What is Prayer?
(By Nina Baker, April 2, 1994 )


To `pray' to God, is to express our concern AND
offering ourselves willingly to be used to meet the needs of the concern at hand if God so chooses or desires to do so.

Jesus commanded Lazarus to come forth, but told the
people to remove the graveclothes so that he would be free.

Are we to believe that God will act to save a crop
or heal the sick `at our request' yet has not compassion enough to save a child from a brutal molestation, abuse, neglect, torture, murder.... except as we petition Him to do so?

When we were commanded to pray for one another -
we were commanded in doing so, to care for and 
minister to the needs of one another.

Prayer keeps those people and needs on our mind and
is a reminder to serve.

Are we to pray and leave all to Him - doing nothing more ourselves? 
Did He not teach us that it is not sufficient to `wish a brother well' when we can provide for his needs as we see or know them to be?

As we communicate a need 
through a chain of prayers, Or simply and quietly on our own... God is able to speak to open hearts and choose among those who are presenting themselves as concerned..... because to really pray, is to present oneself to Him as an instrument of love, service and healing.

We are to be Living Prayers.   
An attitude of continuous prayer in Spirit is to be available at all times to receive instructions, directions and supernatural power in a moments' notice.

Prayer is communion with God.     
As His servants/messengers, we are ever ready for His service.

The most perfect of prayer is praise.

To sincerely praise Him when things look so terrible,
is re-affirmation of your TRUST in Him!.....   Trust so perfect that even in the very worst of circumstances - you know with perfect assurance that 
He is fulfilling His promise to be with us and to use all things for good.

When we can do this - not by discipline,
but by absolute sincerity of assuredness of His love....
We know what it is to pray a believers' prayer...

Remember ~ Prayer is not just something we do, it is something we are

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