From: "E. MILLER" Subject: your page
I really like your web pages. It's refreshing to see some humor go from page to page, and with romance too! You've really captured it all. ~ tiger

Tiger; I appreciate your sharing your response with me. Thank you, God Bless & keep you.... Yours because I'm His, your GYPSY, (Nina)

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June and Jeff Neil Subject: guestbook
I have really enjoyed my visit to your site. I have laughed with you, and I have cried with you. I have spent about 1-1/2 hours with you and must commend you on the work you have done, and the combination of subjects. But mostly I applaud your bravery in creating your tribute to your son. It is magnificent.
God Bless You

Dear June and Jeff: I sincerely appreciate every one of you who reach back to me and help me to find solace and purpose in my grief. It means, and it does.... so much more than words could convey... God Blesses me through dear ones like you! Hope you will come again - the site just keeps growing! *S* Thank you..... Yours because I'm His, Your GYPSY, (Nina)

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Subject: My Gypsy
Hi Nina, How are you and Brandi doing today? I haven't sent you a follow up of my personals because I can't remember where I left off. I have been posting to a Senior Singles group and they are all of the same mind as me . We all think that you are a fantastic, wonderful lady whose magical fingers are guided by God.I hope that you and Brandi have a beautiful day. {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}
Your Friend in the Lord ~ Donald

Subject: Re: My Gypsy ~
Hello Donald; I never asked you - are you called Donald? Or Don. Or any other nickname? Or is it Donald you like best. Our server broke down on Thursday - and what a mess I have to go through with accumulated e-mail! We are in and now running back out for a quick car wash and then I think I might as well put the cover over it now that the surgery is so near and I've not been driving anyway. Doctor doesn't want me doing much of anything on my feet so that the inflammation will cool-down. But I figure ..... those two months or so off of them will be plentyof cooling-down! *WDYT?* ~ *grin* Anyway - I bought a cover since it won't be getting out and about - and that will keep the dust and whatever-all off of it until I can drive again. We live on a dirt road. (Really out in the country!) If you know of others who have not posted to the guestbook - encourage them to do so - for it is also encouraging to others to share and communicate and heal... would you please? I am going to try and learn how to post to newsgroups tomorrow when my ~techi~ comes to spend a Sunday with us and get me all set up on my great laptop! Would you send me the name and address again for the one you post to? When I tried it when you sent it before - I couldn't get in! Rob is going to try it with me tomorrow. He is the one I thank on the very first page of the URL site - the one who helped me to learn and grow skillful enough to do the site. He is like a son - we call me his GYPSY-Mom-Nina. Thanks for the contact - we like hearing from you. Brandi hasn't even checked her box since Wednesday. She has begun to get some e-mail... but she's wanting SOOooooo much to get a few pen-pals (children)... Maybe soon.... I'm thinking that Bobs' mother, (from the guestbook exchanges...) must have gone on home, *PTL!* and he must be busy with all the aftermath of that with family and friends and all .... We need to keep him in prayer.... Well - better get out of here - it's getting late! Brandi is wanting a Burger King childrens' meal & milkshake! We don't do that often! So off we go now! Love and hugs for our {{{{{{{Donald}}}}}}} >From Your GYPSY, (Nina) and Miss Brandi

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From: Lori Duncan
Subject: Re: Your beautiful work....
Nina, I am so glad you are enjoying my site! Even if it is slow for you! You wouldn't believe how many times I've had to divide and then divide again my poor pages! I just keep coming up with more and more stuff! I can't help myself, I'm outta control.......! Oh, well. I have found a niche and a ministry, and on and on it goes. Whatever I can do to reach others! My site starts out with a *warning* for those with *slower* computers, poor things! ;-), and have had very few complaints, but I think they are just being nice! hehe, since I love doing art, I am afraid the pages will always be a bit like molasses in January!*sigh*! I am so sorry to hear of your loss of your son. I know somewhat of your grief. I have not lost a child, but the loss of my nephew, Jason, still brings a heavy ache to my heart each time I think of him. I dedicated my missing children's page to him. He died in a horrible car crash as well. It didn't have to happen. The driver, allegedly drunk, would not allow the two *late* victims drive, and they were both in the back seat, unbelted! And after traveling in excess of 100 miles per hour, they rolled and the rest of the story is, that now the young man who drove, barely a scratch, roams this earth, living his life, unpunished. Jasons' parents, have not pursued the investigation. I think maybe they want to forget, and allow this young man to never forget what he did. I can't say what I would do if it were my child, but I pray that this experience is enough for anyone's lifetime. Jason was only 17, and was killed the day before Thanksgiving, 1994. What a lovely picture, such beautiful scenery! It will take me a while to get through your whole site, I am looking forward to it! Thanks for letting me know about it! Well, need to start supper! God bless ya, and thanks for introducing yourself! In His service, Lori
Lori's Angel Page-Get Inspired!
Winging my way into your heart!

Dear Lori; Thanks for the ~~~wave back~~~~~~ - YES you sure do wings with heart! I hope everyone will go and see your outstanding work and will write to you too! Nice to talk to you again! More later, I'm sure!
Hugs {{{{{{{Lori}}}}}}}
Yours because I'm His... Your GYPSY, (Nina)

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From: "Jane Morton" Subject: Hello
Hello, I have enjoyed your site so very much. I have laughed and cried and felt a touch of the Master's hand. I was feeling very sad and lonely today but your site has uplifted me. Thank you for sharing with me. God bless you, Jane

Thank you Jane... for your contact and sharing with me. Over a thousand have come - (I do not care for public counters) but less than 10% have stopped to contact me! and of those who do write - a great many do not wish to be public... sad to say. For I feel that every one of us who are speaking here, are ministering spirits to many who are greatly benefitted by the sharing and compassionate contact and realization that "The great big world out there really does care!" and..."We do not suffer or walk alone!" I am so thankful that you were one of the minority group! *s* Thank you. I appreciate every single soul who crosses my path and stops to share a while! I am so glad that you took time to see the variety of content - for I sometimes felt that perhaps it was pretty imbalanced with the pain - but that is just ~where I am~ at this point......., still. But it isn't ALL that I am (or all that my life is). One of the things about grieving - is that I have often felt a bit guilty about the depth of it and my transparency of dealing with it - fearing that my friends and beloveds would begin to think that I didn't care as much about them - or that they were less important. I believe that I was sensitive to that and we have handled it pretty well so that I could be healthy and unstifled. The site I'm creating, and the memorializing of Eric and his work - have helped so very much.  It is like my time here is time with Eric (most of it) and the rest of my life is here around me *IRL*   ~   Hope you will continue to visit - as I'm always at work on it and it keeps growing and growing!  *S*   Thanks again, I appreciate you!
Hugs - {{{{{{{Jane}}}}}}} from Your GYPSY, (Nina)

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From: Bob Beets Subject: Mom
Nina, I have just returned home from being all night with mom. This morning at 5:50 she went on to be with the Lord. I was there and felt her last heartbeats.I walked out side for a moment and noticed the new day beginning, the roosters crowing and Sunday morning coming down.
It was like Easter. Now, I'm not sure how I feel. I'm not sure if I should even try to preach this morning. Just keep me in your prayers at this time of ..??? -Bob-

