Tho I'm Old and Feeble
Roger L. Baker October 6, 1980 

Tho this body's old and feeble
And it weakens more each day,
I'm not plagued with human sorrows
As my life here slips away. 

For I've lived a life rewarding,
Full of gratitude and love;
And, I know when it's all ended
I will be with GOD above. 

Tho my eyes shall see more darkness,
I won't cringe, despair in fears;
For I know I'll be with Jesus
As I live my final years. 

Oh, my life on earth's been useful.
I've been blessed with love and grace;
For, I chose to love our Savior
And I'll look upon His face.

Tho this bodies old and withered
And it soon shall pass away,
We shall rob my grave of victory
On that final Judgement Day. 

I'd not change a thing that's happened,
No regrets are there in me.
As my soul prepares for Heaven,
Lord, I commit myself to Thee.

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