We began so fine and simple
And your performance was so grand
'Til that day you needed something
And was with another man.

Oh, I knew it could mean trouble
And I should have been content;
But, I wanted so much for you
And felt the money was well spent.

But since then you've been so sassy
And we hardly get along.
When I ask a small task of you
I receive your dance and song.

And the things we did together
Aren't the fun they used to be.
When I try to push your buttons,
You say NO, that isn't free.

You will blame me for your failure
And you often ask for more.
My request you trash inside you,
Denying things we did before.

You do my thinking for me,
Even tell me what to do.
Your super quick intelligence
Makes me feel like such a fool.

You have caused me much frustration
By refusing my command;
And, the work I did but yesterday's
Not the same as it was then.

Oh, how smug your face is shining
With information you've confused.
You attempt to keep me guessing
And I feel so damned abused.

You will tell me it's illegal;
But refuse to tell me why.
And if I really didn't need you
I'd find a way to say good bye.

'Tho at first I loved your beauty,
How I wish we'd never met.
Our relationship of pleasure
Is now fraught with much regret.

When we have a disagreement,
You command the final word.
I no longer feel I trust you,
My desires of you unheard.

Someday it will be over.
That'll be the day in which
You'll find you're my computer
I'm the man who pushed your switch.

Roger L. Baker


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