My Dear Brother-in-the-Lord, Bob; What a beautiful way to have felt when you thought of it as Easter,for your mother, for it is! You and your family will be in our prayers even more constantly today and in these next days ahead as you all come together in the ceremonial closures that will be taking place. I am so glad that you were able to be right there with her in her last moments. That must be a rather peaceful letting go.... I thank God that you were not away or asleep or in another room. It must have been somewhat like walking her to the threshold in your spirit? The next few days will be busy and there is a kind of pain-anesthesia in that. The quietness that comes when the tasks are all done - is when the loss seems to be felt the most.... Please keep in touch with us when that time comes. We will be here and caring and wanting to comfort and help in any way we can. I'm sure you know all of that, having just gone through this last year with your Dads' passing. They are together again now. Love and special hugs for you (((((((Bob))))))) Write anytime and I will check my mail more often this next week, so I won't be far away.
Yours because I'm His, ~ Nina
Bob - Thank you SO very much for letting us know right away! It is very thoughtful of you to do that for us who have been keeping a spiritual vigil with you. Forgive my omission of that expression of gratitude in the previous message!
Love in Christ, Nina

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From: Wm A George Organization: JJB & Co.
Subject: Thank God! Hello! I do not have words enough to express what seeing your site has done for me! I too love Jesus with all that is in me! I too have a web site devoted to the Lord. If perchance you visit it and want to know abit more about me check out "a caught fish" The entire New Testament is on-line now (KJV) and Christmas Eve we will post the Old Testament making the entire KJV available for all to see and use whenever they choose to. I would very much like to put a link to your page on the Fishermen's Knot but will not do so until I hear from you that I have your permission to do so! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your strength with me! ####################
"....lean not to thine own understanding...." Proverbs 3:5-6

Dear George: Thank you for sharing with me, your response to the page and also your links. Hope to hear from you again. Yours because I'm His, Nina


Subject: Thinking of you and your family...<to Bob Beets>
Dear Bob.... You have been in my heart and prayers. Wanted to send along this portion of my funeral/memorial service which I have composed for the time when I leave my family and go home.... I thought that perhaps you might also find comfort in some of it - for I composed it to comfort and strengthen my own loved ones at that time.... excerpted from my file prepared and recorded for the family...
In Memorial service, PLEASE READ; (in the order given).
The first part of this is from an old 17th century letter of unknown origin - the second part is my own farewell. I would like these words to be read to those who gather or mourn when I transcend -
To my Beloved Family and Friends;
is nothing at all. I've only slipped away into the next room. I am I, and you are you. Whatever we were to each other, That we are still. Let me remind you that life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was. There is absolutely unbroken continuity. What is this death - but a negligible passing from Here to There... Why should I be out of mind because I'm out of sight? I am but waiting for you, for an interval....  Somewhere very near, just around the corner.... All is well.
personal addition by Nina.....
*** At last! I am mortal no more! And when I have passed on from your earthly presence - do not prolong the pain of parting - for There, we will meet again. Do not celebrate death with suffering and saying "She has died".... No! No! .....Please, please say (for me)..... "She has Lived! She has Loved! She is Loving still!" Make that what you recall when you think of me! That you were and Are my beloved ones.... and Love - lives with you Always! I will be with you as long as you want and keep me!
Go Rest High Upon That Mountain (by Vince Gill)
* Enya Music *
(theme song from "The Titanic")

Psalms 1 (all)
Psalms 93 (all)
Psalms 95 Verses 1 - 8
Psalms 17 Verses 1 - 8 and also - verse 15
Psalms 27 Verses - 1, 4, 5, 8, 10, 13, 14:

1) The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?
4) One thing have I desired of the Lord, that I will seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.   To behold the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in His temple.
5) For in the time of trouble He shall hide me in His pavilion; In the secret of His Tabernacle shall He hide me; He shall set me up upon a rock.
8) When Thou saidst, "Seek ye My Face"My heart said unto Thee, Thy Face, Lord, will I seek.
10) When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.
13) I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
14) Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.
Psalm 31 Verses - 1, 5, 24
In Thee Lord do I put my trust; let me never be ashamed:  deliver me in Thy righteousness.
Into Thy hand I commit my spirit: Thou hast redeemed me, O Lord, God of truth.
Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.
As the ashes are about to be released.....
Ecclesiastes 12: 7
Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.
And let everyone say Amen as it is carried out according to His word.
Hope to hear from you soon and know that all is well...
Yours because I'm His , Your GYPSY, (Nina)

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From: Subject: moved by your dedication I don't really know how to start this off, so I'll just say how I came about to your website. I stumbled upon it while doing research for my Vietnam War essay for my English class. I found it on one of those net searches. I decided to go to the home page link that was listed on the bottom of the Vietnam Veteran interview Eric wrote. Tears actually clouded my eyes as I read about the dedication you wrote about your son. I am only 15, and don't know what to say really. I didn't know Eric or you, but please know that the website you have made truly moved me. ~ Sincerely, Mindy Kang

Hello Mindy, How very sweet and caring of you to share your response with me. That is a blessing and comfort to know that you came and stayed to visit. I hope that you will return some time and share more of it, for it is a variety of offerings. It began as part of my way of dealing with grief and the despair that comes of losing a soulmate (also the pride of our entire family!) Not knowing how far you went into the site, since you were on an educational journey at the time - I might mention that Erics' most beloved subject was Emglish and that now the award given at his college (FERRUM, in Virginia) is permanently named after him. He would have been astounded at such an honor! There is so much negative publicity about the use of the internet - and I am glad whenever good comes of it - such as your educational pursuit! I LOVE to learn and research here... and now, in these days and months (and years to come) ..... have found much pleasure, healing, restoration and even joy sometimes. Thank you, Mindy for being a part of that healing and joy. I am raising one of my nine grandchildren, Brandi. She has her own section at the site and you may enjoy her little *on-line* journal.... here is a direct link to her Miss Brandi    ~   Also - in case you return and would like to use a simpler, more complete list of the direct links in the Master Index table I recently designed for that purpose....  I hope that you found plenty of great material in your search. Just in case you didn't come across this one - here is one of my `Patriotic-site' favorites and you may want to go there if you haven't already..... <PRAIRIE RIDGE>
'Prairie Ridge' contains information on:
* America *  The American Legion  *   American Legion Moore Post 184 *
* Veteran Service Organizations and Military Web Sites  *  The United States Flag  *  Citizens Flag Alliance  *  POW/MIA Tribute  *  Books and Screenplays Written by Veterans  *  Patriotic Poetry  *   Real Audio <Red Skelton', John Wayne, Johnny Cash, & Tex Ritter>  * The American Veterans' Collection, Vietnam Veterans' Ring  *   5 Star Midi Music Collections  *  America's Missing Children  *  Great Site Links  *  Guestbook *

and a great deal more... ~ I wish you well on your work & research. Write again if you would like to.   Hugs for you {{{{{{{Mindy}}}}}}}
 From Your GYPSY, (Nina)

