Thoughts come in the night,
Alone in my bed
I could have all the passion
But choose peace instead


There are places to see
And things I would do
But my fears of the world
Are by no means, a few!


With time and distance
Bad memories grew dim...
Then I began to think
About good times with him......


Then again came stark reality
In place of those dreams
And again I nearly fell victim to
Satans' destructive schemes


Why?, my heart cried out so pitifully...
Why, Oh why....? does he follow `him'!
In so many ways, he yields up his soul
Knowing all the while, the end will be grim?


Where once his lips
Gently covered my own
Now they've torn me to shreds
And I must choose to live life alone


I trusted him once
And I paid a great price
Then I did it again.. and again
Like a vice....


Where once there was warmth
And I dared to have dreams
Adultery did it's work
My world burst at the seams

I thought for a time
That it all would pass
Then found that it wouldn't
And I shattered like glass


I wish I could say
There is reason to believe
That he kept his word
Never again to deceive

But I know now, I know
There's no margin for doubt
I've just had to face it
I understand what it's about

Though I didn't want to give up
I came to see that I must
For my love, it meant nothing
Next to new conquests & lust

I'll accept the fate now...
I'll give up all hope
The choice really wasn't mine
But I'll learn to cope

He's ever searching for
A brand-new beginning
Playing love like a game
That no one is winning....

I don't want to play love
I want to give and receive
I want someone whose word
I can trust and believe


It's not easy at all
For there's much fear and pain
That I'll be just as foolish
And I'll get hurt again......

There are so many scars
From those years I held fast
To love and my own vows
Until I broke -down at last

Then mortally wounded
and bleeding I fell
And lay down in that pit,
More hopeless than hell

I couldn't hold on any longer
Only wanting to die.........
I stumbled, fell and lay there,
Far too wounded to try

I lost all will to live or do aught but cry
Then slowly but surely, I fought and found my way back
I believed in myself and that love can be true
Now I've come back to life and I'm on the right track!


Written materials By Nina Roberta Baker

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