From: "Carol Mahnke" <>
Hi Gypsy, I have just finished travelling through your pages...... what a great site you are going to have. Don't you just love using Publisher 97? I use it also, it's missing a few things but I am learning how to insert them..grin. Was good to see you back, hope you checked out the Pastor's Pages on the 50+ home page.

<>< <>< ><> ><>

From: rick and/or irene 
 Subject: incredible
I just visited your words...NONE...can describe my feelings. You write with such clarity...such power...could FEEL...hear...smell....... My own daughter Kelly died in April of unfortunately, in some ways, I can honestly say, "I know how you feel"...I was struck by the photos... what a lovely family you have! And the new baby... within him, pumps the blood, the genes, the very BEING of his ancestors...including his Uncle Erics! What a joy that must be! I must thank your friend Lili, for urging the sister of LOTH to visit...I am moved to my core. My best to you, and your family. Of course you may! <post this response on Erics' page> Those were words I sent to you...they are yours to do with as you wish!. ................irene

<>< <>< ><> ><>

From: Deborah Kalbe Subject: Your Web Site
Just wanted to write and say I've been to your web site today, and it is beautiful site indeed. Your writings are beautiful, you are truely gifted. You seem like a very special lady and I just had to write and tell you so. Bless you, Deborah Kalbe Re:posting response on Erics' page....-----> Thank you for the lovely e-mail. Of course you may use my e-mail message, choice #A is fine with me. I will be checking back to your lovely page often.

<>< <>< ><> ><>

From: JamClan ~ Subject: Your Website
Hi,............I visited your beautiful website and wanted to tell you that you have done a wonderful job. I really enjoyed my visit. I will return again. ~~~ I don't mind at all if you post my message. ~ God Bless
Anita {Southern Lady} ~ Ladies of the Heart

<>< <>< ><> ><>

From: Evelyn Piazza
Hi Nina..I have just been to your home page and felt the need to write you a few words. My heart goes out to you over the death of your son. I know that when you lose a child part of you dies with them. I have lost three sons. You never imagine your children going to heaven before you.    My prayers are with you always..Hugs..Cyber Grandma

<>< <>< ><> ><>

Dear Bill; It's been a while since I visited your page... It has grown! And I see that congratulations are in order too! *S* I shared with you, about a year ago, about my son Eric (being killed just before he graduated from college). You suggested that I put up a page too. I have finally accomplished that long sought-after goal! Would like to invite you (since you were my inspiration to me to go after the learning and development skills to do the project!) Come and to see what you started! *smile* I see that you are now playing Enya music! That was the musicI played at Erics funeral.  Evacuee is the one dearest and most painful to my heart. We both loved her music SOOoooo much. In fact - the last gift he gave me for Christmas of 1995, was her newest album - MEMORY OF THE TREES. I'm sending along Evacuee - as it is newly produced in midi form. If you don't know the words - they are on the Enya Lyrics link which I provide on my "links" page.     Thank you for then and now - keep up the good work. Heartfelt kinship,  From your gypsy, (Nina)

<>< <>< ><> ><>

From: "Bill Chadwick"
I definately remember you! It's good to hear from you Nina. I am so looking forward to seeing your page...... but you didn't put the address in your email message. hehehe .......... Perhaps you could add the URL to your email signature. Be sure to add it as follows so that it will appear in the message as an active link. That way folks can just click on the email message and it will takethem to the link. It's early and I can't listen to the midi yet. I have to tell you something that gave me goosebumps. The first time Brian heard Enya was on our way home from his first visit with the car. From that moment on he has been absolutely enchanted by her music. He now has three of her albums. Go figure.....a 12 year old that likes Enya? I mean.....I love the music.....but a 12 year old? Go figure! And now.....the connection here with you and Eric. What a smile! Thanks so much for the midi. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for writing to let me know. ~ Love & Peace, Bill........... "In this life we cannot do great things...... We can only do small things with great love." Mother Theresa. Bill Chadwick   ~ My homepage is a memorial to Michael. There is extensive info on grief there and great links to other sites on grief. Please check it out! ....... Online Grief Support Group: A warm and compassionate place... where we share the common bond of grief. A miracle in my life! 

