Our Marriage Ceremony

Roger..... I love you, with all my heart, with all my soul,
and with all the life in me. I love you. I love you so.

You want me, Roger? I am yours.
will take the name you now offer me as my own.
I will cherish it even as I cherish you.
I will take your name to share forever,
because by so doing,
man and his laws will recognize that we are One.

You and I have known since our lips first met -
today we are telling the world,
Our souls have joined "hands" forever.
My Darling, you are so dear to me!

I have bathed in our precious love and
old wounds were healed,
weaknesses made strong....
I was broken, now I am made whole.

Of your love, I am reborn.
You are my mother and my father.
I have shared my fears with you,
You are my Friend.

We have walked and talked and played together.
You are my companion.

Gently, tenderly,
you taught me what it is to be a woman to a man.
You are all things to me.

For these reasons, and because I love you
so much more than I could ever find words to express....
I come here today 
to take the place by your side that is mine.
To lend myself to your every endeavor
and to make you as happy as I possibly can,
all the rest of my life.

Lovingly.... I, Nina, take you, dearest Roger,
to be my lawful husband
as long as we both shall LOVE.

Loved a woman