art by Erik Hollander

Written by Nina Roberta Baker

Twas the night Jesus came,
And all through the house
Everyone saw him , Yes!
...... Even the mouse!

In front of our T.V.
We'd gathered to stare
No Bibles were read
Not one spiritual care

Children talking of Santa
Were tucked into beds
No time spent in kneeling
Or bowing their heads

Toys wrapped and assembled,
So we turned out the light
Dropping our weary bones
Into bed for the night

When out of the sky
Came a light and trumpet blast!
We jumped from our bed
To the window ran fast

Old-time stories came to mind
As all stood there trembling
And watched hosts of angels
Around Him assembling

There up in the sky,
now as bright as the day
In awe, we watched and listened
As the angels did say

That Jesus had come back
As He'd promised He would
The faithful who'd been waiting
Rejoiced, as well they should

But we, who'd been lax
And had tarried and strayed
We knew what this meant
And were all so afraid!

In His nail-scarred hands
He carried a book
He opened it up,
and I saw Him then look

Through pages of names,
written there in dark red
Our sin brought us death,
but He died in our stead.

So desperate I cried
"But what of my deeds?
Sometimes I helped others
when I saw their needs!

Doesn't it count to weigh,
the good against the bad?"
His gaze rested on me,
His eyes were so sad...

"Salvation couldn't come,
from any deeds of your own,
It was freely given to you,
paid with my blood alone

I wanted and asked you,
all to come unto me...
But your eyes wouldn't look
and your heart wouldn't see

On a cross, long ago
I was your Sacrifice
While for my robe,
the guards threw their dice"

Sadly, oh so sadly....
and slowly, He turned
While in my broken heart
...... Reality burned

He closed the Book Of Life,
and I knew what that meant
The roll was all called....
this was that last event...

The Shepherd had gathered,
The Lambs of His flock
Heavens' gates were closing,
No use now to knock

I knew there were others,
behind where I stood
Watching the Christ
who had died nailed to wood

Knowing this night,
He'd come to gather His own
We weren't among them,
through our fault alone

All men had now heard,
that Jesus redeems
From those who'd ignored it,
Began to come screams

Of torture and torment,
conviction and sorrow
From those who had said
they would ask Him tomorrow

Now gathered together,
they began to rise
Bright rays of light
shone through the night skies

Gathered into that light,
through the portal they passed
Each one filled with joy,
from the first to the last

Then the opening closed,
Eternity has now begun
We who are left,
can not hide, can not run

Owned now by the darkness,
that holds no more light
No hope, none at all,
to escape our lost plight

We are weeping and wailing,
and gnashing our teeth
Having now seen Heaven...
Left forever here beneath

Now having seen it,
there's left not one doubt
We were wrong not to listen
to what Salvation was about

We'd all made our choices,
Ignored every call
Perhaps not believing,
We were cursed by mans' fall

And here we are left,
In a world soon to end
Too late to heed the pleading
of family or friend.......

Written by Nina Roberta Baker, Thanksgiving Day, 1997

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