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From: Raj Roy 
Subject: Webpage
Dear Nina, How are you? Well through Dave I was able to hear about the wonderful webpage you set up for Baker (Eric). I don't know what to say except for thank you for sharing your son with us.  Thanks to modern technology we are all able to now stay in touch, and I am glad that I have your e-mail address as well.   The page is really beautiful, it's obvious that you spent a lot of time to make it as perfect as it is, but it was worth every minute. It's strange to think that it has been now over a year and a half, but it seems that we have all somehow managed to get back on our feet, however, in our minds it is still like it all happened just yesterday. Well, instead of dwelling in the past and wondering why such a good friend was lost, I have come to terms in dealing with how lucky I was to have met such a great person, and what an honor it was to be able to spend four years together with him. I learned a lot, not only about music, literature, film, poetry, but also about the facts of life. I know that I can say that Baker made my four years at Ferrum the most valuable and unforgetable years of my life. Not only did he share his family with me, mine being so far away, but he also was ready to listen to my problems and share his time wth me. I am glad that I got to meet you Nina, and the rest of the family, and to have gotten such a precious insight into his life and where he grew up. I miss him a lot, there is no doubt about that, he was one of the few people who I could really open up to, and share my feelings and concerns with. There are very few people who could listen and give advice as he could. I just believe that wherever he is he is happy and has no troubles anymore. As said before, he is one of the best friends I ever made in my life and that is only a group of one other person. I am just glad that know we can now read more about his work, which previously he was always so reluctant to show. His true talents have finally been released for all of us to see, and for that I am once again grateful. Dear Nina, I hope that you are keeping well.... and if you get some time please write back and keep me informed........thanks again for the page.....yours affectionately, Noel

~ My dear, Dear Noel; How wonderful it was to hear from you! I just can't say how much it means to me! I was hoping all last winter that you would be coming back to visit with us. I think it would have been good for us both! Do you suppose you might do it one day anyway? *smile* Eric would VERY-much approve! *grin* Thank you for your support of the page and appreciation of the work I've put into it too. It is, as yet, only about 1/2 done - for there is much to be published of Erics' work yet. Plus, I'm also working on a real-life (non-cyber materials) book as well. I hope that the FIREBIRD section was not too difficult for you (If indeed, you went into that section) - but I'm sure that you, as I, know that Eric would feel that
something should come of such a tragic and senseless loss in the consequence of simple carelessness and neglect. It was the MOST difficult part of the production to do! For I had to do all the graphic work (which I am pretty talented at dealing with) in making the best of the pictures and their presentation to speak the message primarily in picture form, bringing a message that will not be soon forgotten by anyone who sees it, I hope. I am looking into a future CD video-production of the entire page when it is complete - for many, many people do not connect to the internet - but they could view it on their ordinary computers. L-A-T-E-R though, much later. I spent sometimes 12 to 15 hours per day, (with all the interruptions for real-life responsibilities in-between).  When I hurt or am melancholy enough - I stay up all night with it. But it is a kind of therapy that has something to offer to others from it... so that good comes of the bad that we cannot change but must simple work our way through. I will be writing a lot more to you, Noel! And I SOOoooo want to hear all about YOU! And your brother, and mother and all the family! In the tradition established between Eric and you (as well as others )- thought I'd mention that there is a movie that he would have thought was *Totally Awesome*.... it's called "Sling Blade"... Try to see it. Great movie... incredibly written, filmed acted and produced!!! It's about dinner time - will write to you again tomorrow. *BTW* - may I post your e-mail on his page? Noel Burke just found out two weeks ago, that Eric was killed, when he contacted the college to get out phone number and address! He wrote me a most beautiful and touching letter. I hope to post it there in the next few days... Please write soon, my ~other son~!
Love from, your GYPSY-mom..... (Nina)

Raj Roy Subject: Re: Webpage
Dear Nina, Well, lovely to hear from you again. It seems to some extent that your pain has been comforted by the words and feeling of others. The webpage has a calm, peaceful atmosphere to it and although I was overwhelmed with emotions that I previously had suppressed, I knew it was good to see what others felt. Being able to share with others is the best way to express yourself as well as find comfort I think. Anyway, I was even more pleased about the quick response. You will have to excuse me taking a few days to answer to your message, but at the end of the day I just seem to have a few hours to eat dinner and watch some tv. Thus, once the weekend comes I am back on the comp. Well tomorrow is a public holiday and that's why I am writing today. Well in June I was able to find a position as a trainee in a German pharmaceuticals company an hour away form home. After a six month period of waiting and numerous unsuccesful applications, I finally got this position, and I am enjoying every minute of it. I have a two year program after which I will have integrated into the organization. My brother transferred schools and is now at UNC, Chapel Hill, it is a much bigger school, and it is the first time he is alone, but he seems to have adjusted and one of his best friends from highschool goes to Duke, so he's not alone. Ferrum unfortunately did not offer a good computer major and thus my brother felt he had to change. My mother is doing fine although was recently hard hit by the death of her father. She still is suffering although she has come to terms with the reality. Currently her work as a kingarden teacher keeps her occupied and of course that helps a lot too. Other than that she doing fine and of course, also asked about how you were doing, actually I think she will probably write to you some time. It meant a lot to her to meet you, Nina, and I am also glad, that she met the mother of my best friend, and a person who opened her home to me during the breaks and treats me like a "son". It was unfortunate, that I wasn't able to make it up to you, Fall semester, but I hope to be coming to the States next year to visit my brother and I will then definitely make it up to Woodstock. It means a lot too me that you see me as your other "son", Nina, and iam glad to have felt your warmth and hospitality, being in a foreign land wasn't easy for me but it was peoplelike you and Baker who offered me a home and a family to go to that made me feel at home, and also gave my parents the peace of mind that I was being taken care off. Well, I hope to hear from you again Nina, please also convey my greetings to Peach, and take care of yourself..... yours affectionately, Noel

Hello again, Noel; So good to hear from you and especially to hear that you like what you are doing and where your life is going! *smile* I had asked about posting your ~tribute~ to Erics' memory in the section I am working on right now - ~Tributes~ May I? And if there are any special memories, cute, interesting, unique, heartwarming... whatever... would you send them along and I will make a composition by you? Did your injury from the accident leave any lasting effects? *I hope not*. In a bit of a rush today, will write more again... but please do let me know about the tribute... would you? By the way... did you enjoy the section on Erics' baptism? Perhaps you haven't done the entire page yet? It IS quite large - over a hundred pages so far! And.... did you click on that ~DON'T CLICK HERE, WHATEVER YOU DO~ section on the front page? If so - did you enjoy the music and special effects? Did you laugh? I know that Eric would have LOVED it! *grin*
Love and hugs from, Your GYPSY-mom, (Nina)

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From: ~ Subject: Nicholas

Dear Sister, Please pray for Nicholas. He is struggling in school as he has a learning disability. He wants to do well in Chemistry...please ask God to help him. Sharon

Dear Sharon; My prayers lifted for Nicholas included much heartfelt thanks to Him for loving and providing for Nicholas so well! For I see that God has already provided for him YOU,.... a mother who obviously loves him so very much that she has sought prayer on his behalf... Being the parent of a *Challenged* child most of my life, has well taught me that is a blessing indeed. It brings about such wonderful character and strength! And truly, every challenged child I have ever known - excels far beyond his peers in some areas... so I think of him as a *chosen one* for particular gifts meant to have greater development of those gifts than a person whose mind has what others think of as *Normal*. It is like the mind is divided up into eight portions for some, six for others... some are four and some..... so unkindly termed (*Idiot Savants*) might have only one talent which emerges and astounds all who witness the greatness of that talent. These special children are also living and loving testimonials of Gods' love and presence.... His grace, love and power made manifest in the purest of vessels - a child! So rejoice, my dear Sharon - for you have been chosen..... and given, by our Omnipotent Father, a most special gift. I am sure that you also know/feel the special bond which forms with that child in your hearts. Ahhhh... yes.... you must have been a very special one for Him to bless and choose you to parent such a child! Thank you for sharing your trust in me, a stranger, to intercede for your Nicholas, (and all of you, as I have)...and your trust in God to provide for you. He is! And I am yours, because I am His... {{{{{{{Sharon and Nicholas}}}}}}}
Your GYPSY, (Nina)

