by Nina Baker April 7, 1995

Speaking of flowers... This years' incredibly delightful Pansies,  which I planted in the fall of 94,  have set me to thinking as I observe the magical nature of those delicate yet most durable of flowers!   They began to bloom in February and on many mornings, I've found them frozen and limp, only to see them standing up and proudly displaying themselves in all their glory by afternoon!  I don't see how it can be possible for them to do that in one day!  They look all soggy and utterly broken-down with the frost laying thick on them - and then by afternoon, there they are, all fluffy and light... fresh and lovely as can be!
The transformation is such a mystery.    How do they go from looking like soggy lettuce drowning in dressing and left to sit and wilt... and then resume their former appearance so magnificently???
Do You, Lord, reach down to Pansies and touch them with Your supernatural restoration which knows no physical limitations such as we know in our mortal experience?    I think that You have hidden a miraculous testimony in them... of Your Almighty Power!   And Your love and willingness to provide for, and restore us on a daily basis just like those flowers.   Daily performing the seemingly impossible!   Proving, visibly, in the little Pansy, "With God, all things are possible" for us to witness in a very special flower?
Pansies have a special meaning to me! They call to me in a special silent voice, from You, to depend on You. Trust and be secure in You. Be strong, enduring and beautiful in You. Is that why I have always so loved those little flowers? They have always...always, had a special place so deeply dear to my heart!
There are other, very hardy and tough seeming plants and flowers, which once touched by the slightest frost, proceed to wither and succumb to that touch throughout the day... never resuming their vigor...sometimes stunted and long in their recovery or beginning of new growth, and sometimes, not even surviving!    Now that is the fate of ALL other flowers and plants that I know of - EXCEPT the Pansy!
Is the Pansy, then, Your visible allegorical provision to show us that You, as Creator, can make things any way that You choose in spite of seeming diversion from the `natural laws
of nature' that we understand.   A reminder that we cannot know and understand all mysteries?   Does man know why the Pansy seems to defy everything that we know about plants and frost etc.? 
(I shall check on that simply because it would be very interesting to know the `why' of it, if it can be known....) I am endlessly curious!
But my soul is satisfied, this day, that they are
a most special message given by You to all who come to know You and Your ways.   It is given to us to understand and see portrayed, a mystery - a parable that, like Your other parables when teaching the disciples, is meant to be understood only by those who know Your teachings!
When I see and think of the Pansy,
I will think of how You refresh my soul that way every night as I sleep.   No
matter what `touches' me with harsh or fatal intention, You restore me to the creation You intended me to be.   You determine who and what I am. You are faithful to `keep' me and direct my feet upon the paths I travel. Safe and secure from all harm.    I depend, wait and live in, Your Holy Spirit and its' guidance!   You have Your touch on my heart, mind and soul. I belong to You, and like the Pansy, I have no need to fear the ravages of circumstance and experiences!

AMEN, then ABBA - Amen.....

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