By Nina Roberta Baker

With all her heart
She just wants his attention
He's right there beside her...
But, in another dimension

She never gives up
For she sees him right there
So she hugs him and loves him
And shows all her care

Innocent child...
Believing in his word!
By his promises given
She once felt assured

And so with delight
And eagerness too
She'd wait for the hour
When promises come true

Then the time comes....
Again his promise is broken
She objects, and reminds him
Of the words he had spoken

And he, without conscience
Or even apology
Leaves her disillusioned
Needing psychology

But it's love children need
And Godly examples
Of kindness and integrity
We must give them samples

A man without honor
Doesn't see the great harm
Doesn't care about victims
Or heed the alarm....

He goes his own way
He seeks his own gain
Unconcerned with the cost
Of heartbreak and pain

We're told in The book
We can't serve two masters
It's one or the other
Peace & love or disasters

A double-minded man
Unstable in all ways
Will throw away people,
And waste all his days

He'll search on the outside
What must come from within
And that search, it will always
Travel dark paths of sin

And those who will love him
and give him their trust...
Will eventually learn that
Their dreams gather dust

For he isn't in charge
Of his thoughts or his deeds
He's wracked with such guilt
Blind to all others' needs

He desperately searches
Day after day
To fulfill a deep longing
But there's just one way....

Although he's been told
And once saw the light
He followed our Savior
Even taught what was right...

Then came the enemy
Of all mankind
He wooed and he won him....
Then his soul he did bind

***unfinished.... (yet)

Written materials By Nina Roberta Baker

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