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From: annie5 ~ Subject: In & Out

Hi. I was just browsing to find another web page that I could try my crescendo out's not playing sound and I was told to see if it would play on another web page...but it won't . I have bookmarked this page to come back to when I have some more time. Was just playing before it was time to head off for church.
Ann Folkner

{{{{{{{Annie}}}}}}} God works in most unique and wonderful ways to surprise, minister to, and delight us - does He not? *Smile!* ~ Nina

<>< <>< ><> ><>

From: Dj
Dearest Nina, With great difficulty I send you this e-mail. I was in such tears as I was reading through some of your Beautiful Tributes to your I ventured off to read of your Buffy. Half way through, I had to leave thecomputer. Went outside and sat with the 3 loyal little creatures that I'm so blessed to still have with me. After calming down I came back in to finish reading her story. There is so much more that you have shared that I still have left to see. Just wanted to stop and e-mail. To share mytears. They're all I can give. My life has only known the loss of Grandparents. I do not know your pain, but I felt it as I read your beautiful words. My arms reach out to you across the miles in hopes that you feel them as they give you the warmest and loving hugs. Reading about your thoughts on the coins.....I knew I couldn't continue on. I will go back later. For now, I hurt so deeply for you. Your words and thoughts have touched my heart. I shall hug my son when he comes in today remembering that no one can promise us tomorrow. Sincerely, Dj

Hello Dear One...How special to hear from you. Of all the visiting I have done anywhere - your cyber-home is, to date, the very nicest place I have ever been! I have sent my friends (My best friend Snicki sent me) there. I take Brandi and we just drink in the atmosphere and beauty until my soul fairly purrs with serenity and delight! Sometimes, as I go back and read my own words - I almost think it sounds like someone else - someone strong and brave and admirable.... yet -a lot of the time .......- I feel that I fall so short of that when the pain and the emptiness of Erics' leaving overwhelms me on occasion. I was feeling that way the first day I went to your pages- and you transported me from there to a more peaceful place of beauty and tranquility where my thoughts turned more toward the reunion with him yet to come and life everlasting and I did not feel so earthbound and careworn. So, again - thank you. You are a very beautiful young lady and even more than your physical beauty - is your spiritual beauty which touched me so soothingly. Thank you for sharing my pain and tragedy. Thank you most of all for expressing that it touched you in a positive way as you appreciate, a little more than usual, your time with your precious loved ones. I hope that you will find the ~Other~ portions of my site a bit more fun and uplifting.... It is an awfully large and varied site! Your title said, *Private message* .... may I not put you in the guestbook? I have many who prefer not and I have never questioned it - but in your case - you are so special to me that I would like to put our messages there to ensure that more of my visitors find you for sure! Also - your response has a special touch of grace and love to add.... may I? Our similarities have me to feel that I have a new *spiritual/soul daughter* here in this world! *RVBS* Very special hugs for {{{{{{{DJ}}}}}}}!!!! With great love from Your GYPSY, (Nina)

From: Dj ~ Subject: Good Morning
Nina, Didn't want you to think I was ignoring your e-mail. --- I have had you on my mind for several days now! Later when all the chores are done I'm planning on spending a relaxing evening visiting your other pages. Have pondered and pondered about you posting my e-mail. I have decided to leave that up to you if you want to post it or not. Now.... I'm off to do the chores of the day and hope yours is a Sparkling Bright one!!! Warm Hugs, Dj

My dear Dj: Thank you for permission to share you with the others! I hope that they will visit and receive the blessing of knowing you too! *S* I will be away from the computer for a few days - and am in a rush about last minute things that need doing before surgery and convelescence.... So will close with heartfelt thanks for you being you! With Love, From your GYPSY, (Nina)

"There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it." Edith Warten

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To RajRoy (Noel) ~ Subject: Where are U?
Hello Noel.... I've been so concerned when I didn't hear from you! Are you okay, son? Please write soon so I won't worry.... When I see you again - I have a very, very special gift which I am afraid to send in the mail... It has been waiting for you since last year when you were going to be coming down. I should have tried to get up there to see you, Noel... but it is really hard for me to face..... seeing that tree... going along that road... you know - I'm sure. I often thought how terrible it must have been for you to be there and have to go past it again and again! Tell me more about your work! Your plans! Your life! How are your parents - etc. etc. Love from and hug from, Your GYPSY-mom, (Nina)

Subject: Where are U?
Dear Nina, I apologize my period of silence, just been kinda of preoccupied the last few weeks. Well have been in the finance section the last few weeks, and although it was not one of my strong subjects at school, I seem to be doing fine....   I am also fine. This is all a new experience, especially as I m doing everything in another language, given that I have lived in this country for 12 yrs, there is still a difference between everyday German and business German. Oh well ,gradually I am getting the hang of it, but it just means I have to put in that little bit of extra effort. On the other hand, my fluency in English puts me at an advantage. So enough about me how are you? Your messages always seem to full of joy and life, it's always a pleasure to receive one. In terms of my `suprise', sounds exciting, but really not necessary, there is one special treasure that is on my shelf that Baker gave me in Christmas '95, a rookie M. Jordan baseball card.... that and my memories of him are more than enough! But nevertheless, if everything works out and I am in the US next year, we will be seeing each other anyway. The family is fine, my mom still wants to get around to writing to you, but after the passing away of her father in Aug. she is having a difficult time. She's much better now, but due to her previously only writing letters to her parents, this is a painful reminder for her every time she writes. Nevertheless, she always talks about the strength she gained from your presence and what a wonderful mother and person you are. I am glad that you were able to meet, even though it was so brief. Well, I am going to end here, but hope to hear from you and wish you well..take care...   yours affectionately, Noel :-)

