large see-through glass bowl (or mix-n-store type container)
small clear glass
pitcher of water

This demonstration (for Brandi) was to show her
how it isn't the great big things
that drag us down and fill us with despair ...
allowing Satan to take control and ownership over us.
It begins so small - and little by little,
insidious and relentless, it continues on and on....

It all began one day
when I had had to tell my 7 year-old, Brandi,
not to scatter her activities in the small footpath of the dining room,
between the front and the kitchen doorways...
an area about ten foot long, three foot wide.

A bookcase runs the length of that area too,
and in the bookcase are many fun things besides the books they contain.
There are puzzles, activity & sound books, novelties, games... etc. etc.
This is why it is so tempting to remove something and then
immediately sit right down there and begin to use/enjoy it.
But the area (and our entire house), is so small - that there isn't even
a way around that path.... one has to step over objects on the floor
or wait until the path is cleared. Sometimes... someone,
(namely, and most often... that someone is Me!)
gets hurt in attempting to step over or tiptoe through the objects & activities.
We were going through one of those periodic ~rounds of rebellion
that childhood (of all ages!) brings about..... so a lot of my pleading,
discussing and exhortation had been going in one ear and out the other
with little of influence or effect enroute.
I was feeling pretty exasperated with her this day,
and after venting my frustration and irritation in a not-so-patient
explanation of how and why she should comply with my repeated requests
that she not continue doing this......
I was suddenly struck with the idea of this lesson of the Raging sea & Satan,
upon which our spirit must sail through its' earthbound existence.
I knew that I needed to get through to her how all the
little things that we do,
each of them seeming, at the time, so small .......when cumulative,
eventually have the power to sink even the largest ship!

"Brandi," I said, "when you disobey authority....
you begin to give Satan control over you... just a little bit at a time.
Every `disobedience' is another little piece of you that Satan owns.
Every sin begets more sin if it is unrepented.
Gods' Spirit wants to bring us to repentance so that you continue to belong to God.
Jesus sent the Spirit to be with us when He went back home to be with His Father.
He told us that the Spirit would be with us, would comfort us,
and exhort us... bringing us
to, and keeping us in His righteousness.
Conviction, I told her, is when we recognize we are wrong.
Sometimes we call this our conscience.
Gods' Spirit speaks to our spirit and reminds us
that obedience and respect for authority
is the very most important thing that God would like us to do.!!!!
When we feel bad about something we are convicted about, we want to stop it.
That is the power of conviction to bring us to repentance.
Repentance means to be very sorry for something, wanting to be forgiven,
and then to stop doing it. When we do this - (become convicted and repent)
the damage to our ~vessel~ where it is taking on water and would sink,
begins to undergo repair and soon we are floating again!

"I want to help you to understand all this..." I told her,
"so let's go into the kitchen and I will try to help you see how it works. "

"Our spirits, Brandi - are like a boat."
I cupped my hands together to represent such a vessel (Like the Ark).
Outside of this vessel, there are the raging flood-waters (evil)
which want to fill us and take us down inside its depths.
But God fills us with His spirit, love, joy etc. etc. -
and then there is no room for evil in there.

I filled a two quart glass measuring container.
I held up, (then handed to her), a small ( 4 ounce) juice glass.
I explained that the glass represents our spirit which, just like the glass,
is our ~container~ for God inside of us.
We are in a raging sea which wants to consume us...
the sea is Satan and the world.
The water in the large container represents that sea.
I set the glass into the water and it bobbed around floating.
"The reason it floats, is because it is filled with air held by the glass,
and our spirit (the glass itself) won't let the water (evil) get in to fill us .
If a boat gets a hole in it - water begins to seep in!
Satan comes along with sins which he uses like sharp arrows,
and he tries to poke holes in our spirit with sin
which pierces us and makes holes in our spirit- (vessel)
which holds God and all that He pours into us (love, joy, peace, strength).
The holes allow water to seep into our vessel a little bit at a time.
[I poured some water into the juice glass floating in the container]
We both observed that as I trickled water into the glass - it sank lower and lower.
I lifted the glass from the water in which it floated - "Look Brandi,
remember when air [God ] filled the whole glass and it floated so high?
And it was safe to be in the water? (raging sea of sin and destruction).....
But now, look what is happening....water is filling up the space
and there is less room for God in there - and the glass is sinking!
I replaced the glass into the container,
then continued to trickle more water into it and the glass continued to sink.
"And you know what else, Brandi?
This vessel is in great danger even though it is still floating!
Because there isn't much room for God in there anymore,
and it is so heavy now that sin is filling it up, it is not safe at all!
If something should happen ..............
if I bump into this container and the water moves the glass around -
it will tilt and be filled completely with the water all at once!
[which I demonstrated by jiggling the container,]
whereupon the glass did indeed take in water,
dropping with a ~clink~ to the bottom of the container!
And that is how Satan and sin work.....
That was because there was so little air inside that glass to keep it safe!
(The same way Gods' spirit in us, keeps us safe too!)
I emptied the water out of the glass,
then replaced it in the container where it floated high again.
I moved the container every which way... but it remained afloat.
You see, Brandi,.... this is why we have to be vigilant
and keep our vessel safe from the water (sin) coming in!
We never know when something might happen and
we will sink if we are not strong enough (filled with God) in our spirit.
So even though we think we can be okay with SOME sin in us,
- we have to remember that where the sin dwells - God is not there... Satan is.
I showed her that sins can seem very small - like single drops of water from a dropper.
It wouldn't seem possible that just one drop would make any difference -
but drop after drop begins to accumulate soon enough....
and something unexpected can come along too,
when we are heavy and sinking with sin, and suddenly, we could sink~!

Also - as Satan pokes holes in our vessel [spirit] -
whatever God pours into us -
and He is Always pouring out His spirit into us -
the holes let it flow right back out into that raging sea....
[I held the sieve over the container,
dipped the glass in and poured water into the sieve...
faster and faster I scooped it up and poured it ~in~
but we could see it running right back out......
This is what happens with Gods' love and power!
He is always pouring it out into us - "But look... "
I showed her the inside of the sieve,
"Where is it? Where did it go? How much stays inside?
The more holes in our spirit, or the larger the holes - the less of Him we can contain!
He never stops pouring out His love and provisions for us - but sometimes.....
become unable to hold any of it in our leaking vessel like this sieve.

This, then, is how rebellion and sin destroy us.
Just one tiny little hole at a time - until we have no place to keep God within.
Every time we listen to Satan, or do what he wills for us to do....
another little hole comes into our spirit!
The raging sea of sin and destruction seeps into us
and pretty soon, when we get too much water in our vessel,
or something unexpected comes along.....
then we begin to sink.....

Little holes........
every unkind thing we say or do,
every small disobedience or rebellious deed....
each one has it's effect. We are more and more in danger....
And we will surely, surely, sink.....


First draft by Nina Roberta Baker ~June, 1997

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