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A Froggi & The Princess-story

Meet the Real Froggi & Princess
Then Read their Introduction to Their Story
The REAL Froggi & Princess Story - part #1
The REAL Froggi & Princess Story part #2

A Tale Of Two Frogs
Froggi also wants YOU to know...
Though I'm Old And Feeble
Too Late!


        Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, but not far away.... 

  Here is the Froggi & Princess story ~
(they got married)   

 and life became   a circus!      Just like the clowns and circus acts......
  Some of it was amazing! ...

 Awesome, even. 

Some of it was funny,     some of it     was beautiful and incredible, 
and, like I said.....,  some  of it was  sad .......      That's Life!!!!!!!!
And...... Then , well.... they went away from each other .
  Yeah.....  that part is sad!         
But......  after a while, 
(a few years)  
They  each wrote half of  their story to share with others....
An Ode To Marriage
and then they also wrote wrote two more stories about their relationship
The Pincess wrote
Fairytales ~ And Froggi wrote  Fairytales-2  

And after that,  they were best friends and loved each other even more than 
they probably did when they tried to be married - because now they know that 
whether they are married or not - they DO love each other ~ "No matter what"
  That is a rare and beautiful thing and they will cherish that love , and each other, 
 forever and ever  (which, as you probably know,   is how all good fairytales 
end,)    "happily ever ever".

So you might not think that it is a happy (hoppi) ending - 
but they know that it is a wonderful thing to love and be loved so steadfastly.
They learned that loving doesn't have to mean holding onto each other or 
staying in a relationship where they were not happy living in the same space.  
Frogs don't like palaces and a princess is a very, very troublesome lady to 
live with ... they are so delicate and picky about everything.  They don't 
EVER eat flies or mosquitoes and NEVER hang around riverbanks and 
ponds like frogs like to do...  you know what I mean?     When was the 
last time you ever saw a princess hanging around  fishing or something 
like that???? 

That Fairy Tale about a Princess kissing a frog 
and him turning back into a Prince?      Well that IS true, you know 
(as most fairy-tales really, really are *s*) ~ but the part they never tell  
anybody is that  the kiss of a frog Prince can turn a Princess into a frog 
too....   So the Princess tried being a frog,  and  she was very, very 
unhappy.   And the frog tried being a Prince and he was very, ver
unhappy.... and now each of them is what they truly like to be and 
both of them are happy and they love each other very much,  even if 
they don't like to live together!  

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