My Dear Noel: What a relief, dear one.... I guess I felt some fear about the page possibly bothering you! Especially since I did that section on the Firebird. It was something that I chose to do rather than pursue any kind of lawsuit. I never have really understood the point of many of the ~Wrongful Death~ suits and awards. I DID, however, feel a pressing need to exhibit how a simple act such as the failure of those people to secure those leftover building materials which lay (until that fateful night) in the rear of their home, a hundred yards from where it blew into the path of the Firebird that night.... .......for an entire year. The friend (owner of the storefront where we leased our business location,) Bill Holtzman, paid $1,800 to a private investigation enterprise to have the accident thoroughly reconstructed and all the factors identified..... felt that I should turn the report over to a legal agency. But Eric was the most precious and beloved part of my life - and neither money or punitive action could restore his life - so I took it no further. I was very appreciative of his gift to have the report done... for it felt good to have Erics' integrity of character and driving skills (of which he was deservedly proud....)...proven beyond a doubt and laid out in a very complete booklet which examined and reported it all so well. It gave me a peace.... But when I didn't hear from you - I'd feared that you had a problem with it. I felt that the example and exhortation that now stands in that section - would be appreciated and approved of by Eric - for perhaps there will be many other lives or harmful events which may be avoided by that small pictorial tale being portrayed (with that intent) - brings something of value out of an otherwise senseless, unspeakably painful and tragic waste. Even if only one other - then the effort and emotional price of creating it - is worthwhile. I am so glad that it did not have a negative effect on you. I'd felt that you would see the value and importance of that section anyway. But if you did see it - I am sure that it was a most difficult experience too. The fact that you were safe and relatively unharmed - speaks loudly of Gods' hand in taking Eric home where their relationship could be at last restored for eternity (which had been adversely effected by mortal men - but Eric was sealed and belonged to God - and there is much to be said of the mercy of Eric being taken home to his Heavenly Father and out of a world where he suffered much and in the near future would have suffered even more pain and adversity in the blindness that we `kind-of' knew was to come.... Also.... There would have been no way that a spirit as deep and sensitive as Erics' - could ever have lived with the agony of what he would have felt if he had survived and either you or Eric C. had been killed! In many ways - Eric was too ~Fine~ for this world which he saw stark and real and walked a stranger therein.... He died with a special kind of innocence which was never torn from him by having to bend to compromises that life would have pressed him severely to resist! That is one of the good things I see in his leaving so soon. He was of such integrity and intellectual greatness that the world would never- ever have been comfortable for him! Thank you for the ~strokes~ ... they felt good...   and I too, am so glad that we are in contact with each other. I don't know if you read what I put up from your letter to him in the Iron Blade - or the one to me shortly afterward.... I hope that you approve - and that if you are uncomfortable with it - you will let me know. I would also like to publish that one I asked you about when you viewed his page and wrote to me... May I? There is a scripture by which I base my reaching out to others in this time and experience... It is
2Corinthians 1: verse 3 & 4.....   Better close - time for dinner. Oh... and the gift that I have for you is the one thing that you requested and I had such attachment for myself - I want you to have the Lone Ranger. If I sent it in any sort of shipping... there is the remote possibility of its' being lost - and it could never be replaced - and so I want to put it from my hands directly into yours to be sure that you have it. In going through his things - I discovered that there was a second one among his collection of action figures. Having already given Jon the music - I wanted you to have the Lone Ranger - for I felt that Eric would like that too. Facing (November 11th) the longest and most difficult of the series of surgeries which I have had to undergo.. (this being the last, I hope)... I made it known that if anything should happen to me - it is my desire that you have this - so it IS yours..... Until next mail - I remain... your ~other-mom~, (Nina) and am sending hugs {{{{{{{Raj/Noel}}}}}}} and love along too. *S*

From: Raj Roy Subject: Hi!
Dear Nina, Well once again time has flown by and youre probably wondering,    why the delay, well this time it's due to my computer. It had to go to the workshop. Iam currently using the old one, but it needed a monitor which I just recently bought, but I am back on-line now. I don't know what to say, about your gift, except that I know how much you treasured it. I am glad you found a second one, and I hope that is the one you are keeping for me and not the original.......I could not, especially knowing how precious it is to you, accept it. The Lone Ranger was the first thing that came to mind when you asked me what I wanted, because I was so used to sitting next to him in the backseat of ~the bird~. The fact that it was there that day as well was what makes it even more important to me. However, I think it means more to you then me because I do not know the history. I am more than grateful for the pictures you sent me and the memories that I have, and nothing for me is more precious than these. Actually, strangely enough, last summer here, (I can't quite remember the situation ) I found a Batman figure, and although it was not Bakers, I felt... because of his love for Batman I should keep it....... so I have that figure........strange.... But Nina, I will accept the SECOND Lone Ranger, and can't wait to then see hopefully next year...... About my previous e-mails, yes you can post what ever you think fit for your webpage, I would actually feel honored to be on your page. Well, I will end here, hoping that all is well with you, and that you are keeping well. I am fine here, although not looking forward to the winter. So herewith , I remain, and hope to hear from you soon..... yours affectionately, Noel :-)

My dear, Dear Noel ~ Thank you for permission to share here.!!! It is so very special (and somewhat rare!) when people can/will communicate about their feelings about a lost loved one they share! Often - (sad to say, I have learned first-hand) it is too uncomfortable for most and that is so tragic and painful, for that is like having your loved one die over and over again. It is such a joy to remember the good and cherish all that they were and can remain being to you if you keep them in your heart, minds, lives and inter-relationships around you. Surgery is Tuesday - so I will be a few days away (in hospital) and don't know how soon I will be up to using the computer (casts on both feet! -
and will be in bed a lot with them elevated due to the subsequent swelling) ... But I have a laptop and will be on-line wherever I am! *G* ~ Say hello to your mom for me! I have been praying for her. Sorry to be so brief tonight........
I love you, son........ (((((((RajRoy))))))) Your GYPSY-Mom, (Nina)

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From: "Lorraine D. James" ~ Subject: Your Web Page
I cannot express my thanks to you for creating such a wonderful web I got there I have no idea. But I must say that the songs and the verses have really encouraged me. My favourite prayer is "Where Are You Lord". I have bookmarked your page and told my friends about it.
Thank you so much and God Bless You.
Lorraine James ~

Dear Lorraine;
It always blesses and strengthens me to hear that our site has blessed others. Thank you for letting me know that you were here and received a blessing from it! Thank you for blessing me too. In case you did not discover the Master Index, I am sending along the link for you to use when/if you return.
Hugs {{{{{{{Lorraine}}}}}}}
Yours because I'm His, Your GYPSY, (Nina)

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From: (Sheila D)
Subject: Website
Your site...your tribute to wonderful. I am in tears of joy, celebration of a life and sadness. Seeing your tribute to this human your son...has brought memories of a lost Soul Mate to me mind on this evening....feelings of loss and love.....sadness and joy of just having him. Tributes such as yours will only imprint more, needed love in the hearts of humanity. I share your sorrow.....but.... I also share you joy in having such a loved one in your life. Sheila...apologizing for sig line... tis easier to send than go back and delete sign line first....sorry ~ Visit Your Angel Swap Info Page at

Subject: Re: Website ~
Dear Sheila; Thank you for your compassionate sharing of Erics' life and mine. I hope that you will return and share more of the lives of my family at the site. I don't know if you discovered the "Master Index" - so am including it here for you to use as an easier way to overlook the contents and click on the links to tour what interests you. <From here you can scan and link to the entire site and contents in a simpler/easier form>
You were a blessing to me today! Hugs - {{{{{{{Sheila}}}}}}}
Yours because I'm His, Your GYPSY, (Nina)

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From: Brenda Robinson
Hi Brandi, My name is Brenda I am Kayla's mother We just sent you a e-mail and Kayla forgot to sign her name. We are very concerned about Cameron also. My father is her Grandfather and he showed us Cameron's picture and his story. Needless to say as I read it and looked at that beautiful face tears streamed down my face. We are praying for him too. I think things will turn out o.k. for him. I am really glad you and Kayla have become friends. You are a very special beautiful child too, you have a big loving heart and are truly amazing to me. I wish I had your courage and understanding at times. You are a very good person someone that I look up too. I also think you have a beautiful voice, my dad showed me your picture and you singing Jesus Loves me ..... I was having a bad day that day and you made my heart Sooo Happy. You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Your Mommy is a pretty amazing person as well.... she has lots of courage and compassion for others. I hope she is doing better now. I am going to go for now so you can rest your eyes. Sorry so long but I have been meaning to write you for some time now.
Love, Brenda ~ Have A Great Day