I LOVE the Midi and I LOVE the page! You did a great job. I am going to put up a link be looking for it in my "Grief Resources" area. Take special care of YOU and thanks for writing. Let's stay in touch. ~~~   Love & Peace, Bill

Nina, ~~~~~ Just a quick note to let you know I put up the link to your page this morning. Good have a neat page. I am sure that Eric is VERY proud.
Love & Peace, Bill

<>< <>< ><> ><>

From: "Elizabeth Romedy"
Subject: Your Website
Dear Nina; .....I have just visited your website and am sitting here crying for you.   I had to stop and talk to me husband before writing to you. There will never be the right words to help you get through this extremely painful time in your life. Losing a loved one is a terrible burden to carry. Without going into my past, the one thing I do know is that God will not allow us a heavier burden than we can carry. My heart aches for you and your family. God and your angels will be with you always along with new friends on the internet. Keep that faith in God. He will help you in every time of need. Feel free to use my e-mail comments. They are from the heart. Love, Light, and Blessings ~ Elizabeth...... 

<>< <>< ><> ><>

Eric Of The Misty Blue Mountains
Name: Jerry Dreesen
Website: Ceramics: Poetry by Jerry Dreesen
From: Indiana ~ Comments: Nina has contructed here a significant gift to all who understand the loss of a loved one as well as those who wish to understand. She has given a loving tribute to her son and to life in general that she should be proud of. ~ Thanks, Gypsy

<>< <>< ><> ><>

Snicki-Lee ~ ~ From: Warren, Arkansas
Oh, My Gypsy, my dear friend! ~ Every time I visit your homepage, I see something new and wonderful and so, so touching. As you would wish, Eric becomes real on these pages to those of us who weren't privileged to know him as you and his friends did. Also, whether it is your wish or not, you, dear Nina, reveal yourself here, too. There are so many emotions packed into the site! You make me laugh, you make me cry, you make me pause and reflect -- you make me feel deeply. Just as your friendship has had such an impact on me, so your homepage stirs things inside me that I hadn't even realized were there. Love is to be found here, as is grief. Humor is coming out of the shadows. But FAITH is shining brightly. You are an inspiration to us all. Sharing your experiences and emotions, your faith, with us leaves each of us changed -- and changed for the better. In His service, you do a grand service to everyone who visits here, who takes the time to read and to think, who "experiences" all you have so graciously created and chosen to share. Thank you for what you have put here. Thank you for being my very dear friend. Thank you that this is a place I can return to often and leave refreshed, refined and renewed.
I Love You, Snicki-Lee

<>< <>< ><> ><>

From: "Linda M. Rimel" <>
Nina, Last October, with much doubt, I went online for the first time. Several days later, my daughter introduced me to a 'chat' room, and I became hooked. One of the first people that I met was Leona. What a blessing! Every day I get a 'funny' from her, and occasionally we actually correspond. Several times she has mentioned you, and I find it hard to believe that with her being a friend to both of us, that we have not 'met' sooner. Evidently, we weren't meant to meet sooner, but NOW! I sent Snick a funny day before yesterday that she responded to, and in turn, I responded back and shared a burden that I am carrying. Not near the burden that you have been carrying! I also shared with her that I like exploring other people's homepages, and she sent me yours. I live in the little town of Shenandoah, just across the mountain from you. I have a great love of the mountains, and when your mountain picture came up, it literally took my breath away. It was 'my' mountains! After reading all of your homepage, I can understand why I lost breath! My heart hurts for you, but no more than God must be hurting for you! I deeply admire your faith and love for your God! Through your homepage you have lightened my burden, and I feel sure that I will return again and again! Thank you for taking the time, and enduring the pain, to put these things in writing to help others like myself who need to know God's enduring love and to know that it is He who carries us through the valleys so that we can reach the mountaintop!

