~ Hers ~

Ninas' Version.........
(Reality Begins, Facing the Truth)

How did it happen?
it's still hard for her to say
She thought it was fate
on that long ago day...
But was there a plan,
designed clever and sly?
That led to being lovers
and first made her cry?

Against all she believed,
or ever had known
She lay herself down
at the foot of his throne
And there she began,
living her hell
As she came to love him,
so deep and so well

Though life for her,
had been, so cruel and mean
that she withdrew from it
and was seldom seen...
He , like a hunter,
obsessed with his game
Of finding his prey
and obtaining the same.....

He saw her, wanted her,
and made many plans
Of how he would get her
right into his hands
Though it took several years,
she fell into his traps
And forever thereafter
she lived on his scraps

Tidbits of promises,
morsels of `love' here and there
Kept her living and loving him
in a marriage so bare
That one day she found
she had no will to live
And Finally, overwhelmed,
declared her soul she would give
To end the pain and torment
that their love had become
Satan came to her then,
as an ever present hum....
As he whispered a ~Mantra~
"This all has to end..!"
And that he, and not God,
was her very best friend

This ~friend~ Satan offered her
- peace - through her death
And she listened and she tried then
to give up her last breath...
But Angels surrounding her,
prevented that fate
They whisked her to safety
before it was too late...~

Demons round him and in him,
looking out through his eyes
To achieve their own end,
used deception and lies
Not only through him -
but to him as well
As they kept him traveling on,
the wide road to Hell

He kept clinging to her.....
a part of him pleading
For help to reach out to
the God he is needing
And she waited and she wanted,
to see him set free
Yet farther he went from her,
Still sailing Satans' sea

His voyage in a ship
of dependence and lust
Goes from island to island,
While intentions rust
His promises broken,
still make her weep
Her promises to God,
she wanted to keep

Day after lonely day,
as he chased his false dreams
That were only illusions
Woven by Satans' schemes
She watched as he sailed
ever father away.....
She sometimes found it hard
even, to pray

Her love never wavered,
never died in her breast
Though the pain and the loneliness
always put it to test
She's learned that to feel love
doesn't always mean ~give it"
And that life will be good if...
hour by hour she will live it.

So she falls to her knees
seeking grace from its' source
And she rises and goes on
sometimes stumbling, of course
And when she falls down,
and gets cuts and bruises
He's right there beside her
and Satan always loses

For life, it is precious -
and filled with great purpose
Unless we turn aside and be
Part of the ~Infernal circus~
She faces each day and
Tasks He sets before her
(By strength, will and grace,
she fights not to murmur)

And when the night falls
and she takes to her bed
Needing so much to be held,
but lonely instead
She prays to her Father,
who comforts her as His child
And she wakens each morning
with a spirit meek and mild

Then faces each new day
upheld by faith and trust
And waits for His timing,
To return to dust
She knows that her soul
will one day be free
And that on that great day -
His dear face she will see

So with each new dawn,
she remembers His words
"Be still and know that I'm God" -
Lord of all men and birds
She knows that He sees her
And He knows her needs too...
And that He has His Own plans
and will carry them through

It's enough for her then,
to proceed as He guides
Feeling His angels
surrounding her on all sides
There are dark angels too -
that hoover ever near
She sees them, but knows that
there's nothing to fear

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

~ His ~
Rogers' Version.........
Hi Nina, <........> wrote this if you would like to use it.)

   Froggy Went Courtn'
By Roger L. Baker March 2, 1998

Froggy went acourtin' too many times, 
Left his girl in the tangled vines, 
Froggy went acourtin' and stayed out late
And with Miss Froggy broke a serious date,
Umhum, Umhum, Umhum.

Said Miss Froggy, "I'm through with you", 
"For I can see you never loved me true." 
She said "I'm tired of your broken lies,
With the likes of you I'll make no more tries"
Umhum. Umhum. Umhum.

She couldn't comprehend his big mistake, 
Said He'd been out courtin' with the evil snake, 
So Froggy won't croak his song in Spring
For in his heart is no song to sing.
Umhum. Umhum. Umhum.

And now ole Froggy has another pad, 
He sits around broken hearted and sad. 
Froggy now lives on another road
And looks very much like an ugly toad.
Umhum. Umhum. Umhum.

Written materials By Roger L. & Nina Roberta Baker


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