Hello Brenda; I am Brandis' grandmother (though she calls me mommy), and I wanted to let you know that we didn't check Brandis' mail this week. School nights just don't leave much time for the computer - especially when she has a little homework eachnight. So we just now checked her mail and found yours and Kaylas' messages. We worked all day on her page and finally updating it for the first time in almost 2 months. What a job - especially since we set up pages for regular e-mail (which your message will be on tomorrow) and separate ones for her special penpals Chrysta and Kayla. *grin* ~~~ Kept us busy all day! Thank you for writing and for your compliments (strokes! *s*)
Waving ~~~~~~~~~~~~Bye~~~~~~~~ for now,
Yours because I'm His, Your GYPSY, (Nina)

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From: Bernice A Ralls ~ Subject: Thank you
It is after midnight but a friend sent your site to me so I decided to take a brief peek. It is a beautiful way to end my day and prepare for my last prayer of the day. I have only viewed a small portion of it but will be back to enjoy the entire text. Thank you for putting spiritual beauty on the net.........Bernice

Hello Bernice; Thank you for your response and affirmation. I do hope you will return and visit more - it is more of a Life-Museum than a ~Site~ or ~Homepage~..... *S* Write again if you have a chance.

Yours because I'm His, Your GYPSY, (Nina)

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From: "June A. Johnson" ~ Subject: Thank you
Hello Nina! Look carefully at the line above, peel away a corner of it and you will see some sparkling rainbows! Just for you! Your site is just so very lovely! Right now I am printing the section about prayer - a copy for myself and other copies for friends whom I keep in touch with via snail mail. There are many things to read here - and receive inspiration - and stimulation to just "be free". It is truly wonderful that you are finding comfort in the Lord. He never leaves us and all we have to do is to extend our hand. This is hard to remember at times when we face a loss like you did, lossing Eric. I am so sorry - I reach out to you with my heart! Most of my life I have always believed I must have a bevy of guardian angels. But several months ago I began to feel that Jesus was holding me by the hand! What a marvelous thing!!! Perhaps it was a sermon at church. Last October I had a cerebral hemorrage. For many weeks I really lived in a fog. From the day it happened - and during the surgery - which only 1 out of 3 live - and for two weeks in ICU Jesus kept holding my hand - although I didn't know what was happening or where I was. Occasionally I would ask my husband - he would tell me, I would go back to sleep only to wake up and ask the same questions.There are only 20 surgeons in the entire USA who can do the type of surgery I required. Two happen to be in Miami, only a few miles away. They do not call what they did surgery. They put tubes in thru my groins and somehow put platinum coils into the burst anuerysm and also the ones around it. Amazing! A miracle! No matter what the doctors call it, it was surgery in my mind. Jesus held firmly to my hand and those angel wings must have been fluttering dust away before it could settle! During all the scans etc they also found another anuerysm in my right forehead. Of course it could not be reached during the first surgery. So on February 5 I will be having more brain surgery, having my skull cut this time.   My doctors are mystified and a bit annoyed that I am not afraid and do not worry. My family doctor is very disturbed as he thinks I do not realize the levity of my situation in October. He said the first scan they sent to him looked like the scan of a dead person. He can't fathom my inner peace. Some of my friends understand but others just don't. My feeling of security is something that can not be explained - if someone doesn't "get it" - then they never will. Or shall we pray that someday they will? Out on the Net I saw a line that stayed with me. "When I wake up in the morning and the Lord is with me, as He always is, I know there isn't anything the two of us together can't tackle!" Somehow it seems to me that to worry is an insult to the Lord. If we do not trust in Him and just not know we are safely in His hands - then something is wrong. Does this make sense to you? Oh, before quitting - let me tell you I am 63 - a grandmother and in a couple of months will become a great grandmother!!! Hey! And I am only 63 - but a child at heart. The child in me is well and alive!!! I have been disabled for about 11 years, but my spirit is not dampened. The child in me is thriving. My curiosity only seems to grow - life seems to get more and more exciting! One of these days I hope to try out my new rollerblades! Honest!!! Although it was difficult to leave my successful career as a Systems Analyst - then in few years not be able to drive, then other inconveniences - well somehow I kept going and only smile more and joke more and be happy more. Oh, how could I omit - pray more!!! So this email is loaded with lots of big warm hugs, lots of sunshine and rainbows! The next time you go outside - look around and listen carefully. You will hear the trees, the bushes and the sky whispering, "June is sending you love!". hehehehe But most importantly, so is the Lord!
I will include you in my prayers, Nina. ~ Love, June

My dear Sister-in-The-Lord; Your message was so wonderful to read through! I saw MANY similarities between us! Right now, Brandi and I are quite ill with this flu epidemic, Her third day and my *almost day* - It's been trying to overtake me since yesterday.... BUT as mothers do... we have to wait our *Turn* with the illnesses we are nursing in our children! *S* I will write more again when I am up to it, dear one, for I would like to share about our similarities. Meanwhile, I will just say that I, Like you, found that perfect trust which returns us to childlike innocence and security in all circumstances. For me, it occurred in 1993 - and how glad I am that it was 3 years prior to Erics' death... for it is the only way that I could have lived through it and see that for Eric, it was a wonderful thing to go and be with Him so soon. I am feverish and just unable to write more now - but promise to do so later. Hope you will explore our whole Museum of Life (AKA - Homepage) and write to me again! You may like using the Master Index better than the Front door.... it is here...   I am praising God for the ministering sweet spirit that you are! And for sending you to cross paths with me... *smiling*
Yours because I'm His, Love and hugs {{{{{{{June}}}}}}}
From your GYPSY, (Nina)
*Refining fires purify gold*

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Writerfem Subject: Congratulations!
Hi Nina! Your web page is one of the most wonderful I have ever seen. Wisdom, depth, good taste, warmth... Your work is a generous gift. Thank you,
Lucia Huelamo

Hello Lucia,
Thank you for visiting us, and for sharing your thoughts and opinions with me. And for those great strokes! *S* I really do appreciate hearing from visitors.
Yours because I'm His, Your GYPSY, (Nina)

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Sender: Raj Roy
Dear Nina, How are you? Well once again I visited the new pages and although I still haven't gotten through it all, it still amazes me how much time and effort must have gone in the production of these wonderful pages. I must say I am sure Eric would have flabbergasted. It's great to have everything at one spot that one can always look up. Well, over here life has been a little busy. The last few weeks I spent in our companys' warehouse, which meant actual physical labor which is a difference to the usual office work, but oh well I must say that one really appreciates the work the do. So in February I will be back in at the Headquarters. My brother is back in the US continuing with his studies and otherwise the family is keeping fine. I do wish the weather was better. I hope you are all keeping fine, and that all is well. Well, Nina, when you get some time again please dont hesitate to write. ~ yours affectionately, noel