Linda Rimel aka gim-tutu

Reply to Linda ~ From:

Hello Linda; <snip> nice to receive your healing letter of love and compassion. Thank you for your feedback. I am finding that it is very healing personally, for me to hear from others. I hadn't really thought of that happening - I had two goals in mind - One - to keep Eric' writings alive and speaking... and - Two - to reach out to others who have to travel that same grief-path that death sets us upon.... The comfort and healing are surprise gifts that are coming to me and they are so welcome! I hope you will return to the page, for I will be redoing it continually. The next step is going to be to separate some of the lengthy or graphics-heavy pages - using descriptions, titles or thumbnail pictures which will be links to the full size if the visitor cares to click and go there. This will prevent such long load-ups (and give more opportunity for sharing a greater variety of midis on each page! *smile*) It DOES load much better after the initial visit! I know that the LINKS page is especially loaded down - and I'm not even finished getting them up there! Tedious job! *s* That will be the first of the separations. I'm working on a Childrens' page now - and their links will be reduced to just the one. Next will be Erics' entertainment reviews and selected poems of his (a very individualistic style that you will probably enjoy as we writers' do enjoy the work of others most when it is a unique style!) Right now though - I still have trouble working with his writings - I so LOVED his talent and skill and it is so very painful knowing that he ~could-have" said and done so much with his gifts!!!!! (I sometimes find it so overwhelming that I turn away from it and take a day or two off!) It will come though... I've been working on it 8 months...(Had to learn to DO it first! *S*) Hope to hear more from you. If you have your own page - will you send me the link please so I can visit? Eric was my baby... and closest soulmate. I am now raising one of my 9 grandchildren, Brandi. She too, was very close to her Uncle Eric. It is a special blessing that we haveshared his life and death.... She is a sweet comfort. Life is wonderful. God is great and awesome and I know that I will reunite with Eric in His presence... C-U-there, if not here! *Smile* Please keep in touch.... If your burden is something that I could share with you and possibly be of use to you and our Lord in your life, please do me the spiritual honor of letting me know. I know that I remain here because He has other plans for me before I'm called ~ home to be with Him forever.....I always desire to serve Him and minister to His children and the lost who don't know Him as their Savior. I am yours because I am His..... ~ Sincerely, Nina)

<>< <>< ><> ><>

From: Deborah Kalbe <>
Subject: Your Web Site

I just wanted to write and say I've been to your web site today, and it is beautiful site indeed. Your writings are beautiful, you are truely gifted. You seem like a very special lady and I just had to write and tell you so. I will be checking back to your lovely page often. *******
Bless you, Deborah Kalbe

<>< <>< ><> ><>

From: JamClan <>
Subject: Your Website
Hi, I visited your beautiful website and wanted to tell you that you have done a wonderful job. I really enjoyed my visit. I will return again. I don't mind at all if you post my message. God Bless ~
Anita {Southern Lady} Ladies of the Heart

<>< <>< ><> ><>

From: Lori Cox <> 
Hi, A friend of yours dropped us a line and asked us to visit your page. It is wonderful. I read it with tears in my eyes. You have made a wonderful memorial for Eric. I'm so sorry for your loss. ~ Sending HUGS, Lori

<>< <>< ><> ><>

From: "Lynne Newman" <>
Subject: Your pages, your beautiful tribute to Eric
Nina: Your pages are beautiful and touched my heart to the core. I wish you peace....Eric has found his. Thank you for the beautiful words, Enya and all the touches that make this space sacred. Warm wishes, Lynne

<>< <>< ><> ><>

From: Eva <>
Subject: Homepage
Nina Hi, my name is Eva I'm from Bluefield VA. I just want to say how sorry I am of your lost. But as hard as it is to lose a loved one we know that they are in peace now. I remember reading about the accident at Ferrum and it broke my heart then as it did when I read your pages. I will keep you and your family in my prayers and hope that one day you will find peace. If you need a friend to talk to drop me a line.

