(written by Nina Roberta Baker at age twenty ~ 1963)

Dear God, I was a child myself,
when You made me a mother.
You must have deemed me worthy though,
for soon there was another.
They are the gifts You gave to me,
The life You chose me live.
I offer You their souls and mine,
The gift I hope to give.
Our souls are not the perfect gift
That we would have them be,
But thanks to Christ our Savior,
Through Him we're pure to Thee
I want their life to be in You
My children, God, are Yours
Please aid me Lord... I'll do my best
To lead them to Your shores
In humility, I beg You
To guide me on my way
To raise my children in Your flock
And help them never stray
Oh hear my plea... direct my path
Lend me Your helping hand
That I may always do what's right
And all lifes' trials withstand
Engage my mind, my heart, my life
In what Your will designs
Support me when I will be weak
Help me through trying times
Give me wisdom that I may speak
With a true and pleasant tongue
Grant me sufficient peace of mind
That I never come unstrung
Satisfied, with what I have
As I humbly strive for more
Let today be filled with contentment
And tomorrow, even more
I ask all this not just for me
But for my children too
That they follow in my path
Their lives designed by You
And last of all, I thank You for
My confidence in You.
For if You had not given this,
Whom else could I turn to?



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