Good Morning ~Other Son~;
Hope the holidays were nice with all of you together? (Of course they were!) Brandi came down with the terrible flu which has reached epidemic proportions here.   I thought that I was going to sail through it - but on the 6th day - I too was down with fever and all-over-pain which only the FLU can do to one (well, one could get run over by a train or Mac truck and suffer that way too!) *giggle*, but I would much prefer to skip all such experience! I am at the tail-end of it now and this is the first day that I'm expecting (hoping) to be out of the bed more than in it!  Did I tell you, Noel, that Jon (Erics' lifelong best-friend) had another son about 8 months after Eric was killed, and he named him after Eric? Jon brought me, on Christmas Eve, a framed picture of himself and Eric on graduation day... Jons' parents had taken the picture and he had this one made for me, knowing that it was one I'd never seen. How I treasure every picture now! The two of them are so elated - eyes twinkling with their achievement and "FREEDOM, AT LAST"! Eric is giving his Siskel&Ebert "two thumbs-up" sign which you will remember that he loved to do! *G* Thank you for really making my day with your compliments which include venturing as to what Eric would also feel (which I count highly, as the two of you were so closely bonded). It was a most thoughtful thing to give to me, knowing that my ~mother-heart~ would be so thrilled to hear and think those thoughts that Eric `might-have' had. That is what has already placed you in the ~Son-circle~ of my heart where Eric (and also Jon) dwells forever. For you know me not only as a person, a friend, etc. - but as Erics' mother.... the title I guess I will always be proudest to wear.  Death is a wrenching and hurting thing - but it also has ts' kindness and mercy - and certainly, it is a precious thing to have a son who never bowed to the dictates or demands of a world which presses to exact compromise of the living who must survive!  I count this as no small prize which came of losing him from my present life. I'm pretty weak yet, dear One! So I will close for now. Besides, I want to add your message to the guestbook this time - for I love and want to share what you ~gave~ to me today! *RVBS!*
I love you, Noel ~ Your "Other-mom", (Nina)

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Subject: Hello Nina, I have sent your website to the Circle-Of-Friends today. We are a penpal, weight support group on line at   As voluntary administrator of the group I wanted to share this absolutely wonderful work you have done. I will send you a copy of the post to the group. We are always looking for things to share with others, and what you have placed here to share with the world, well I am speechless. Well maybe not, I plan to pass it on :-) God Bless You and I will come back again.bye now, Audree Hurlburt

Hi again, This is what I posted to the group.
Have a great day. Audree Hurlburt

Gypsy's Homepage
If you like homepages with lots of spiritual "stuff" it is. 50+ Member, Nina Baker has created a beautiful homepage for spiritual awareness and support in the loss of a loved one. When you drop in, be sure to sign the guest book. There are many types of inspiration here. It is a neat site if you care to look. I liked the one for the kids when scared or troubled with their "what if" questions.

Hello Audree; *S* Thank you for beginning my day with your "Hello", introduction, and appreciation of our site. It always blesses me to know who has come and that they received blessing, strength, enrichment, etc. for having been with us. Hope you will return again, and accept my most sincere gratitude for sharing the URL with others as well. The greatest joy and fulfillment in preparing a meal, is in observing the eating of it! *RVBG!* And just think.... NO CALORIES at all! *giggle&wink*
Yours because I'm His, Your GYPSY, (Nina)

And thanks for writing me back, the acknowlegement was nice to receive, and I am grateful for the banquet with no calories. LOL ~ and love the poem at the end.

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From: "Houk" ~ Subject: ABORTION
I think that abortion should be aginst the law!!! I am a teen parent and I have two kids of my own. Abortion has never crossed my mind and it never will. I think any one who thinks that there old enough to have sex then they should be old enough to have a baby! Also I enjoyed reading your poems If you write anymore please send me some if you have time.
Thank's - Michelle :-)

Hello Michelle; Hello and thank you for taking time to touch base with me. I always like hearing from our guests. I rejoice at your opinion about abortion, it is a thing that bothers me so very much and I always do all that I can to act on behalf of the innocent victims ~ I was a teen parent myself, 15 when my first child was born. It is fun to grow up with your children, and you have plenty of energy to have fun with your grandchildren (I have 9) as well. Since my oldest grandchild is 19, I may be a great-grandmother soon! *Wink* (MORE fun!) ~ I don't know if you saw my entire site - or just the abortion section so here is the Master index with a lot of topics, including prayer and my 8 year-old granddaughters' on-line journal and penpals.In case you didn't get around to the whole thing (which is more a life-museum than a "Site or URL" anymore),
Here is the address, MASTER INDEX
{{{{{{{Hugs Michelle}}}}}}}
Yours because I'm His, Your GYPSY, (Nina)

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This dear sister-in-the-Lord, June, ~ is presently recovering from another brain surgery. She would enjoy to hear form any of you who might want to drop her a line. I thank God for bringing her sweetness, encouragement and sunshine into my life which her communications always brighten!

From: "June A. Johnson"
Hello Nina, Although the day seems many hours old I see it is now only 8:30 am. My pain woke me up early and so have been out surfing for good music. Of course, the first visit for inspitational music was to my friend TheGypsy's site! Oh Nina, you are so special and I think God to have found you! Unfortunately now there is no alternative for me but to return to my bed. So while making my visit here I wanted to give you many hugs andmuch love. Smile! You bring me so many smiles, may I try to bring you some now and then? Meanwhile, pluck this tiny pansy for your computer screen to shed beauty and loveliness on you! hehehehe The color you see will come from your heart - the loveliness with be more of your non-ending love that will never stop blooming! You will never - NEVER know how many fresh, luscious and precious blooms you bring into the lives of others! I only have an honor to remind you of this! God loves you as do all your visible and invisible friends! Goodbye for only a minute - hehehehe altho you may not be aware of my presence in your life, I want to be there as I now know you are in mine! From another Child of God - June

Subject: Re: Blessed Sunday, Nina ~ To:
What a VERY sweet blessing to receive such a note from you, my dear sister/friend. Brandi and I keep your pain and healing in prayer.  She and I are very spiritually-praying partners together. She is an incredible child (angel) of God, made so in the only way diamonds are produced - through much weight/pain/disability and struggle to bear from her first hours of birth... and so it is that God has made Brandi a precious jewel for this world and I am privileged to share life with her! If you would like, I will send you more of our history of how God saw fit to bring us <my precious Brandi - seventh of nine grandchildren> into and through the journey of our life together here on earth - I doubt that I will ever make it public as other page content - but you, being who and what I discern you to be, who could praise Him even though our history is so tragically filled with trials and pain which might cause those without pure faith to QUESTION God.... You would see His greatness in "more of our history" When I do share about us - it seems hard to believe (even for me who has lived every minute of it) that so MUCH could happen to one person in one lifetime - but then, I am awestruck that God brings me miraculously through it victorious and ever more filled with trust and praise in spite of it all. I often see and relate to that same Holy Spirit which comes through your sharing and trials, dear June - and so if you would like more of our history, which I am working on a little at a time - I will send you what I have finished to date.... For you are among the few I have ever known who really sees Gods' sustaining strength in the trials and not Satans' afflictions of us.... as Victorious in our character-building which is always under construction at the hands of the Master! I love you June - and I rejoice at your sweetness of Spirit... You blessed me this rainy, cold and dreary-weathered day!
Thank you, dear one! {{{{{{{June}}}}}}}
Love, hugs and ongoing prayers for you from Your GYPSY, (Nina) & Brandi