<>< <>< ><> ><>


<>< <>< ><> ><>

From: "R Baker" <> Subject: Home Page
Honey, The Webpage is really running smoothly tonight now that I have things configured right and it is such a pleasure to share these moments with you. You have done such a fantastic job and the background graphics and sounds couldn't have been chosen any better. I'm really proud of you. Thank you.

<>< <>< ><> ><>

GYPSY, I visited your new homepage. I just want you to know that I think your page is the most honest, sincere, homepage I have ever seen. Your page is strictly from the heart and soul. You are in my prayers, although I will only pray that God will continue to give you the stregnth and faith that he has blessed you with thus far. Your lost is the greatest of all losts and your pain is the greatest of all pains. Although I have not experienced the loss of a child and I pray I never will, I have experienced the loss of a sibling and lived through the pain and sorrow that loss brings. God Bless you.

<>< <>< ><> ><>

From: Rocky Lui <>
Hi Nina, You give me a peaceful mind, I like it ! Keep on this Good Work.. Best Regards, Rocky from Hong Kong

To: Rocky Lui
Thank you ~Rocky~. I am assuming that you are speaking of our homepage? If so - thank you very much for taking time to respond, it was kind and caring of you. Best to you and yours from.
~ Your GYPSY, (Nina)

<>< <>< ><> ><>

From: Denise <>
I am so sorry for your loss :( ~ You have done a wonderful job creating this journal. My heart goes out to you. Having faith in the Lord is the most important of all. I was surfing to bump into your site and looking forward to more. Thank you! some times we don't take the time to think of what we have now and appreciate it.

<>< <>< ><> ><>

From: ~ Subject: WOW
Great Place!! God Bless You

<>< <>< ><> ><>

From: Joe & Donna Hodson <>
Subject: Trying to Heal
Dear Nina, ~ Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful writings. On Feb. 4, 1997, my 25 year old daughter Kelda died less than 2 weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. I thank God that she did not have to suffer with it for a long time, although no one knows how long she actually was sick with it before it was diagnosed. I am struggling with my grief and with trying to go through the motions of day-to-day living. I read your words, prayed your prayers, ( and some of my own, also ), and listened to the beautiful music while I cried and cried tonight-- tears that needed to be shed; although one would think I had no more to cry. Thank you, thank you, for sharing your grief so that I and others like myself can find somecomfort. There is no grief like that of a parent who outlives one's child. I'm sure you must get lots of email but if you, or anyone else who reads this letter, cares to write back to me, I would certainly welcome the support and the sharing. Sometimes I feel so lost and alone. I search for some reason to keep on living. I would welcome death, but I am not suicidal. I believe in God and heaven and I will welcome when it is my time to go there. In the meantime, I do my best to be optimistic and find the good in life where ever I can.     ~   God bless you, ~ Donna

