by, Nina Roberta Baker (1995)


Written in my Autumn
Tonight I stood brushing my hair before a mirror.
I could see the silver
overtaking the rich brown and red of my hair
and I thought of how some of the trees everywhere,
all over the land
go through their four seasons every year.

We mortals
experience each season of our lives, just once,
just once.....

Unlike the trees
which receive new green leaves come Spring,
I am leaving now,
the summer of my life,

My Autumn approaches,
and I must enter therein....

I cross the threshold wonderingly.......

I pause a moment reflecting.....
looking back over my shoulder,

I survived my Spring when,
I was glistening fresh ,
and entirely unique.

Emerging into my very first season
like the tender new growths
of every Spring that has ever been
or will be again....

I burst forth in succulent new life,
Eagerly responsive
to the beckoning warmth
and promise of nurturing
of the sun and the rain.

and delicate
as all things new.
My vulnerability calling forth the predators ,
and ever waiting
to prey upon the innocent,
the immature and the defenseless
who know not yet there is danger.....

Then came the ravages
and burning heat of summer
that seeks to make barren deserts of our souls....
We send our roots down deep
into the refreshing well
of that most Holy Spirit of God,
Where we will be sustained
and brought to the awareness of Him
of our most helpless need for HIM.

And that fundamental knowledge
of our creation
and HIS provisions for all our needs
before we even recognize them.

Now approaching....
comes the beauty of my lifes' Autumn.
Colors vivid and brilliant
herald its' arrival.
I feast my eyes and stand in awe.
Surrounded and clothed in rich hues
seen through eyes of experience and wisdom.
I am astonished at
the difference
in my once familiar world,
now bold and new!

What is this?
How can it be?
Who came and painted in a wink of my eye.....
a panorama so wondrous,
all around
and within me?

Everything still stands as before
the same
and yet different
now adorned in vibrant splendor,
now viewed with new perception....

I stand breathless,
with penetrating sensitivity.
Did the world change?
Or, was it I?
How came this transformation?

My soul begins to whisper....
its' message clear and true.
With autumn comes the seeing
of what has really
always been ...

winter and its' promise
of peaceful rest and welcome sleep,
is far away........
I bid it neither hurry or tarry .
It is not for me to
command the arrival of times or seasons.
There is but ~One~
able to do such bidding!
He alone understands His design and creation.

I have been blessed as His creation .
I am content
to leave such decisions to Him.
I do know this....
I know without a doubt,
when my Winter comes...
I will welcome it as eagerly as
my Autumn...

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