A fathers' memorial to his son
Eric Lee Baker
July 1, 1973 - April 1, 1996

Over On Yon Mountain Top
by Roger L Baker 10\19\1997

Over on yon' mountain top
There is a place I see,
Untouched by human hands, it is,
And there it waits for me.

A place of quiet O' blessed peace
Away from all of this,
A place where only nature sings
Sweet songs of joy and bliss.

A place where only beauty reigns
With trees that touch the sky.
A place where I may sit and watch
This noisy world go by.

A place so far removed of fear,
Where threats are never made.
A place where treasures so abound
That debts are always paid.

A place where clouds drift slowly by
And birds can sing their song.
A place where I could sit and dream.
Oh, how my heart doth long.

High up on that spot I'd see
The sun come up each day.
At night I'd feel the stars reach down
And touch me where I lay.

Our precious son has gone there first
And there he's found his peace.
Our ashes too shall there be placed
When our lives here will cease.

And we shall all be joined as one
With God who made it all.
We'll rest upon that mountain top
To await the trumpets' call.

Our bodies then shall rise to Him
Who's made it all for man.
And from that mountain top we'll see
That peace fill all the land.

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