Good Morning Donna; (I'm on my way to bed!) I am always so touched and soothed in knowing that my grief and pain has some value to God in ministering to others who travel this particularly agonizing road of a parent surviving their child... and not only to our particular kind of grief - but to all kinds of grief! Kelda, what a unique and beautiful name. I'm sure that you, even as I - find comfort in knowing that she did not have to suffer through that disease that can sometimes kill in agonizingly slow torment of pain and suffering............. ~Oh, Donna, I ache for you! For I know how much I hurt still, and your would is even fresher... I am so glad that you found our site... and that you wrote to me.. every message is a healing comfort to both myself and the sender and to others who just quietly and alone... read what we write... Tonight, I have been up very late working with photos and getting Erics' Baptism published on the page... It wasn't up yet when you wrote to me. It was the day I had to finish the page with Erics' Firebird and the message I needed to bring in showing what and how it happened that he was killed so senselessly... To counteract the pain of what I went through to publish that - I did the baptism to pull myself back up from the depths that sometimes overwhelm me....I really need to get to bed, but wanted to let you know that I certainly care about your pain and loss, and very much about you. Please write whenever you would like - I will always respond... 
I am not a nameless face in the world... 
I am His, and because I am His, I am yours also...
Love in Christ and hugs {{{{{{{Donna}}}}}}}
From your GYPSY, (Nina)
Some people come into our lives and quickly go.
Some people move our soul to dance.
They awaken us to new understanding
with the passing whisper of their wisdom.
Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon.
They stay in our lives for awhile,
leave footprints on our hearts,
and we are never, ever the same.
Nancy White
Subject: Please post on your guest book - Public is fine
What a wonderful spirit filled page! Praise the Lord for your Living Witness to His Support through the worst of times. I felt such outrushing of sorrow and compassion when reading about Eric and then was thrilled to read his poems. You have truly proven that God is our Comfort and will see us through the worst of tragedies. These past two years, I lost one niece to death through an automobile accident, a father to terminal cancer (after caring for him for some time), my mother had to be placed in a nursing home and my daughter became pregnant out of wedlock, got on drugs and now has moved over 1000 miles away and abandoned young son and husband. But God has been my strength and defender. He is the Lord of all comfort. Yes, I cry and grieve but I know he is there. He is there in the middle of the night and I wake in tears. He is there when I just don't think I can take another thing. For those that mourn and hurt, I recomment Hannah Whitall Smith's book, The God of All Comfort. I'll be adding information about it to my home page. I hope to add a section to my daughter later, but the poem I wrote her when she was 15 is on my page under personal writings. I have also talked some about my Dad under the Heroes section. Please do visit my page. It's "Welcome to the White House"
Love and God give you the "peace that passeth all earthly understanding"   ~  Your Sister in Christ, Nancy White

<>< <>< ><> ><> ~ Subject: WOW
Great Place!! ~ God Bless You
root@localhost ~ Subject: wonderful page my soul is thrilled Please visit my page and if it is worthy, please add a link. God bless. Nancy White home page: Welcome to the White House

Okay Nancy - you are here! *S*

<>< <>< ><> ><>

The following is a giggling beginning to a new friendship! I have been very blessed in the following series of communications which came of such a strange ~beginning~ as we had! *smiles*

From: (DONALD Smith) ~ Subject: Very good site. I enjoyed your site . It is very funny . Good work. 
Keep it up.

Subject: Re: Very good site ~ To: DONALD Smith

Re: ---> You said, "I enjoyed your site . It is very funny. Good work. Keep it up." I wondered, which part ---> "Funny?" Did you review the whole site?
Your GYPSY, (Nina)

To: ~ Subject: Re: Very good site ~
I am sorry if I have offended you . The part with the frogs is what I thought was funny. No I did not go to all parts of the site. I was interrupted by a phone call and did not go through all of it. I should have specified what part that I thought was funny. Again my apologies.

Subject: Re: Very good site
Dear Donald.... No offense - I was pretty sure that was what you meant! It's just that there are some people in the world that are better blocked out of your incoming mail. Just wanted to be sure that YOU were not one of those though I was pretty sure you weren't. Very sweet of you to get right back to me. I appreciate it and your thoughtfulness in contacting me at all! a better place for everybody! *G* ~ Your GYPSY, (Nina)

Subject: Re: Very good site
Hi, This is Donald again. Dear dear Lady you have been able to do something that I have been trying to do for the past five years. I have been trying to compose this message for quite a few hours since I received your reply. I am a 58 year old grandparent who lost the elder of my two granddaughters on her ninth birthday to meningitis that struck almost over night. I know that we are put upon this earth for an allotted time that is preordained. It is not for us to question the works of the Lord as we are sheep and He is the Shepherd . The one thing that continues to disturb me is that a group of people came around to my sons' home and pointed out in their bible that my granddaughter was not in Heaven as we had told my remaining granddaughter, but only a pile of ashes. Now she wakes at night crying because she is afraid that when she reaches the same age that she will die and become just a pile of ashes. I don't think a person that believes that has a right to do such a thing to a three year old child. It has been years since I became so choked up inside as when I went through your beautiful tribute to Eric. I have put it in my favorites file so I can go back to it as often as I like. I hope that some day I can also create a site to Rachel as you have to Eric. May the Lord Bless you and Keep. A friend, Donald

