and your message is very comforting. Thank you. My heart and prayers remain with you. God Bless,  ~  Brenda Holman of Hemet, Ca.

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From: (Thelma Rhynas)
Subject: MSM  ~  I had no idea when I began searching for info on MSM that I would find such a huge amount on one site, and so helpful.    Thank you. I haven't read it completely yet, but I will. Thank you again.  Good things......
T.L. Rhynas, Ajax, Ontario Canada.

Hello:  I am so far behind in my e-mail due to the  redesigning of my entire website (approx 400  pages!) So I just now read this from you.  Thank you for letting me know that the report  was helpful to you. I believe that MSM will  one day be even more commonly taken that  vitamin C!   It is miraculous in so many ways.  I pray the best for you.
Yours because I'm His,    your Gypsy, (Nina)

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.From: Mary Smith
Subject: Peace  ~  Hi, I just found your website. This is my first time of browsing different crescendo links. I want you to know the peaceful, serene music and loving, kind, heartfelt words were a blessing to me.  Thank God there are God loving people on the Internet! You know, where God is, Peace is! ~ Hope to visit again soon! Marie

Hello Marie; 
This is quite delayed a response, but better late than never is
still true, I hope. Thank you for the appreciation and enjoyment you expressed. I hope that your "newness" has been a  pleasant undertaking and now you must be a real "pro" surfer!   It is such a pleasant, (but addicting) thing to do,  for with each click you find more to go to before you even look  around much and before you know it... hours have passed and it's   difficult to even remember where you began or what the initial
topic was that you wanted to explore - for it all looks so  interesting and you just click, click, click your way around the world.    Thank you for sharing your visit. Again, please forgive the lengthy time in responding while my site was so disabled - it is all working again, perhaps you will want to return and see the variety of things.
Yours because I'm His,   your Gypsy, (Nina)

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From: ~ You are the angel of my prayer!  

Dear Apache' ~  Thank you for the email which I was so delayed in visiting and responding to. The music was especially beautiful,  and the sentiment very sweet. It is truly wonderful how  we are all brought together and able to reach out to each  other in this new cyber-realm of communication. *S* ~ Yours because I'm His,  your Gypsy, (Nina)

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From: "C. Halstead"   ~ Subject: Eric
I read the articles on your site. What a tragic loss, I couldn't help but put my son in Eric place and for a moment I felt your pain. I know that your loss exceeds explanation with words.   I was wondering what the big object in the road was?   Your article doesn't say. It is not clear how the accident happened.    God bless you.  You are in my prayers.   I know that the Lord will give you peace as He is the peace giver. ~  Cliff Halstead
John 14:27 27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. (NIV)

Dear Cliff;   Thank you for writing to me and for your caring.   There is more information in another section of the website where I published the exchanges which took place between my chatroom-friends posted on our bulletin board. I was unable to actually go online into
the chatroom, but I received so much e-mail and phone calls that  I posted updates there so that all could know and I would not have  to try responding to individuals at that time when it took the utmost effort just to post one message to all.  ~  There was a house nearby which had installed central AC (heat-pump) and a spare eight foot roll of the insulating material, fiberglass backed by shiny metallic material, lay behind their house all year with other debris from the job. On the night it blew into the path  of Erics' car, it was very windy and lightly raining.   It had blown to the side of the road at the front of the house where passersby  had seen it earlier in the evening.   No doubt, Eric and his friends
passed it themselves on their way into town.   Having laid out in the back yard so long, the thin wire  which bound this roll of material was rusty (and thereby, weakened). When it blew into the  path of the car, and contact was made, the material burst open all at once - the wire wrapped itself under the car and was tightly wound around the right axle. The car was rear wheel drive and this, combined with the material which was partly under the cars' tires at that point of impact, and the shiny metallic material caught, at first, on the front bumper and covered the windshield and drivers' side of the car. (I spoke with an eyewitness who was passenger in the car behind  Eric when it happened, and she described to me that the windows were entirely covered until the car, which spun around with the wheel locked as it was, left the road and hit the tree sideways, at which time, the
silver material blew off and away. The wire and part of the material which clung to it, is depicted in one of the photos and the accident investigator is holding it up for the picture he took when he went to  the lot where we had the car taken afterward..... Firebird.
The third picture shows the material - If you have not already seen this part of Erics' story and the message I published - you will see the house, the building materials and the spot where the insulation lay all year.  If you have not seen the pictures, you may not want to-
for they are very graphic and difficult for any parent to see.   I have the message up to let others know that such a simple danger, easily overlooked, can end a lifetime of a young mans' dreams and work... and most of all, a relationship so precious and irreplaceable as one mothers' only son.   Due to the small diameter but sturdy nature of the tree (Hickory) - it acted much like a splitting maul and the car was bent nearly in two (the weight of the engine actually wrapping it around the tree). Eric died instantly, without even one sound of pain... this is testified to by his best friend, Noel, who was in the seat behind Eric and upon impact, the seat lay right back with Eric almost in Noels' lap. Noel thought that he was unconscious. In just a few minutes, an off-duty deputy came  upon the scene and got Noel out of the car. The other Eric was thrown  from the car - the seat belt ripped straight across in what seemed to all of us to be an impossible occurrence... but it probably saved `that'  Erics' life.    So that is how it happened on that April night in one brief and bizarre
happenstance that changed our lives forever and ended all the brilliant and talented promise of a gifted young man.    It is my prayer that each person who sees such an object will do what they can to remove it and  prevent another life or lives from being lost to carelessness with unsecured materials left for so long a time (or for any time at all).
Yours because I'm His,   Your Gypsy (Nina)

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From: "cmck213"
Subject: so many
So many times we take leave of what is best for us....  Only HE knows what is in store for all of us. What a pieceful sight this and makes us remember all of HIS words and promises to us. ~ What a beautiful sight that you have.  The music is so wonderful! ~  I am new.   How do I get this to other people?

Hello "New"
*smiling*   A link you are wanting to share?  If so, you can copy the
address with a left click and highlight of address (URL) as you hold  your finger down on the left mouse-button and slide the cursor over  the address . When it is highlighted, you click the right mouse button and when the little box opens, you choose copy, and then you
`paste' it into a message in e-mail of a document you are writing or  whatever. ~ The front "page" of my site is already here below my name.   Also you may prefer to use the "Master Index " page which is `clickable' at the bottom of each and every page of my entire site (over 350 URLs and a wide variety of topics)  ~ Looks like you are finding your way around okay anyway.   Keep traveling.  Hope I provided some help for you,
Yours because I'm His,  Your GYPSY, (Nina)

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