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From: reddz
Here is rose....thinking of you...Ruth..(Reddz)

Hello, dear One! So nice to hear from you again! Over a year since we have seen each other face to face - but the memory stays as fresh in my mind as the rose looks to be in the lovely poster-picture you sent. I hope you don't mind that I put it on the guestbook of our URL so I could share it with ALL who come by and visit! It was so special! Thank you!
With love from, Your GYPSY, (Nina)

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NOTE....... to -> Bob Pendleton

Bob, I am working on my reply to you and will post your message and my response on divorce in the next day or so.... sorry to be late.... pressing things abound right now and I felt VERY led to send a message to you here. Meanwhile - know for certain that we are in prayer for you and for your situation, Hugs. {{{{{{{Bob}}}}}}}

From your GYPSY, (Nina)

From: Bob Pendleton
Subject: need pray over Divorce
Please pray for me concerning the pain I am suffering over my wife's action to divorce. Even though she is a commitment Christian, her unresolved abusive childhood has resulted in repeated emotional problems & behavior that has damaged our good marriage & caused great strife. Pray that I can get through the hurt & pain and finded some peace. Also,that God can heal her mind & emotions. Thanks!

Greetings, Bob; Sorry that I took so long to compose this answer.
I did pray immediately upon receipt of your request though.
Bob, I have personally wrestled with the subject of divorce myself. The first thing we must do is simply to pray and then wait on the Lord.... Psalm 46:10 quotes Gods' own words as "Be still and know that I am God". To me, that means to wait until He shows us the way He would have us choose. In whatever choice we make, He will be with us and ready to make the best of our circumstances whatever they turn out to be as we make that choice and set out upon the direction we choose. "But how long must we wait?" is usually the next question put to me in a discussion of this topic (and others as well).... and my answer is the same.... in all circumstances "Until you feel the supernatural peace that comes only from God, Himself.... and then you follow that heart inclination which you have lain before your Master....." When He sets you free, there will be no question or uncertainty remaining in your heart. You will know with a full assurance that He is in approval. " ~ UNTIL ~ that comes , do nothing at all except wait! Separation is a good way to discern how both of you feel... and you should be in prayer for/during this time too, for His will to be manifest in all your actions. When the time for divorce comes, you will know by the absolute absence of doubt remaining, that He has granted you peace and permissive will. No one has to defend or explain that peace, for it is beyond human understanding. It is imparted to us to know it, not necessarily to understand it. But you will not know it when it arrives unless you are very still and waiting on Him. I waited many, many years before that peace and subsequent freedom came to me. 
When the crossroads-time comes... There is one main question which we must ask ourselves first & foremost    Is my marriage serving God? ~ Or Satan Primarily you will find that answer in the same way that Christ taught us about discerning a member of The Body.... "By their fruits, ye shall know them." ~ Is the fruit of your union bitter? ~ Or sweet.  I would sum it up by saying that would be the test for any association or activity - what is the fruit of it? Oh, SOOOoo many people are living as though dead.... in homes where there is no longer love or unity. What example is that to our children and to the world which looks on. Did He not tell us that marriage is representative of Christ and the church? What then - is your marriage presenting/depicting? Fidelity? Unity? Love? Kindness? Caring? Devotion?     Honoring of vows and commitments?  For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and He is the Saviour of the body.  Ephesians 5:23.     ~   Is the husband of the marriage being as Christ is to the Church?   ~   Who does NOT know of marriages so destructive to all members of the family that lives are forever ruined and the parties to it spiritually crippled. And it doesn't stop there - lives, careers, even physical health all suffer in the crippling and destruction. When this is the fruit of the marriage, then that marriage is not good for any purpose except to serve Satans' aim to destroy and divorce is by far the lesser evil than the marriage.    ~   Did Christ uphold and teach the law, or spirit of the law?  There is often a vast difference between the two!   and then.....   There is legal matrimony and there is Holy matrimony.    If one considers it wrong to divorce ..... are they considering the spiritual or the legal sense of "wrong"? ~ For the laws of man are myriad and lenient in permitting divorce. But if it is a Holy matrimony, by that I mean that God is a part of that union, then the breaking of that Holy union would be wrong, I agree.... However, I have not seen a bitter  relationship which afforded God any residence within its bonds! If He is not present in that relationship - it will not serve His purpose for marriage and indeed, I would think that in His eyes, it is not a marriage at all - but a mere legal contract. Are you married in your hearts? Or in the law.... We all know that Satan loves to use good things to produce bad situations and evil outcome. ~ In that vein, *IMHO* this principle evolves.... When a temporary earthly situation, such as marriage, begins to produce spiritual damage, which is eternal....., it is time to end that marriage.   I will certainly be in prayer that the direction you take will allow God be in residence in every heart and in your lives.
Yours because I'm
His, Your GYPSY, (Nina)

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From: Vergara
Hi, This is a very nice definition of a what a prayer is and quite meaningful. And the song to listen to while reading, nice touch. It is a nice song and I wanted to know if you could please send me the author and title of the music that you used.    ~   Thank you. Victor Vergara

Hello Victor; The title of the music was listed at the bottom of the page - It is called, WE ARE AN OFFERING. I picked it up foraging the internet... I have many links on the LINKS page and from there you can click and go to the Christian Hymn links I used myself
Thank you for ~waving~ to us on your way through. *S*
Yours because I'm His, your GYPSY, (Nina)

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From: Sunny Barrett ~
Subject: Your beautiful website
Dear Nina: I have been browsing through your site for several days now. Your tribute and poem WHAT WAS IT LIKE really touched me. I had to take a break from reading I was crying so much. I too have lost loved ones. My Mother just passed away from ovarian cancer and my older sister and I were caring for her in her home. When she passed my sister and I held her in our arms and comforted her. I thank God it was a peaceful, quiet passing. I also lost a younger sister to a Doctor's careless treatment. That has been the most painful for me. I still have not recovered and it's been almost 9 years.I know she's happier with the Lord than she was in life, but I still miss her. I know I will be spending lots of time with you on your site. I know my loss in no way compares to losing a child but I was with my Mother as she suffered through the lost of Susan, her daughter. She never really recovered from it, as I know you never will, but she did continue living her life for her other 4 daughters. From reading about Eric and his wonderful nature I can only pray that he and Susan have met and are in God together. Know that God watches over you He knows your pain and will help you through it. ~ Your friend in God. ~ Sunny

Hello Sunny; Nice to hear from you! Thanks for signing into the guestbook too! So often, when people know us personally, they don't really think of doing that... and it is even nicer to have your *IRL* friends here too! *smile* Gee - didn't know all this about you - though we've even eaten dinner together a few times! Guess it isn't exactly dinner conversation - but it is comforting and strengthening to know that others have lived through the pain and loss and found ways to deal with it. Somehow, the sharing of it seems to help, don't you think? So, thank you dear friend, for sharing your own pain with all of us here! See you again at my parents before long, probably! *Smile* Or, - I guess the last meal we shared was the buffet at Pizza-Hut, MMmmmmm.... wasn't it! Ready to go again? *grin*    ~   Loving hugs {{{{{{{Sunny))))))) 
from Your GYPSY, (and friend, Nina)

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