Subject: Re: Very good site
Hello again Donald.... How very sad and terrible an experience for you all! I know a bit of how that must have felt .... for Eric had tick-fever when he was about 8 - and they thought it was meningitis at the time. I remember very well - the agony of the spinal tap too! For he was crying and I was crying even harder! We were in Quarantine in the hospital and it was really touch-and-go for a while and during that week - we didn't even know exactly what we were dealing with - for the tests take time to come back.... He was so very sick! To watch a child get sick and die in todays' modern technology must surely be a torture difficult to fully describe! I am sorry to hear of your pain even five years later! <excerpted here> In any case, I pray for healing for all concerned and I ache with you for your little one who has gone on ahead and awaits your reunion... It is so hard to be left behind here..... I know.....
Love and hugs from ~ Your GYPSY, (Nina)

Subject: Re:Rachel ~ Hi Nina, It still hurts deeply to talk about Rachel but our Reverand says that it is all a part of the Healing process so I attempt to do it ... <ex....> Rachel was struck down by Mengeococcle Menengitis. This is carried by germ that gets into the air by a carrier. The carrier doesn't necessarily have the disease but is only a carrier. Someone who has been around a person that does have it. It is highly contagous but only a few actually catch it. She happened to be one of the unlucky ones. A young girl that was in her class at school had a younger sister that did have it was the carrier in this instance. I was called to the school on Thursday to pick her up because she had a fever. I brought her home and kept checking her temperature all that evening but it was only 99 degrees and went down to normal that day. She went to school the next day and was as playful as ever. That night her temperature jumped to 102 and we rushed her to the ER. The doctor said it was only a virus that was going around and for us to take her home. During the night she began throwing up and her bodily functions gave away. My Son called the rescue squad but by the time they arrived she was gone, This is difficult but I will do the best I can at relating it. Stephanie (her sister ) was immediately hospitalized although they didn't know what had killed Rachel. Tests were run for everything imaginable and she was declared ok but still under constant observation for a week. They didn't find what it was until the autopsy. All close family members and her classmates were given antibiotics just in case. Nina ,This is as far as I can go into this today but I will continue as I am able. Your Friend , Donald

Subject: Re: Re:Rachel ~ Hugs for you, dear friend.... {{{{{{{Donald}}}}}}}....
I think it is good that you can talk about it at last. Would you like me to share your story as you tell it - with others? I will set up a page for your Rachels' story if you like. Sometimes it is just such a sharing which gets imformation out to others who may be helped in a future such case....? At any rate - I am your servent if you wish me to do that. I have read it to my Brandi (the 7 year-old grandchild I am raising). Her best friend, now moved away, was named Rachel.
It is a beautiful name, and her Rachel is a very sweet young lady too... Just write as you feel like it. <exc......>..... Take care and remember who Rachel is with now, and where she is - and think about whether you would actually want her returned to this life? I would not call Eric back from there! How I long for my own ~homecoming~ day! It is for that which we are learning cherish so dearly! Tenderly caring for you.... your GYPSY, (Nina)

Hi Nina, Believe it or not this is my third attempt of the day at writing. The previous ones I read, Reread and erased. Yes I would like very much to have these posted in the hope that it might help someone else. The only thing that I would ask is that you change the name in case either of my sons were to see it I don't know how they would react to it. Neither can even talk about her . <excerpts...> On this type of menningitis, one who is infected with it breaks out in a rash and causes bruising around the neck, under the arms and their privates. Due to the total ignorance of the EMS and authorities it was believed that she had been molested. The truth only came out at the autopsy. In all cases of menningitis the DHEC is to be alerted and all doctors and hospitals are to be put on alert. The classmates' sisters' doctor said that dhec had been alerted but a secretary had misplaced the files. They said that the secretary had been "Reprimanded". If it had been caught in time all classmates, including Rachel would have been given the vaccine and I would still have two Granddaughters. According to DHEC we were among the "ACCEPTABLE " casualties..... If I live to be 100 I will never understand that ..... I have always thought even one would not be Acceptable...... <excerpts......> Take Care, ........Donald

