Just what is Santa Claus?
How many of these jolly red-suited fellows (images)
are in your home along with an entire company of his own:
a wife, elves to serve him (as the angels serve GOD),
and flying reindeer? (Only Santas' reindeer fly....
presumably he endows them with this power.?)

What is an elf anyway?
According to Websters' Dictionary, an elf is "an imaginary being
supposed to exercise magical powers, a mischievous child.".
The Encyclopedia Britannica defines an elf as
"a creature of ignorance, superstition, and craft.".

According to Clement C. Moore
in his famous poem of the tradition of Santa Claus entitled
"A Visit From Saint Nicholas",
Santa himself is a "right jolly old elf".
(We will refer several times to this poem using *avfsn as a reference.)

Do our little ones believe
he can see all, hear all, and be their judge and rewarder?
Do they believe him to be omnipotent, omnipresent,
and supernaturally able to transcend time and space?
Can he fly with his reindeer over the whole world in one night?
Does he know and fulfill hearts desires?
Can he slip down chimneys, under doors, or through keyholes?
How about that traditional song that goes
"....he knows you when your sleeping, he knows when
you're awake, he knows if you've been bad or good...."???
(Only God has those powers.)
They must be good
or Santa won't give them their worldly gifts (rewards).

CHRIST came into the world one night
that HE might give us ETERNAL LIFE...
unattainable in any other way except through HIM...
undeserved, given in love and mercy by GOD the FATHER.

Is this web of lies really excusable?
Have you not chastised your child for lying to you
so he might avoid your displeasure in him?
How does this same child really feel when he learns
that the people he looks up most to in the whole
world have joined in promoting this gigantic hoax, with all the trimmings and
traditions built around the lie? Has anyone asked this child what he felt when
he found out the truth? How does he view the world conspiracy to deceive him?
Do you suppose he just might feel a bit like a fool who's been made to look
foolish and made fun of by those whom he trusted most and believed he was loved
most by in all the world?

When we look at the parallels and the idolatry involved in the tradition
of Santa, we see they have been led in their innocence to worship a "Golden Calf".
Indeed, were we not so led by our parents? Are we not also blinded to the
idolatry because we too were innocent in our introduction to it?

Do we love this idol? Do our children love him as we have taught them
to? Is there one or more images of him in your home? Are you attached to any
of them so much you would find it difficult, if not impossible, to destroy it?
Do you have a special tree ornament or figurine? Is there a picture of this
idol holding your child on his lap or in his arms in the family album? Yes, we
have delivered them right into his hands!

If your home is like ours when we received this knowledge and insight,
you may be astounded to find the number and variety of images of this idol in
your possession. We had greeting cards, pictures, tree-house-yard ornaments,
pins to adorn coats and dresses, storybooks, records, tapes, cookie cutters,
gift wrap, puzzles, assorted toys, candles, music boxes,.....etc. Are these
not all "Craven images"? Another "Golden Calf" ?
(Thou shalt not make unto thee any craven image .....)

Do we worship this idol (god)?
Do we love him, revere him, leave our sacrifices to him
(cookies, milk, other snacks left out for him)?
Do we ask him for things or teach our children to?
Have you ever made a special trip to a store
and stood in line to see or talk to him?
Is he real enough to write a letter to?
(Did you put a stamp on it and send it to the North Pole? )
Who should we be teaching our precious little ones
to go to for their needs and

Think about this........
There are an alarming number of parallels
between the traditions of Santa Claus and
what GOD has taught is in the scriptures about Satan,
idolatry, and CHRIST. I wonder why that is?

The snack left for Santa Claus
is very much like the offerings made to idols.
What's more, have you or anyone else in your home
eaten that which was offered (sacrificed) to him?

Santa Claus brings worldly gifts
(proof positive of his very existence,
not to mention his generosity and power to deliver them personally).
CHRIST came into this world to give us the spiritual gift
of eternal life purchased by HIS suffering, perfection, and blood.

Is there a parallel in the scarlet apparel?
In Matthew 27:28-31,
we learn that the soldiers stripped JESUS and put on HIM a scarlet robe.
HE wore that robe only once; it wasn't even HIS own
(nor were the sins for which He paid).
The scarlet robe was part of the mockery HE endured.
He was beaten and spit upon while wearing it.
HE did it willingly and without objection because HE loves us.
Does Santas' red, fur lined suit, call that loving sacrifice to our minds;
or, obliterate it altogether?

In *avsfn, we read about Santas' pipe in the words,
"And the smoke, it encircled his head like a wreath.".
In the above scripture,
it was a crown of thorns that encircled CHRISTS' head.

Again, from *avfsn,
"and the beard of his chin was as white as the snow.".
Is it a coincidence that in Revelations 1:14
we find that exact set of words
"as white as snow" used in reference to CHRISTS' hair?

In the same verse
we learn that CHRISTS' eyes were as a flame of fire.
And what does *avfsn tell us about Santas' eyes?...
"his eyes how they twinkled."

Let us now turn to Isaiah14:12-14 where Lucifer (Satan) says,
"I will ascend into heaven,
I will exalt my throne above the stars of GOD:
I will sit upon the mount of the congregation,

I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
I will be like the MOST HIGH."
is Santas' home???

And, interestingly enough,
if we move the letter "n" from the center of Santa to the end,
we have a new word we are all very aware of,


"and to all a good night"

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