A New Beginning
By Nina Roberta Baker

All I Want, Now, Has not really changed at all
Honesty, sharing, and caring when we fall
It is also what I, with love, will give
Pledging to you for as long as I live

No more....., for we tried that, me and you
No less either..... for we tried that too
So let's cherish what is ours' to share
We're quite a peculiar, bound-fast pair!

What has remained, now tested by time
And tried by fires and stormy clime
Is ours', and I think that it always will be
It's something special, we've come to see

So let's guard and cherish this new love of ours'
We'll visit sometimes, our memory bowers
Once united we spent so much time here on earth
Together and sharing, much of worth

Let's take what is good and leave the rest
Only keeping what has stood the test
The best of what, together we are
We'll keep in a crystal "Us" shaped jar

The lid is sealed, for it only holds two
Though others come and bring love new
With them we will be another "Us", rare
If they want us, they will have to "share"


Come, Let us declare a `closure' then
A new vow between us, and not of men
To each other we'll be loving friends
And stay that way until one life ends

Maybe once we enter our eternity,
There'll be time enough for us to see
The good of it all, though it hurts so now
That He can bring of the broken vow

Letting go doesn't mean not loving anymore
It only means shutting the marriage door
Shutting one door, means opening another,
Perhaps for us, It's sister and brother....

Written materials By Nina Roberta Baker

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