Good evening Don... I'm just here for a few minutes - Brandi and I both have a ~back-to-school~ bug or the flu - don't know which - but she's been pretty sick since late yesterday afternoon. We thought at first it was just asthma - but it turned out to be a bronchial-thing which even I have begun to exhibit! Been a long day - but think the worst is over. I'm heading off for bed now - but just checked in on my mail and found your message here so I wanted to ~~~wave~~~ at you and send along hugs {{{{{{{Donald}}}}}}} until tomorrow. Will be thinking of how to do the page for Rachel. Will not use her name, as you requested.... But will have something in a few days. I still have a LOT to do in the sections already begun and the ones planned to put up! I thought I would put a bit of your e-mail on the guestbook section and then link from there to her story ? Just feel a bit confused about how to do it without using her name... and was wondering if you might want to reconsider and let it be in her honor and perhaps it might even reach your family members in a surprisingly good way.... might help them to deal with the reality and relate to a positive aspect of it all... which aspect is in all things.... The Bible exhorts us to turn and comfort others with the comfort ~wherewith~ we have been comforted ourselves.... I am thinking that I will have to use some symbol - like a small angel when referring to her - as I can't seem to feel right about using fictitious name... Would that be acceptable with you? Now, I was thinking how wonderful it would be for the others to see that you are able to speak of her.... To avoid doing so seems to be a more tragic ~death~ than that which separated her spirit from its' earthly habitation! Rachel lives on with each of you as much as you will all allow her to.
Goodnight from, Your GYPSY, (Nina)

Subject: Rachel ~ Hi Nina, I think that you should forget about what I said about leaving Rachels' name out of it. I also think that you are right about it helping both of the boys by seeing it. Rachel will always be in our minds and hearts as long as we live. Nothing could Change that. You asked that if I could ,Would I bring her back. As hard as it is to say, NO. I think that THE LORD wanted her and it would not be my place to defy HIM. This is a cruel and evil world in which we live and I think that she is better off than most of us .Your Friend, Donald

My dear Friend: Donald I want to say here - that I feel so very wonderful about your decision to allow Rachels' story to be told right here! Who knows what may be accomplished through that testimony and sharing of the circumstances? I see that a miracle has already taken place, Donald.... in you yourself - in your being able to come out at last and bring her back into your own life and also into the hearts and loves of many of us who would never have known her except for this time and place right here where you have brought her to us. So I thank our Father for the miracle in you and for all the miracles that come through all of us sharing and uniting our feelings and thoughts as is possible in this way! ~ Thank you, {{{{{{{Donald}}}}}}}! Brandi and I are doing well here now. Had lots of prayers on our behalf, we are SO blessed! Just wanted to drop you a note and ask that you review the Guestbook and see if you approve of how I edited and posted our e-mails... I think it became a truly beautiful unfolding and developing as it happened.... But if you are uncomfortable with it - or any part of it - I will remove it at once. I kept our more personal, friendship portions private... Please let me know... Okay? Love and hugs
from Your GYPSY-friend, (Nina)

Re: Hello Dear Friend! Hi Nina, I am glad that you and Brandi are feeling better. I have been trying to respond all day but this "poor mans computer" webtv hasn't been cooperating very much. Yes Ma'am I do approve of the way you have done the editing on my country boy vocabulary and made it come out perfect. You truly have the guidance from above to be able to create the page as you have done, I could not have come close if I had tried a hundred years. You have created a testimonial that comes alive as you read it. Nina you are a brilliant Lady with a talent as I have seldom seen before. You truly have the guidance of THE LORD in your magical fingers. From the letters that I have read, I am not the only one who thinks so. All That I can say is Thank You Thank You Thank You.... Your Friend ~ Donald

Dear Donald; Thank YOU, dear friend.... for you have blessed me in many ways - now even this GLOWING praise has me ~purring~ (who ever gets TOO much appreciation!?!) *grins* And to think... how oddly we began and beautifully we have turned out! *RVBG!* ~ Love and hugs {{{{{{{Donald}}}}}}}

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