by Roger L. Baker

I took an apple from the tree next door,
My neighbor won't miss it. He has more.
Went out the other night. Had the time of my life.
That's O.K. No one told my wife.

I spread a rumor that caused a fight.
No one found out, so that's alright.
I cheated on taxes. Saved quite a bit.
Boy! Did I ever have a time with it.

I cussed the preacher and threw him out.
He won't tell me what livin's about.
I'll go to heaven, it's only fair.
I'm certain my name is written up there.

Now at last I've met my fate
And death has lead me to that Gate.
What's that you say? You know me not!
Too late, I find, I've missed a lot.

İRoger L. Baker ~ Aug 4, 1980

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